Seasonal Wreaths – A craft challenge

My front door was looking very sorry for itself after I took down and packed away the Christmas Wreath. SO I decided that I would challenge myself to make a wreath for each of the seasons this year.

My inspiration for January was a wreath I saw on Instagram by Snugglefeet.  I decided on this one as it used up things that I already had on my stash and all I needed to buy was the polystyrene ring.

It only took me an hour to make and was really fun to do too.

Spring wreath

It was very simple to make, I wrapped the ring with some fluffy wool that I had been given, It wasn’t even a full ball of wool. Then I set too making felt flowers using a rolled felt flower tutorial. I then glued on some leave shaped with my glue gun and added a piece of florist wire across the wreath and added felt bunting.  I finally glued on the flowers and a ribbon to hang it.

I really like it and am so pleased.  Next up one for valentines day and then Easter!  I would love for you to join in.

15 Responses

Liz Burton | 01.09.13

It’s beautiful! I love your colours.

I used to always have a seasonal wreath on my door at our old house, until someone stole one!

Might have to try again though.

Emma T | 01.09.13

That’s so pretty. Might try one myself

Heather | 01.09.13

Love the idea of a seasonal wreath – it’s something my neighbour always does so I might follow suit.

Jen Walshaw | 01.09.13

Heather » I bet yours would be rather splendiferous!

Jen Walshaw | 01.09.13

Emma T » Oh I look forward to seeing yours if you do

Jen Walshaw | 01.09.13

Liz Burton » I used what felt I had in Liz. I am stash busting this year! I would be really upset if it got pinched, but I could always pop it inside.

Purplemum | 01.09.13

This is lovely, so nice to put something up to replace the Christmas wreath. I’m in awe of you crafty lot, I could perhaps loop a pipecleaner and cover it in felt tip pen but I’m guessing it wouldn’t have the same effect?

oh Jen, that is lovely. I have so many things I would love to make. x

Jo | 01.09.13

What a wonderful idea : )

I’ve never heard of seasonal wreaths. Sounds very American though.


Susan Mann | 01.09.13

This looks fab, well done you x

HelpfulMum | 01.09.13

It looks fantastic. I might have to try a spring one!

Cava Claire | 01.09.13

That’s lovely! You could start a craze like the Americans living over here who have seasonal flags. Loads of people in blackpool have flagpoles now (I could quip about poledancing blackpool but won’t!)

I think I’ll do an Easter one now the boys have grown out of Easter hat parade

Lulastic | 01.09.13

Gorgeous! I just LOVE those felt flowers!! I agree, my house is looking soooo dreary since all the festive decs have gone *goes of to craft up some felt stuff!*

Gorgeous. You have inspired me. I have ordered my Styrofoam shapes.

Hi – just to let you know that I have included you in my Wonderful Wreaths Round-up, thanks so much for sharing at the Empty Your Archive party, Alice x

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