Eight things I love about you!

maxi bath

  1. You adore being tickled and trying to pretend that you are not ticklish.  You challenge me to make you laugh.
  2. Oh and what a laugh.  it is infectious, it fills my heart with such joy.
  3. You are fearless.  You are a mini thrill seeker, adrenalin junkie and embrace new things.
  4. You are an early riser, but as soon as your head hits the pillow you are off in the land of nod.
  5. You are a team player.  You love football and being part of a team.
  6. You do not mind being different.  You embrace your curly hair, wear checked trousers and love being you.
  7. You are kind and considerate. You help other people when you can.
  8. You love with a passion.

How can you be eight already?  We never really believed that we would have you.  You  were a challenge form the moment you came in to being  and kept us on our toes.  You are a joy, my eldest child, an integral part of our family and I love you more each passing day.


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5 Responses

Kirstie | 03.16.13

Aww. Sweet post. Hugs to the birthday boy from me and especially from fellow adrenaline junkie Cameron. Go ride the year with abandon!

Julie | 03.16.13

Happy birthday Maxi – have fun being 8! Juliex

shahnaz | 03.16.13

Awww bless…they grow up so fast…happy birthday

[…] is a topic close to my heart as Maxi turned eight today.  Being the type of child he is, he really doesn’t want for nothing and didn’t ask […]

Gillian | 03.16.13

Jen, such a lovely post! Happy birthday to Maxi, I hope he has a spectacular day. xx

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