Christmas decorating with dried orange slices

So you have dried your oranges, what do you do with them?

Well I wanted to make wreaths for my nearest and dearest, so I bought some decorative cinnamon from the florists and set to making and creating.

It was very simple.  I picked up the wreath for less than a pound at Tesco.  I also used cinnamon, florists wire, ribbon and some wooden cuts pouts I purchased from Paper and String.  They look great and smell delicious too.

I also made a selection of ornaments too:

Other uses for dried orange slices

  • Make seasonal potpori
  • Fill a jar with them for a table center peice
  • use them to decoprate wrapped presents
  • Make bunting by adding to popcorn and cranberry strings (great for outdoor trees)
  • Thread through florists wire to make a wreath
  • Use to decorate napkin rings


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2 Responses

What a lovely thing to make for your family and friends…I bet they smell amazing too!

Gillian | 12.10.12

I dried loads of oranges slices a couple of weeks ago and they have been sitting in the kitchen as I haven’t had any time to decide what to do with them! I like your wreaths very much. I was going to make tree or hanging decorations with them but I do like the idea of using them to decorate parcels. You’ve inspired me to get cracking! x

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