My Winter Manifesto

We didn’t make any resolutions this time last year, in fact just getting through the new year intact was a bloody miracle and guess what I didn’t feel any worse off for not having these things hanging over me.  I am not sure the beginning of the year, when the nights are dark and the days dank and wet is the best time to make resolutions.  So as I did in Autumn, I am doing a Winter Manifesto.


  • Start Pilates lessons, I have found beginner lessons and the consultant things it would be good for my back
  • Keep on using my  Philips goLITE daily for up to 45 minutes (it really makes a difference in my mood)
  • Get my craft back on.  I have enjoyed the small things I have done at Christmas, so I have ordered a cross stitch kit to give me a kick start
  • Get the raised beds sorted and plant some seeds
  • Try and make a home made gift a month, to put away for birthdays and Christmas
  • To continue taking the boys to the park after school on dry days
  • To make one day a weekend a family day out, even if it is a car picnic in the rain
  • To listen to my body more and learn to take action
  • To take a photo a day
  • To work with the boys in decluttering the playroom and their bedrooms
  • To start to decorate the house (finances willing)
  • To back up my data
See there is nothing there that is difficult.  I like the fact that I set myself short term task and goals and have learned to make them a lot more realistic.   I took the pic above today from the car window.

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snafflesmummy | 12.30.11

very sensible manifesto. Good luck with the cross stitch. I love my pilates. Have a 10 minute DVD for pilates and yoga. Need to start doing them more.

Susan Mann | 12.30.11

What great goals , realistic and achievable good luck x

Emma | 12.30.11

I think they are brilliant goals and as you say all achievable. Hope you and the rest of the Mads had a good Christmas xx

VintageVicki | 12.30.11

They sound like goals that should be achievable. If you want a reason to keep making – come and join the Make A Month Group – there’s a link on my blog sidebar.

I need to think what sort of things I’d like on my 2012 list.

Sounds like a good plan. I’ve signed up the the photo a day idea too – need to find my camera before tomorrow 😉

Love the photo. And your goals are really sensible and doable – I admire that. I’m of the eat only 1000 calories a day and run 5km twice a day while reading all of Jane Austin by Easter type of ridiculously undoable resolutions maker. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family xxx.

Tattie Weasle | 12.30.11

Go for it! I decided no to any resolutions this year as I never did manage last year’s but hey it’s only my 46th New year! Think the idea of a manifestos is brill.
Happy New Year!

Barenakedmumm | 12.30.11

Fantastic manifesto. I haven’t even thought of any to do’s / resolutions for next year! Happy New Year


That sounds sensible to me. Much better than a New Year’s Resolution or ten.

Posh Totty | 12.30.11

Happy New Year Xx

karen Jones | 12.30.11

Having Goals that are achievable is so important. I think so many people set themselves impossible targets at this time of year and almost certainly fail to reach them and then feel demotivated. Good for you lovely lady. I’, with you with the Baby steps.
p.s Love that pic of Mini (is it dads cap?) xxxx

Emily O | 12.30.11

I like these, I think I’ll borrow a few. Especially the handmade gifts and monthly family days out. And I need to have a look at your Phillips light, I’ve been indoors for nearly 7 weeks and need some Vitamin D! Hope you have a good new year x

Kerry | 12.30.11

Love the making a present to put away each month, I think I may take that one on as well that is a fantastic idea xx

This is a lovely idea! I think the problem with New Year’s resolutions is that most people expect not to suceed with them. I hope you are getting on well with yours.

HonestMum | 12.30.11

Great idea about making a present a month. I think I need to get more creative at home too. Good luck with all these resolutions.

I love these and that cross stitch is fabulous. I am really tempted to do one myself for my dining room. Think it’d look fab.
2010 saw me being really organised and made my homemade gifts throughout the year, this year I wasn’t and I have vowed to be more organised with this in 2012. There are just so many things I want to make and not enough time to do it.
I had to raise a wry smile at ‘back up data’ as remember your nightmare with potentially losing stuff last year. Another thing I need to do.
Love these manifesto posts x

Good luck with the tidying, it’s what drives me mad, the downside of so many children! Don’t forget the camera on your family days out and please join me on my Country Kids linky

Susan Mann | 12.30.11

A great list of goals. You should always listen to your body and so pleased the light thing makes a difference to your mood. xx

Baby Genie | 12.30.11

I share loads of your goals! Backing up data is such an important one, did you lose anything or are you just being proactive? I lost hundreds even thousands of photos last year when my external hard drive broke and it was devastating.
I’ve just ordered the 30 day shred DVD and apparently it’s amazing – I’ve never done an exercise DVD more than twice so let’s see if this one sticks!!
Because I have slight OCD tendancies about lists I try not have have lists of resolutions or must dos as they make me feel overwhelmed and sometimes even a failure – so this was my take for 2012 –

test1234 | 12.30.11

Hello! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any problems with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing a few months of hard work due to no back up. Do you have any solutions to stop hackers?

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