An Apple for the Teacher – Print your own fabric bags

Firstly, I  need to say this is not my idea, although we have made printed bags before.  The apple idea is pinched from Domestic Goddesque.


  • Plain bags (Mine we 99p from Hobbycraft)
  • Fabric paints (mine were from a set from Yellow Moon, which I have had for seven years)
  • Paper plates
  • paint brush
  • Apple
  • Fabric pain pens (again from Yellow Moon)
  • A3 paper or card


  • Cut the apple in half and dry with kitchen roll.
  • Place a piece of paper or card in the bag to prevent the print going through.
  • Pop a blob of paint on to a paper plate (one for each color of paint) and squish the apple in to it and then press on to the bag
  • Allow to dry
  • Take a fabric pen and add a stalk and leave if required to your apples.
  • Allow to dry
  • Once dry iron the bags which sets the fabric paint allowing the bag to be washed.
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4 Responses

ooooh they are great! what a lovely idea!

Julie | 07.10.12

I think the teachers will love them. Juliex

Alpinariumai | 07.10.12

Awesome bags…

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