Autumn Days

We love sunshine and getting out and about and unfortunately this Autumn has not been as crisp and bright as we had hoped, but we haven’t let this stop us making the most of our weekends together as a family.  Both boys play Junior football, so sunday mornings are usually taken up with a match, but the rest of the weekend we make sure that we have something planned that we can do as a family.

Our recent weekends have included:

  1. A trip to a local Rugby match
  2. Family Bowling
  3. A trip to The National Railway Museum
  4. A trip to Dalby Forest
  5. Car washing
We were sent some great items from Bonprix to test out and the image above shows the boys in their new favorite cardigans.  They are fleece lined and so soft and they have a zip in addition to the lovely paddington bear style fastening and are £14.99 each.  MadDad and I both a jumper and an outdoor cardigan, which we have washed and worn a lot (but sadly it is always dark and the pictures are not great)!
Autumn Jumpers from Bon Prix

What are your favorite Autumn pastimes?


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One Response

Ali | 11.10.12

I love those cardigans they look fab. I used have a duffle coat when I was little or like you I called it a Paddington Bear coat :-) They look perfect for Autumn walks which is where I have just come back from and although I walk every day having dogs, Autumn time is my favourite.

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