11 poppy crafts, art or food for remembrance day

Remembrance Sunday seems to have jumped up on me this year.  I think due to having half term a week late.  I love to use the time that we craft as a family to talk about things and making poppy crafts with the boys always gives me the opportunity to discuss the need for remembrance day and this year has even more significance after our visit to the site of the Armistice over the summer.

poppy crafts

  1. Paper poppy – No time for flashcards
  2. Poppy pinwheel –  Craft caravan
  3. Cake case poppies – Making boys men
  4. Cork printed poppy – J Daniels 4 Mom
  5. Art and craft poppy project – My buddies and I
  6. Flanders Poppy Field – Momstown
  7. Poppy garland – Domestique Goddesque
  8. Tissue paper poppy – A Thrifty Mum
  9. Remembrance day cookies – Life at the Zoo
  10. Remembrance Wreath– Rainy day mum
  11. Salt painting a poppy – Playful learners

We have also made Pinwheel Poppies

How to make pinwheel Poppies


Melted wax poppies

We have also made a Poppy wreath this year and a bunch of poppies.

melted wax poppy wreath

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9 Responses

Your Name | 11.05.13

What lovely ideas….That reminds me I need to take some money to school at home time to buy my girls poppies! x

oh these are lovely. I think we might have a go at some if these – thank you :)

Thank you for featuring me Jen xx

What lovely ideas. We bought our poppies yesterday all ready for Sunday as we are off to a parade. x

Jen Walshaw | 11.05.13

Katie @mummydaddyme » The boys are on the parade on Sunday too.

Jen Walshaw | 11.05.13

Adele- playfullearners » I love the Salt poppies idea

Jen Walshaw | 11.05.13

Heather @ Bury Family Life » I think it is great to talk about the event whilst doing something, it helps it seem more real for children. Makes it tangible as it seems so long ago for them.

Jen Walshaw | 11.05.13

Your Name » We bought the boys crochet ones from Teale and Mustard and they dontae. They always lose the paper ones.

[…] 11 poppy crafts, art or food for remembrance day – Mum In The … http://www.muminthemadhouse.com/2013/11/05/11-poppy-crafts-art-food-remembrance-day/ Nov 5, 2013 … 11 poppy crafts, art or food for remembrance day. On Nov.05.13 , In crafts … Adele- playfullearners » I love the Salt poppies idea. Jen Walshaw … […]

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