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Keeping your kids teeth healthy this Halloween

Halloween is becoming more and more popular and my boys are at the age where they love trick or treating and lo9ve eating all the sweets and tweets they get. However, there is a negative side to all these sugary foods and drinks that they get and it is important for me to help them keep decay at bay. Bupa are also aware of this and a recent survey by them revealed that nearly half of mums (46%) are worried that their child might be addicted to sugar. the story of the little tooth This research also found that 50% of mums have used the story of the Tooth Fairy to encourage their kids to brush their teeth. Of these, nearly half of mums tell kids the Tooth Fairy won’t accept rotten teeth to encourage them to clean their teeth, and 35% say the Tooth Fairy will know when you’ve eaten too many sweets. So with this in mind they have produced a fab video that you can personalise for your child from The Tooth Fairy.  You can see Mini's here.

My number one tip for cleaning kids teeth

  I also have Bupa's top five tips for keeping your child's teeth healthy, but I wanted to share with you my top tip and that is regularly using disclosing tablets.   We use them once a week on a Sunday . These are small purple tablets that we chew and they dye the plaque on our teeth a purple colour for new plaque and red for old plaque. We all do this and then see who can get their teeth clean of the colour the fastest! top tips on how to keep your child’s teeth healthy

Bupa's top five tips on how to keep your child’s teeth healthy

from Bupa's Clinical Director of Dentistry, Dr Steve Preddy
  • Make the two minutes of teeth brushing fun; use a timer or find a fun song for your child to brush along to
  • Be aware of the effects of your child’s diet on their dental health, regular consumption of sugary foods and drinks can lead to tooth decay
  • Keep sugary treats to mealtimes, the less your child has sugary foods and drinks throughout the day the better
  • Always read the nutritional labels on food to be aware of sugar content. This will help you find hidden sugars in healthy or unexpected foods
  • Take regular trips to the dentist and try and to make your child feel at ease so this isn’t a negative experience
To find out more about Bupa’s Tooth Fairy campaign and create a personalised video for your child visit 3.
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Melted wax poppy craft, a remembrance day activity

Here’s an easy poppy craft, which is a great Remembrance Day activity for children. We have made a display of poppies and a paper plate poppy wreath, but you can use the same technique to make a poppy brooch by added a pin on the rear or a display of poppies for your home, church or school.  The mini mad's will be taking the poppies to my mum's grave in remembrance of her. These poppies were inspired by the fab wax paper flowers at Homegrown Friends. Melted crayon wax poppies

How to make melted wax poppies with Kids (more…)

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Cardboard Tube Firework Art

We love loo roll and cardboard tube crafts so after our Salt Art Firework we decided to try some cardboard tube firework art. cardboard tube firework prints Materials:
  1. Cardboard tubes
  2. Sticky tape
  3. Scissors
  4. Paint - we used Neon Acrylic Paint
  5. Iridescent White Glitter
  6. Paper plates
  7. Black paper

How to make cardboard tube Firework prints

Cardboard tube printing wand We used kitchen paper rolls as they are longer and we could use both ends.  We cut slits in to the ends before cutting the length of the tube and then rolling it tighter and taped them. cardboard tube printing Put your paint on to paper plates and use the cardboard tube to print on to your paper. We used one end for each of the colours, so as to not contaminate the paint and mix the colours together. Before the paint had dried we covered it with translucent glitteradding glitter Why not take a look at my other firework activities including scratch art fireworks, salt art fireworks, edible sparklers and bonfire artwork.
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10 Kid friendly apple recipes – Cooking with kids

We live in a new build house, well I say new build, it was when we moved in eight years ago.  One of the first things we did to our garden was plant an apple tree.  We have watched that tree grow each year hoping for apples and finally this year we got more than the three we have previously had from it. The boys have been desperate to pick the apples for over a month and we have had to hold them back.  Eventually they had a fun afternoon picking all the apples they could and eating a fair few too.  MadDad had to hoist them up to pick them from the top of the tree. harvesting our own apples So we now have a rather large pile of apples and have been thinking about what to do with them.  I really wanted to make sure that we cook with them and harness the boys enthusiasm for wanted to cook with them.  So here is a great round up of apple recipes

10 Kid friendly apple recipes

10 kid friendly apple recipes
  1. Apple Crisp
  2. Apple Crumble
  3. Oatmeal stuffed baked apples
  4. Apple turtles
  5. Chicken with apples and sage
  6. Apple enchiladas
  7. Toffee Apples
  8. Apple dumplings
  9. Apple pie
  10. Dutch apple cake


Do you have a favorite apple recipe? Then please do share it with us, either in the linky below or in the comments. Disclosure: The fab clothes the MiniMads are wearing are from House of Fraser, as part of their Autumn Days campaign.  They have been wearing them pretty much constantly since we received them and they have washed really well.  We received a blue long sleeve Timberland top, yellow long sleeve Timberland top, Quicksilver boys cargo's and twill trousers. In fact we were so impressed with the Quicksilver Cargo's that I ordered a second pair for Mini!   
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Salt Art Fireworks

I have seen salt art on a lot of blogs and have really wanted to try it with the boys. With Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night on the horizon it was the perfect time to try some salt art fireworks. Salt Firework Art Materials
  1. Glue - PVA, Elmers or school glue
  2. Table salt
  3. Watercolour paints
  4. Droppers
  5. Black Paper

How to make Salt Firework Art

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3 Brilliant Tablets for Tweens and Teens

As much as I advocate for screen free time we are quite a technological family and I do allow my boys time on screens and they both adore technology, but totally agree with Sunshine and Hurricanes that technology is a privilege not a right.   Over the last few months the MiniMads' have been reviewing tablets and we want to share with you our top 3 tablets for tweens and teens. top three tablets fro tweens

But I also believe that my boys should have access to tablets and technology and we have been putting them to the test over the last couple of months and I want to share with you our top three tablets for Kids.


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Scratch Paper Fireworks and Make your own Scratch Paper

Do you remember making your own scratch paper when you were younger?  Well I certainly do and it is great fun to make with your kids and perfect for Firework pictures too. Whilst we were making the fireworks we talked about how dangerous they are close up, but how colourful and beautiful they are. I love how the boys made a completely different picture from the same starting point. scratch art fireworks

How to make your own scratch paper

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Jam Jar or Mason Jar Halloween Lanterns

With the darker nights and the clocks due to go back, we love brightening up The Mad House and one way we do that is with Jam Jar/Mason Jar Lanterns or tealight holder. These Halloween lanterns are really easy to make Look great too, so I have teamed up with Betta Living to show you how you can reuse any old jars that you have. Jam Jar or Mason Jar Halloween Lanterns

What you need to make Jam Jar or Mason Jar Halloween Lanterns

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Orlando with eight and nine year olds (not Disney)

Can you believe that it is nearly a year since we all went on holiday to Orlando.  We spent 2.5 weeks in Florida with my Brother, Sister in Law and Niece and I just realised that I never actually shared anything about our holiday! Orlando with eight and nine year olds (not Disney) We had an amazing time and the boys loved every minute of it.  So what apart from Disney did we do! (more…)
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The perfect family weekend in London with 8 and 9 year olds

As a family we love London and we love visiting, however, as we reside in the frozen North of England it is a long journey and sometimes weekends can be stressful and hectic.  Not anymore as thanks to Superbreak we had the perfect family weekend in London and I want to share with you what made it so special.

Make it for all the family

What made this weekend so perfect (even with Mini feeling under the weather) was there was something for everyone in the family.  We talked about what we all wanted from the weekend before we started planning and discovered that we all wanted to do different things.  Mini wanted to see a show, I wanted some culture, Maxi wanted ice cream at Fortnum and Mason and MadDad wanted a five Guys! We also knew that we wanted to have fun and some not rush from one things to the next, but we also wanted to make the most of it as we live so far away.  So this was our itinerary Friday after school We traveled to London on the train.  I made sure that I packed a picnic for the train and remarkably the boys both fell asleep on the train, which is unheard of! To make life easy we traveled with the bare minimum, in fact we took a couple of rucksacks and that was all. Mini on the train Saturday (more…)
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