Our pigs might fly!

Natwest are relaunching their iconic piggy banks of the 1980s.  I always looked at those piggy banks and wanted them, but I was forced to bank at the local bank!  We were asked by Natwest to design our own piggy’s to help publicise the competition #pigsbykids


























So let me present to you the MiniMads entries.  We have the joint boys effort of the flying pig based on my very often used phrase “pigs might fly first”!  Maxi’s pig is based on the Autumn and he is windy rainbow pig.  Whist Mini’s pig is Angry Pig,  based on the red angry bird.  He is all about getting his own back!

Please note:

  • The competition is open to children up to 13 years old
  • The winning design will become the new NatWest pig
  • Closing date for entries is 12pm on 11th November 2012
  • Terms and Conditions apply – see  pigs by kids website for details
  • This is an advertising promotion for NatWest. We received crafty goodies to make our pigs


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5 Responses

Love the pipe cleaner details. Great idea!


Julie | 11.09.12

I bet the boys had fun making these! Juliex

Becky | 11.09.12

great job boys! A sterling effort!

Magnificent pigs! You have very clever crafters!

Susan Mann | 11.09.12

The pigs are awesome x

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