Craft-A-Day and a giveaway

I love crafting, but have to say that my mojo has been amiss lately.  However I was sent Craft-a-day to review by Sarah Goldschadt which includes 365 simple handmade projects.

This is a delightful book which gives you a simple craft for every day of the year themed by weeks.  The crafts are all achievable  fun and many can be made with things that will already be in your stash.  With weeks such as star week, Bear week and mittens week, I was hooked and so were the boys.  The book is fantastic for novice crafters or perfect for a teen looking to craft.  Yes some of the crafts are simple, but I am a big fan of simple crafts.   Most weeks induce a cake topper and garland.

There is even a Mustache week, although it is in May, which features a cake topper, Mustache print for a baby grow or t shirt, A mustache magnet, mini mustache ring and a mustache photostick.

For an avid crafter this might not be the book for you as it becomes very repetitive  but as I said it is perfect for inspirational crafting with children or even giving to an older child for them to do on their own.  It is a solid book with good weight pages and lovely images.  The templates are superb and the instructions are easy to follow.


I have three copies of Craft a day to giveaway.  So just follow the rules on the rafflecopter entry mechanism to be in with a chance.
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37 Responses

Julie | 11.06.12

I neeeeeed this book, as I am the world’s least crafty person, much to my children’s disgust. I genuinely can’t think of the best thing I’ve ever made, cos it’s all been rubbish. Probably.

Jenny | 11.06.12

I would love to win this book!

Favourite thing I’ve made so far is a dinosaur blanket I made for my son’s first birthday. I don’t let him use it as it took me so long :)

I used to when younger make felt puppets and egg cup cosies but since then the craft has left my body and this would be something I would love to own so I can get the craft back


Ooops. I may have inadvertently implied that I am subscribed via email and cannot undo.

Make do mum | 11.06.12

I’ve got a bracelet I made 8 years ago that is still going strong. Anything that lasts longer than 10 minutes is an accomplishment!

I love the look of this. You can never have too much craft inspiration

Alison | 11.06.12

This looks like a really fun book with lots of ideas. I like the fact they’re easy – sounds right up my street!

Lisa J | 11.06.12

I make loads of stuff. I am particularly fond of the PJ bottoms I made for my little boy.

mari | 11.06.12

OOOOOh, here’s hoping to winning. Love the books!

Carolin | 11.06.12

Oh I need this in my life. I want to be more creative and do more craft activities with Amy and this would really help me with ideas.

Mama Syder | 11.06.12

My favourite thing I made is probably my ruffle scarf, it was so easy and I use it all the time in winter :-)

Gillian | 11.06.12

This book is right up my street, it looks brilliant. The best thing I made is a crochet cushion, I think.

Merry | 11.06.12

Oooh, like the look of this, it would look lovely reviewed on Simple Crafts :)

cross stitch christmas cards

karine jade | 11.06.12

the favourite thing I made was some birthday cards with my little girl, but my husband is much more creative than me; he loves mosaics, and has made lovely decorated boxes….would love to win this

FamilyFourFun | 11.06.12

My eldest son’s baptism cake – just a very special reason for baking :) xx

emma cella | 11.06.12

The best thing I made is a crochet cushion

the best thing I made was Isla’s first Easter Bonnet – great paper mache number! Still have it!

Liz Burton | 11.06.12

It has to be my daughter! Can I say that or is that cheating?

Fab giveaway, would save more going on google every weekend.

My fave thing would have to be some animals & farm from cardboard and bits & bobs. @mum2alesha

Hayley Smith | 11.06.12

This book looks fab!

I have just started trying to make things and I have made a felt Christmas tree garland, which is a massive achievement for me! It isn’t perfect but it is my favourite thing.

What a great giveaway. My favourite make was a family portrait made out of fimo.

OOH my favourite thing I’ve ever made (aside from my kids obv) would have to be my first ever 5 tier wedding cake – still amazed it stayed stood up!

wendy stanger | 11.06.12

My kids Super Mario cake as his face was a picture @kikicomp

Amy | 11.06.12

Love the look of this book! My favourite make was the blanket that I crocheted for my niece’s christening. It was my first ever crochet project and has been well loved and admired :-)

Such a great giveaway. My favorite make was a knitted sausage dog draught excluder. It took me an age to finish and my little girl thinks it’s a snake which makes me laugh.

The favourite thing I have ever made is probably the advent calendar I made for my little boy on and off throughout the year last year, can’t wait to get it out again soon.

Brilliant book… it’s going on my Crimbo list. I’m pretty rubbish at crafts… I’d show evidence but I’d be embarrassed! Thanks for sharing x

Susan Mann | 11.06.12

I made piggies with playdoh yesterday and baked them in the oven.

Kamelia | 11.06.12

Thanks for sharing and reviewing this Jen. I am heavely into Crafting at the moment and defo need some more ideas.

I made the table planner for my sisters wedding. Each table was a football shirt, it took me weeks to do it!

Taslin | 11.06.12

My most favourite thing I have made so far was a dinosaur costume for my son’s third birthday.

I havent done much recently but when I was younger my mum and I used to marble ceramic pots using feathers. Might not sound like much but they really did look beautiful when we were done with them :)

Kelly | 11.06.12

That’s a really hard question. Maybe Kate’s quilt. The most useful thing I have made recently is my thread catcher / pin cushion. I use it constantly.

Julia | 11.06.12

I made a good puppet once

helen | 11.06.12

My favourite make is eithe the quilt I made for my lo before he was born, or the bubbles costume I made him for Halloween!

Hele R | 11.06.12

My little boys baby blanket. Taught myself crochet and I was so pleased with how it turned out! :)

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