A month of #ScreenFree prompts and activities


If your children are anything like mine they might have slipped back in to the habit of reaching for screens first over this festive period.  Both the boys now have an Ipod, which seems permanently attached to their hands and I really have felt the need to look at ways to encourage them away from their reliance on technology.  I find that this is only really an issue over the dark winter months as during the lighter nights their first reaction is to play outside with their friends.

So over January I am going to be giving you (and them) a screen free activity each day on The Mum in The Mad House facebook page.  Come and join us and let me know if the prompts are working fo0r you and your children.

Yesterday we worked on our words for the year and Mini’s was Harmony as he is going to look at improving his temper and to try and not fight with Maxi!


Maxi’s word was Creative as he understands that he needs to be more creative in life and not look to technology all the time.


Maxi initially had issues with doing this activity, but it seems he just has problems with failure to transition from one activity to another.  Once he started this task he really enjoyed it and had so much fun.  I am hoping by having a word to focus on we can light that spark of imagination again and be a little more #ScreenFree.



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Kirsty | 01.02.14

After the indulgences of the festive season it is a great idea to get the kids away from their screens with some different activities. I love the idea of having an inspiring word for the year :-)

Great idea! I could do with taking part myself 😉 xx

Mammasaurus | 01.02.14

Nice idea, especially post-Christmas! I’ll dip in and out with Kitty and Ozzy x

anna | 01.02.14

mine have been asking for a bit too much screen time over the holidays too! I don’t mind a little, but not too much!! More ideas to keep them occupied is always good

Louisa | 01.02.14

A great idea. I’ve liked your page and hope to find some inspiration. My lot would spend hours on various techy gadgets if we didn’t enforce time limits on them all.

Lori | 01.02.14

This is a great idea and much needed in our house as my three year old seems to always want the remote control. You can tell we’ve been staying at the grandparents house. I’m very keen to do a focused 30 minute creative play every day and his concentration levels seems much shorter than usual x

Gina Caro | 01.02.14

ooo what a great idea. I will be following with interest, I struggle to get my son to do anything other than play on something electronic!

Eileen Teo | 01.02.14

oops! im bad mummy! they both had my ipad from 8 till 12 pm since the holiday start!

Jen Walshaw | 01.02.14

Eileen Teo » There is no such thing as a bad mummy! I truly believe everyone has their own parenting methods

Jen Walshaw | 01.02.14

Gina Caro » Maxi is the same, he really has tantrums when I try and take him off it, so I have decided to put my foot down

Jen Walshaw | 01.02.14

Lori » Cathy at Nurturestore has some great basic play ideas which would be perfect for a three year old. I have linked to them on my facebook page.

Jen Walshaw | 01.02.14

Louisa » We do have limits during school time and it looks as though I am going to have to enforce them during holidays

Jen Walshaw | 01.02.14

anna » It is the fact that it is always Maxi’s first port of call!

Jen Walshaw | 01.02.14

Mammasaurus » I think that my boys have got more relient as they have got older.

Jen Walshaw | 01.02.14

Hannah | MakeDo&Push » You and me both! Perhaps a screen free saturday or sunday is in order

Jen Walshaw | 01.02.14

Kirsty » I am much more organised with activities for them when they are at school, but they both got Ipods for christmas and it means they want to be on them all the time!

Mummy of Two | 01.02.14

Very brave! We do limit the screen time our son has and only has it as a treat. I always find it difficult to give him things to do that keep him occupied for longer than 5 minutes though!

This is a great idea and really made me think. I like the idea of focussing on a word. I’d be interested to see how JD would respond to this challenge.

Fritha | 01.02.14

Oh this is such a great idea! It’s kind of terrifying how addicted Wilf is to the iPad… X

Jenni | 01.02.14

I love this idea, I’m going to try and use your prompts where possible fr my 2 year old.

Great idea – screen free time is something I’m keen to promote too and it’s slipped a bit by the wayside recently.

I’ll be looking out for your ideas with interest!

[…] is, I realised after reading this post about screen-free time and creativity that lately we only tend to get the craft materials out when we have a plan and an end goal in mind […]

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