My Midsummer Baby turned six

Mini was born six years ago on 24 June.  He is and always will be my midsummer baby.  This year I have not had the urge to blog about his birthday, for some reason I have wanted to keep it close to me for a little longer.  I felt irrationally that by not blogging about it I was  keeping him five for a little longer.

We gave him some options of what he wanted to do for his birthday.  Did he want a party, a day out or a quiet birthday tea?  Not one for a party, he said that we would rather have a family day out and then we were invited down to London by Dairylea and it was just perfect as London is his favorite place in the whole world.  He didn’t even have a birthday list, when asked what he wanted for a present, he wasn’t sure!

We had an amazing weekend., which included a day with friends at a farm in London courtesy of Dairylea, a fab meal with the lovely Jo and her girls, a visit to the Tower of London and then a day at Duxford on Sunday.

Six things about my six year old:

  • Mini is football mad.  He is a proud player in the local Under 7’s team and also loves going to see The Boro with his Uncle!
  • We still find Mini in bed with us every night, not that we are complaining (we have a superkingsize bed). He is a real snuggler and a pleasure to cuddle
  • Mini loves books.  He is a great reader and can often be found engrossed in a book.
  • Dressing up is Mini’s thing, he is happy when he is in an outfit and pretending to be someone else
  • He loves cooking and will often be found by my side in the kitchen
  • He has worked really hard on improving his temper, but we still have a long way to go!

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8 Responses

He’s a young man to be proud of Jen x x

Julie | 07.08.12

Oh, what a big boy he is getting to be. I love that he didn’t have a list, brilliant. Hope he has a wonderful year being 6. Juliex

Zoe | 07.08.12

Ah bless him. A very special boy xxx

Let us know next time you are in London town.

Happy Birthday to Mini! Lovely family photos!

Vic | 07.08.12

You are all looking so well. Miss you lots. x

Happy birthday, Mini – what gorgeous smily pictures!

Tattie Weasle | 07.08.12

That looks liek a birthday to remember! Happy Birthday Mini!

Cara | 07.08.12

What gorgeous photographs. A perfect way to spend your 6th Birthday! x

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