Words of love

Each night as I tuck them in, the words of love are uttered.

“I love you” I say

“I love you too” Maxi replys

I love you to the moon and back” I say

“I love you three million, twenty two thousand and ninety eight miles” Maxi responds

maxi asleep

Then I move on to Mini’s room…………………..

“I love you” I say

“I love you more” he responds

“I love you MORE” I reply

“I love you the MOST” he says with such conviction it makes my heart ache

Not possible I think to myself, not possible.

mini sleep


6 Responses

Jen this is gorgeous. x

Mummylimited | 05.02.13

We do the “I love you more” thing too and sometimes unprompted mid hug he says “I love you Mum and I love you so so much” Always 2 sos. Makes my heart burst every time.

Ned | 05.02.13

awwww.. so super fudging cute!! made my heart melt:)

Susan Mann | 05.02.13

Such a beautiful post x

Rachael | 05.02.13

Catching up on my favourite blogs tonight. This one is so beautiful Jen. So lovely and true and heart-catching. Love to you all. x

Peggy | 05.02.13

What a beautiful post Jen x

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