Skimming Stones

dog walk

Part of our #freerangesummer means that I have to learn to let go and be a little more relaxed with my parenting style.

I have to admit that this is something of a challenge for me as my natural style is to organise and plan for everything!

skimming stones

But I am learning that we seem to have the best times when I just relax and put no expectations on our time together.  Take last night as an example.  It had been a warm day and when MadDad got home he suggested wse go out for dinner and for a drive and walk with Alvin.

The evening was glorious.  The weather was amazing, warm, but with a breeze and the sunset was breathtaking.  I stopped worrying that the boys needed to go to bed and we had the most fantastic eveing at Scaling Damn.  The boys skimmed stones and the pup loved exploring.

late summer sun

I watched the sun set over the lake (well reservoir, if I am being technical) and was thankful for my wonderful family and the spate of good weather we are having in the UK.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

The Mad House
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I would love for you to link up any posts you might have about activities in the summer holidays.

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21 Responses

Sarahmumof3 | 07.27.13

sounds like a wonderful evening sometimes it is the very best things that happen when your not really planning them to x

jenny paulin | 07.27.13

what great evening photos – the sky with the dusky pink hues. I tried to take B skimming stones recently but he hasnt quite got the hang of it yet. i love spur of the moment moments like ths too x

Ned | 07.27.13

i agree with Sarah.. unplanned moments can sometimes be the best!

Kim Carberry | 07.27.13

What a lovely evening!!
Beautiful photos x

maria | 07.27.13

I am just like you. I always feel the need to plan and organize and just like you I am starting to learn to let go and enjoy the little monents. Its hard but such a freeing feeling.


Lovely evening, I’m like you – plan everything to the minute detail so well done for being more relaxed #CountryKids

Spur of the moment are great and especially when the weather has been so warm we can stay out much later. The sunset is beautiful and skimming stones is a fab past time. Thanks for sharing your relaxed family evening with Country Kids.

Laura | 07.27.13

Oh the simple pleasure of skimming stones and with such a lovely sunset to boot. My partner is amazing at skimming and I am basically rubbish but I love it all the same, looks like you all had fun

Laura x

I think there’s a lot to be said for spur of the moment evenings like this. Your boys are at such a great age I think this is going to be your best summer ever! Beautiful photos :-)

Emma | 07.27.13

Such a nice thing to do. Love the light in your pics, just beautiful! :)

Jen Walshaw | 07.27.13

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy » We are having an ace time so far. Here’s to summer fun

Jen Walshaw | 07.27.13

Laura » I am pants at it, but the boys are getting better and maxi is particularly good at it

Jen Walshaw | 07.27.13

Coombemill – Fiona » I am devastated that the forecaster is not so good for the coming week. I love sunny warm evenings

Jen Walshaw | 07.27.13

Mary @over40andamumtoone » It does everyone good to do things that challenge them sometimes

Jen Walshaw | 07.27.13

maria » It is hard, but I am learning that doing things that challenge me is a good thing

Jen Walshaw | 07.27.13

Kim Carberry » Thank you. The light was super

Jen Walshaw | 07.27.13

Ned » I am learning that is true too

Jen Walshaw | 07.27.13

jenny paulin » Maxi is eight and just getting the hand of it. The evening light was amazing

Jen Walshaw | 07.27.13

Sarahmumof3 » Indeed they do. Super time was had by all

Emma | 07.27.13

Zak would LOVE that :-) and I totally agree that the best things are unplanned. xx

This looks like the perfect way to spend an evening. Absolutely gorgeous xx

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