Homemade Christmas – Decorate a pillar candle

I love Christmas.  It is a family time for me, but it is also an excuse for me and the boys to get our craft on.  So I was delighted when Snafflesmummy asked me to post about our Homemade Christmas and Advent.

So I thought I would have a go at decorating some candles.  We love burning candles at this time of year and thought that they would be a perfect teacher gift.



  1. Pillar candles – Mine are from Aldi, but ones with a flat top would look great
  2. Tissue paper – I used predecorated, but plan to get the boys to draw on some white tissue paper for their teachers candles
  3. Heatgun or haordryer
  4. Wax paper (from the baking section) or baking parchment


  1. I measured my candle both height and circumference (I used a piece of wool for the circumference!) and cut my tissue paper to size.
  2. Then I cut a larger piece of waxed paper
  3. Wrap the tissue around the candle and then cover with the wax paper, pulling it tight.  The wax paper makes this easier to do and stops you burning your hands especially with thinner candles.
  4. Then use the heat gun or hairdryer to melt the surface wax and the tissue paper will adhere to the candle.
  5. I have been burning the candle and the tissue does remain and not burn, but this paper is rather thicker than standard tissue paper.  I remember making these with my mum and we used the old fashioned sheets of wrapping paper (it was very thin) and rather than cover the whole candle we would cut an image out and just apply that.  We would then cover with glitter that was iridescent and OK to burn.  You can add glitter to your candles, but I would suggest using a water based glue and cosmetic grade glitters.
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7 Responses

Thank you for taking part Jen.

I had seen you making these on twitter/facebook and was not convinced they would work.

Glad they did, another great craft from you and the boys

Julie | 12.05.12

I hadn’t seen this idea before, looks like a lot of fun. Thanks! Juliex

This is a neat idea. I would love to see the kid candles- I bet they’ll be really cute too!

Liz Burton | 12.05.12

Wow your candle looks gorgeous.

Love the robin design – where did you get the paper?

Fran | 12.05.12

I have never seen these before, they look really beautiful. I did see the pic on instagram but thought they were decals or stickers, what a fab idea! Nice to know there’s another use for my embossing gun :)

Jen Walshaw | 12.05.12

Liz Burton » Thanks very much Liz. The paper came from a local card shop. I am sure I have seen it in Hobbycraft though

Susan Mann | 12.05.12

That looks fab x

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