The things they say and do – The joke edition

Children and jokes.  I am not sure that the boys really get jokes.  They have up until now made up ones that made very little sence to me or anyone else for that matter, but had then rolling in the aisle.

But the times they are a changing…………………..

Maxi: Knock Knock

Mini: Who’s there?

Maxi: Love

Mini: Love who?

Maxi: Love you too

Then they both kiss!

Mini: Knock, knock

Maxi: Who’s there?

Mini: Atish

Maxi: Atish who?

Mini: Bless you

At this point they are laughing so much one of the boys has rolled off my bed, as they were telling jokes before bed, whilst I cleaned the bath.

Mini:  Mummy, we have a joke for you!  Knock, knock

Me: Who’s there

Mini: Banana

Me: Banana Who?

Maxi: Banana

Me: Banana who?


Me: Staring to get exasperated now Banana Who?

Maxi: Orange

Me: Orange who?

Mini: Orange you glad we didn’t say banana again!

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9 Responses

I love the orange joke!

If it helps you can astonish them with your bad joke telling as today is Star Wars Day – May the Fourth be with you!


Jane | 05.04.12

I can really relate to this although yours sound like comedy masters compared to my 3 year old!
I would love you to check out my review of Justin Fletcher’s new joke book
You may find some common ground!

Tattie Weasle | 05.04.12

I love them when they are like this – but NO I am NOT going to tell them the banana joke. I’d never hear the end of it!!!!!

allotmentmum | 05.04.12

My son loves this one: ‘what game do fish play?’
Answer: tide and seek.
It amazes me that he still finds it funny after such repeated use!

My favourite, and the only one I can ever remember, is: ‘what do you do if you see a spaceman’
Answer: park in it man.

The five year old doesn’t get that one yet.

Mine have all gone through the ridunculous knock knock joke phase with my youngest being the latest! They really do crack me up! Love it!

I spent my gap year on a kibbutz called Sde Eliyahu (The fields of Elijah). Imagine 30 18-19yos going round saying: Knock knock, who’s there?, Sde Eliya… pathetic but we did it all year and it amused us no end.

They made laugh!

Mine don’t get jokes at all, they are more stories!

Susan Mann | 05.04.12

lol they are way better than my boys jokes. Tyler always says how does a piggy get on a road? He drives in his car. Every single night. He doesn’t get them. The boys ones are pretty funny x

Ned | 05.04.12

hehehe.. that made me smile!:)its my partner and not the kids who is into knock knock jokes!

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