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Chris at Thinly Spread and Kate at Kate takes 5 have teamed up to produce an idiots guide to gardening with children.  Even though we have raised beds, I usually leave the gardening to MadDad and the boys, but this year these ladies have inspired me to take charge and join in.

The week before last me and the boys planted tomatoes, sunflowers, peas and beans and put them in a tiny plastic greenhouse that I purchased from Aldi.


I am really amazed at just how well they have done.  One thing I have to remember is being in the frozen north we have to plant a couple of weeks after Chris does.  So I may need to pot on some of the beans.  I have not been as successful with the kale I planted as none of the weeds have germinated.  We also have planted onion sets and potatoes in two of the raised bed.

So my action list for this week is as follows:

  • Purchase some sweet pea seeds
  • Purchase some more kale seeds
  • Purchase some rainbow chard seed

I’m linking this post up to the ‘Come sow with me’ meme which is being run to support @ONECampaign ‘LetsThrive’ campaign. For more information read this.

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5 Responses

Jen, I am delighted you are joining us! You probably won’t need to plant later than us because I usually plant earlier than this, I held fire until Kate had received the seeds and was ready to go! I look forward to seeing how you get on!

Julie | 04.25.12

I tend to forget the difference in season timing too, I always get excited about growing things far too early. And today it is freezing, I got numb hands collecting the kids from school! Juliex

Kate Takes 5 | 04.25.12

How brilliant! I got my first tiny green shoot today and am feeling ridiculously please with myself. Looking forward to comparing notes with you as we go along!

I wish you luck and may your fingers grow greener! xxx

Susan Mann | 04.25.12

Looking good. They are growing really well. x

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