The I’m Bored Jar

Do the summer holidays fill you with dread?  Do you worry about keeping your children occupied without spending a fortune? Do you dread the words “I am bored”? Or worry about the very English summer we are having?  If so I can help you!

Firstly let me introduce you to my summer savior, the I’m Bored Jar.  I did a similar jar last summer and it wored a treat.  I jabve filled a jar with simple ideas for when either of the boys are bored.  It includes ideas such as:

  • Go for a bike ride
  • read a book for 30 minutes
  • Vacuum the stairs
  • Make fairy cakes

You can print off the  bored jar list of over 80 activities and use them yourself.  Some of the activities might not be possible due to the weather, but we have a summer planner so it is OK for them to pick a day and add tape it to it so that we do it on that specific day.

This is a small glimps in to  Frugal and Fun, surviving the school holidays the thrifty way.  The e book, which I have produced with Cass from Frugal Family and Becky from Baby Budgeting is filled with ideas for frugal and fun ideas to make sure you get the most out of this year’s Summer Holidays without having to spend a fortune.

The book contains over 150 pages of ideas and activities to help you make sure that this year’s Summer Holidays are frugal and fun.  There’s a planning week filled with things for you to do in advance of the holidays to get yourself prepared and the rest of the ideas are split into different themed weeks, with each week having five indoor activities, five outdoor activities and five recipes for you to cook with you children.

Themes include:
  • The Olympics
  • The Great Outdoors
  • Around the World
  • Heroes and Heroines
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Colours

So that is one indoor activity, one outdoor activity and one recipe for every single weekday of the holidays.  There is no way you can possibly run out of ideas with this at your fingertips and you need never hear ‘I’m Bored’ again as these are guaranteed boredom busting (but not budget busting) ideas!

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20 Responses

I remember watching Why Don’t You (Switch Off the Television and do Something Less Boring Instead) as a child. And doing many of the things suggested, an especially revoltingly sweet rocky road springs to mind.

Jen Walshaw | 07.17.12

Helen @ Fuss Free Flavours » I used to love Why Dont you and now will be singing it all day!

Museum Mummy | 07.17.12

My mum did something very similar when I was little. There was one watch tv in there. I think I managed to surreptitiously fold the corner over so it was easily identifiable!

Vic | 07.17.12

On the plus side, the radio this morning claimed that next week summer will actually make an appearance.

Lisa watts | 07.17.12

I love this idea, I will be creating a bored jar too :-)

Love this idea and setting it up is an activity in iteslf. I’m sharing this on fb,

Jen Walshaw | 07.17.12

Midlife Singlemum » Thank you so much. They boys are very excited by it and we came up with the ideas together

Julie | 07.17.12

Sounds brilliant Jen, well done! Juliex

Alice Harold | 07.17.12

LOVE this idea! Bookmarked for when the kiddos are old enough x

Karen | 07.17.12

I love this. Could have done with this these past two weeks during our very wet end of term 2 school holidays. I will definitely be using it in September!

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Cathy | 07.17.12

Brilliant post and a worthy Netmums Blog of the Week choice. (Got the theme song of Why Don’t You, whirling round in our heads now after reading your comments!)

Zoe Alexander | 07.17.12

What a great idea! I shall bear this in mind as my little one is rapidly approaching 2 y.o. and I know it won’t be long before those immortal words may be uttered! Although I have to say thanks to an active regime, loads of time outdoors and good old Granma and her inventive games we’ve not reached that milestone!

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Susan Mann | 07.17.12

I bought the book it’s fab x

Emma | 07.17.12

What a fantastic idea. I am going to make one for my husband too, with a label called “jobs I haven’t done around the house yet” 😉

Kat | 07.17.12

Brilliant idea. I shall be making one tomorrow with my BORED 12 year old! I also love Emmas idea of making one for her husband… Genius (not sure my husband will agree!) x

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[…] I am a huge fan of bored jar’s, not just for the boys, but for me too.  I sometimes need a quick activity that isnt screen based.   Unsure of how to make a bored jarm then take a look at how to make a bored jar. […]

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