Meal Plan – The Fresh Week Pledge Edition

As part of the Tefal innovation panel I was asked if I would take the fresh week pledge to commit to giving up processed food from Monday 13 May – Sunday 19 May 2013 in favour of fresh, unprocessed food.  For me this is a bit of a no brainer as I cook from scratch most days.


Since getting cancer I have been wary of processed foods.  I know that not everything processed is bad, but I make the effort to give myself and my family the best food I can and for me this means cooking from scratch.

As a perk of being a Tefal Innovator they sent me a Fresh Express and a riverford food box this week, so kick starting my menu planning for next week.  So I am going to share with you my menu for this week and see if you would be willing to take the pledge.  If you do there is a chance that you too could win a Fresh Express and a Vegetable Box.

Bank holiday Monday

Homemade pancakes and fruit

Salad Sandwiches with homemade bread

BBQ with Fish, fennel, salad and homemade flatbreads


Scrambled egg with chopped tomato

The boys are back at school so school lunch for them.

Lentil bolognese (diced peppers, onions, passata, herbs)


Dippy eggs

Spelt pizza bases with lentil sauce topping and vegetables, served with salad



Banana Muffins

Chickpea curry and homemade naan bread


Fruit and yogurt

Boys are at a party, but me and MadDad will be having homemade fish and chips


Pancakes with fruit and yogurt

Poached eggs with smoked haddock


Breakfast Muffins

Roast Chicken with yorkshire puddings and vegetables

Homemade roast vegetables soup and homemade bread


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12 Responses

Sounds amazing and that pizza looks delicious. Good luck with it. I’d love to do it but we’re not yet sorted out after the builders.

becky | 05.06.13

I love this idea jen and i may well have a go at your chickpea curry!

I never thought about making my own pizza bases, I must try the spelt pizza bases you have suggested

Emmys Mummy | 05.06.13

Your pizza looks lovely however im rather keen to try the curry.

Just got my box today. Your meal plan looks great. I must get myself organised…

This is a great menu and I’d love to hear more about a few of the dishes. Saturday’s tea might be my favourite. Smoked Haddock and poached eggs is one of my favourite comfort foods.

Jacinta | 05.06.13

Wow Sally, this meal plan sounds great. I must try out the pizza.

Jen Walshaw | 05.06.13

Red Rose Mummy » Just tell me which meals you want to know more about and I will get them written up! I love poached egg and haddock too, as a family is it one of our fast favorites, as it only takes 10 minutes from beginning to end. It is made better still if we have new season asparagus too

Jen Walshaw | 05.06.13


Jen Walshaw | 05.06.13

Boo Roo and Tigger Too » I also have a recipe for regular ones, if you search for pizza it will come up. Do you have a bread machine? Mine has a pizza sough only option. I just put all the ingredients in and leave it the 45 minutes to work its magic

Jen Walshaw | 05.06.13

Emmys Mummy » We had a switch round and had the curry tonight, it was a huge hit.

Jen Walshaw | 05.06.13

becky » It is delicious and perfect. My boys don’t even miss the meat!

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