Christmas Eve Elves

We have a tradition here in the mad house which has evolved from when I was small.  I always got a new pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve to go to bed in.
I dont know when I stopped thinking they were from the elves and know they were from my parents, but we have carried out this tradition throughout our grown up life too.
We have also been keen to do this for the MiniMads and this year decided to expand it a little and leave a bag of goodies from the eveles on their door.  We have been lucky enough to receive a couple of DVD’s as gifts for the boys, so included them, in addition to a book each, a colouring book, some reindeer food and a little chocolate Father Christmas.
We hung the bags I made on their doors last night after putting them tobed and also popped our new PJ’s on the floor too for them to find.
It has made for a very excited morning and will make for a very family, snuggley day as the snow is falling again here in North Yorkshire.
I am not sure how much or little I will be posting over the festive period.  I do find that escaping into the kitchen, where the laptop currently is really wonderful so may not stop at all!  


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dottycookie | 12.24.09

Have a wonderful Christmas all!

Pomona | 12.24.09

Have a very happy Christmas!

Pomona x

Floss | 12.24.09

Nice tradition! Have a wonderful day – I will imagine you all starting it in your new pyjamas!

bad penny | 12.24.09

I did this when my two were little too !

The panto looked fun xx

What a lovely tradition!
Hope you all had a lovely day yesterday.


That all looks fun. Have a lovely holiday. Best wishes to you all for a wonderful new year.

bad penny | 12.24.09

Ooh so glad you liked the pressie – I imagined you & the little Mads getting busy… I do admire you baking – especially with littlies, as I've NEVER enjoyed it !!

My mum gave Jess the Hummingbird cake book – Jess likes baking !!!

We had a lovely day too xx

What a great tradition – good excuse to buy new PJ's every year!

bakingmadmama | 12.24.09

I love Christmas traditions that are specific to your family, I love the idea of new pyjamas. The Bear was completely mystified as to why we were all so excited on Christmas morning but when he's older I can't wait to set some traditions in stone that he might carry on when he's grown up with his own family.

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