An Epic woodland hunt

Last month I took a little trip across the atlantic to learn more about Epic and the extras on the Blu-ray and DVD, which is released today.

Epic woodland walk

For those of you that haven’t seen Epic at the movies, it is an enchanting animated tale of life in a woodland filled with leafmen, kingfishers, boggans and adventure.  Both the boys were transfixed to the film when they watched it and I have to say the animation is amazing.

We decided to go on an Epic hunt through the woodland near where we live to look for signs of decay, rot and the passage of time and also to look for signs of tiny people who look after the woodland and keep the balance.

We took our trusty cameras with us and just look at what we found below:

Epic collage

It was a great exercise, especially after we had been capturing colour in the woods last weekend.  It enabled the boys to look at things in a whole new light.  It drove lots of conversation about why decay happens.  Why there needs to be decay and balance within the natural world and that decay isn’t always a bad thing (I used our compost bin as an example).

Also as it is Autumn (fall) in the UK we had lots of conversations about the changing of seasons and the changing colours of the leaves and why this happened.  We then came home and looked up why the leaves change colour on both the Forestry Commision and the Woodland Trust Websites, to find out more about Chlorophyll.

We also decided to try and preserve the colours in the leaves we found by soaking them in a solution of water and glycerine (more to come on this).  So we can use them in crafts throughout the autumn.  We also picked up some pinecones, so have decided to make pinecone owls and pinecone hedgehogs too.

I also wanted to share this fab video where they turned Epping Forest in to Epic Forest and some of the things the children got up to.

5377901000_3PA_jpgHR 1

Epic is out now on Blu-ray & DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

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44 Responses

Carly Markham | 10.07.13

Wow that is really interesting. Must have been great going to hear all about it. We’ve just moved house and are now right next to a small woods. We never really pay attention to what is decaying and just look for what is growing and looking pretty, my daughter also loves to take lots of pictures when we go on little adventures so I think I will have to show her what else she can find in the woods apart from wild flowers. I also NEED to buy Epic she really wanted to see it but her cheeky little brother doesn’t let us watch films at the cinemas

Notmyyearoff | 10.07.13

Sounds like a jam packed day, z is really starting to get into nature now. He used to run straight past everything but likes to stop and look at things now. We’ve not seen Epic yet. Going to have to correct that!

So that was where your secret trip took you?! Love woodland walks with my girls – so much better now they are truly interested in finding treasure. Can’t beat a nappy sack for collecting allsorts! Hx

Louise | 10.07.13

Autumn is such a fab time to get out in the forest isn’t it!? It sounds like you had a fun and educational walk there. We will have to watch Epic soon as it sounds like it will capture our boys’ imaginations too. xx

Looks lots of fun, and we’ve not seen Epic yet. I’ve a feeling Boo would like it :)

Jen Palmer | 10.07.13

We popped to see Epic when it was released during the summer and I have to say my two really did not get into it. However, they were four and two at the time, so a little young for the themes involved, I feel. I think that getting out there in the woods would greatly improve their understanding and spark their interest. Looking forward to some forest-school style fun this autumn!

Oh I didn’t know you could preserve the colours – I’ll look forward to that post too. Epic was brilliant when we saw it at the cinema

Claire | 10.07.13

We love Autumn walks too. Epic looks great! xxx

We haven’t seen Epic yet, but this post makes me think that we should!

Jen Walshaw | 10.07.13

Domestic Goddesque » Kelly, you will love it as will the girls, it is beautifully animated

Jen Walshaw | 10.07.13

Claire » Epic was fab and anything that encourages walks and adventures is great in my book

Jen Walshaw | 10.07.13

Actually Mummy… » Oh yes, get some glycerine ready for the tutorial and start looking for you prettiest leaves.

Jen Walshaw | 10.07.13

The Reading Residence (@ihavecards) » Epic was really beautiful to watch, the colours are amazing and both my boys loved it

Jen Walshaw | 10.07.13

Louise » Anything that encourages the boys to ask questions is good in my book. I am sure your two will love it too

Jen Walshaw | 10.07.13

Helen at Casa Costello » He he he, I managed to not tell! We have a string bag we usually use, but now it is all about using the doggy poo bags as Alvin is always with us.

Jen Walshaw | 10.07.13

Notmyyearoff » Epic was great at showing that there is more to the forest than just good and who can resist looking for toadstools and slugs!

Jen Walshaw | 10.07.13

Carly Markham » Both m y boys really loved Epic and yes it was great inspiration for looking for different things and our woods are pretty much next to the house and are great to see how things change and develop.

Alison | 10.07.13

Looks like great fun, they seem really focused at getting the photos

Coombemill | 10.07.13

Love all the Autumn colours and the film sounds great too. I pinning to my Country Kids page.

They look like they are really enjoying themselves! Thanks for linking up to our Parenting Pin-it Party.

Jen Walshaw | 10.07.13

Cat (Yellow Days) » Love the parenting pin-it party Cat

Jen Walshaw | 10.07.13

Alison » They are Alison, those cameras are glued to them at the moment!

Jen Walshaw | 10.07.13

Coombemill » Thanks Fiona. They had a fab time

Jen Walshaw | 10.07.13

Jen Palmer » I wish we had a forest school near by. I think that Epic is really pitched at 4 plus, but it inspired us to get out and about. My two loved the slug and snail!

Kim Carberry | 10.07.13

Aww! looks fantastic fun x

Charly Dove | 10.07.13

What a great idea going on an epic hunt in the forest. There’s nothing better than being in the fresh air, sounds like you had a brilliant time too. Look forward to hearing about Epic and I definitely want to know how to preserve the colour of leaves! Thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory

Pinkoddy | 10.07.13

I love how you related it to Epic. Showing the children how things decay is such a marvellous idea – and we also have a compost bin. I have never tried to preserve the colour so may try this with my children too.

Liz Burton | 10.07.13

We adored Epic the film, I think everyone should see it!

Lovely to interpret it again and link it to a real-life forest walk.

anna | 10.07.13

looks like great fun! we still havent seen epic although i really want to! think we will get the dvd

Julie | 10.07.13

Looks like a great walk. Think we must try and watch the film too, it sounds like one we’d all love. Juliex

Karen Bell | 10.07.13

Your Comments
We love walks in the woods. Taking the camera for the children is a great idea.

jenny paulin | 10.07.13

i love your walk looking at all the decay which sadly marks the entrance of winter. Autumn i my favourite month and i love getting out and about at the moment. i must check the film out too x

MrsShilts | 10.07.13

Looks like you had a fab day out and by the sounds of it an even better trip abroad! We’ve been walking in the park and finding pinecones, can’t wait to start crafting with Little Mr. Wonder if I could get away with buying the dvd for Little Mr 😉

liveotherwise | 10.07.13

Looks like a great walk. We have a little wood round the corner but usually seem to end up at the beach these days.

Katie | 10.07.13

I have never even heard of Epic – not sure how it looks amazing!

Love all your photo’s too, My eldest loves the woods and i can’t wait till my youngest is older and we can all go properly exploring :)

Rhiannon | 10.07.13

Loved this walk! It is such a wonderful time of year for all the family to be outside. I think the changing trees really sparks of the imagination. I am interested to see how the glycerine experiment works.

Found via #magicmoments and pinned to my Autumn bucket list.

Jaime Oliver | 10.07.13

wow how fantastic!! this looks like fantastic fun!

Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

We saw Epic during the summer and I loved it! Sounds (and looks) like you all had great fun :)

What a fab post – looks so much fun.

We went for a forest walk Friday evening “hunting” for bats & owls – we didn’t see any, but had so much fun along the way.

Have pinned onto my Outdoors board – Alice @ Mums Make Lists x

Rebecca | 10.07.13

What a brilliant thing to do. We haven’t seen the film yet but definitely going to get it. Looks brilliant.

Tracy Dixon | 10.07.13

Looks fantastic! I’ve just blogged about a walk in the woods too, it is one of our favourite things to do. We haven’t seen the film yet, just missed it at the cinema so I expect Santa may be bringing it down the chimney with him!

Mama Syder | 10.07.13

Looks like fun. I love walking in the woods with the kids. Mine are older now so tend not to want to go as much anymore :-(
Great photos x

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