Dracula’s Strange Addiction

We are learning to love Halloween in The Madhouse.  It is a great opportunity to dress up, craft, bake and just generally create new traditions and I am one for new traditions.  Maxi has never been one for dressing up, but MIni, well any excuse.  He has a dressing up box which is huge!   This particular three piece outfit was gifted to him from Asda and comes in at £10, which is really reasonable.  After Halloween it is a great time to fill up any dressing up boxes!

Mini is also joining in with the Spooky Scribe team and below is his story, which the team at Asda are going to to add to a book for him to keep.  So without further ado, I present you Mini’s story, which he typed up himself and added the clip art too (he is six and I am in awe of his computer skills)!  I guess you can make out from this story, that Mini has a sweet tooth.

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5 Responses

Purplemum | 10.26.12

I love Mini’s story. I’m sure Dracula loves Haribo!! LOL

Dracula sounds very sensible in your story Mini and I agree, the dentist is much scarier than Dracula x x

HonestMum | 10.26.12

Fab story-well done Mini- another writer in the family!

Ah this is so cute, well done to him. I’d definitely give him an A plus

Susan Mann | 10.26.12

This is fab I love this story x

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