How to make a sourdough starter


Inspired by the Hairy Bikers, Mini has decided that he wants to make sourdough bread, which means that we need to make a starter.  So We have started the process and at the moment we are on day two and MAria (as Mini named her) is currently sat in the airing cupboard.

Mini never does things by half so we received sourdough starters on line and he decided to use one from the BBC (as they often use this site for recipes at school).

He also decided he need to keep on top of what day it was so used our new  A4 flexible magnetic chalkboard from First 4 Magnets, which was only £3.49 (they send it to us free) and stuck it on the fridge so he could see it and tick off after he had done what needed to be done each day.

We would love for you to join us in learning how to make sourdough bread, like Helen at The Crazy Kitchen has.  If you do, please let us know by leaving a comment and you can follow our progress over on The Mad House facebook page or Instagram.


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Wendy | 10.14.13

I’m going to see if my kids fancy making sourdough – It’s my favourite kind of bread – makes the best toast ever ever ever!

Gillian | 10.14.13

I love sourdough. It makes the best toast, ever. I tried to make a starter once but I threw it out as it looked really, really wrong. I must have another try, Mini has inspired me! x

I’m on day 4 of my starter. It is attempt no2. First one exploded due to faulty jar :-(
My sure not to let kids drink the hooch (about day 5-6).

Love sour dough, def going to try this. Thanks for sharing on the Monday Parenting Pin it party

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