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Who is Mum in The Mad House?

The Mad House is the ramblings of me, Jen and about life with my two delicious boys, Maxi, who was born on 16 March 2005 and Mini, who was born on 24 June a year later.  I am happily married to MadDad, who is the sane one in the family.  We returned to our homelands in the Frozen North of England in 2006 to raise our Children from a 14 year stay in Berkshire.


I carry a spelling mistake in my BRCA1 gene and underwent an oomperectomy (removal of ovaries and fallopian tubes) in July 2008 and a bi-lateral prophylactic  mastectomy in February 2009.  Unfortunately the I have numerous complications after the surgery and was unable to have a reconstruction.

I am a freelance project manager and writer and you can find me at The Tots100 and The MAD Blog Awards and many other places .  I am Editor of the Great Toy Guide, where top 20 parent bloggers review toys with their children.

The Mad House was runner up in the MAD’s 2010, an awards program for Mummy and Daddy Bloggers in the UK, read more about it on the web page.  We were one of the top 20 Parent blogs in the UK in 2010 (tots 100).

I love to write, sew, read, cook and craft with my children, spend time with my family and just generally be a buffoon!

Where to find me?

twitter @mum_themadhouse          facebook         Google +

Want to get in touch?

Registered office:  Jen Walshaw c/o Willis Scott Group,  5-6 Kensington, Cockton Hill Road, Bishop Auckland, County Durham DL14 6HX

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