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Using an Editorial Calendar – CoSchedule review

Can you believe I have been blogging for seven years and only just made the move to using an Editorial Calendar, specifically CoSchedule.  I have been using it for 3 months now and wouldn’t be without it, so thought the time had come to share with you my thoughts on using CoSchedule  as an editorial calendar. Up more »

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RIP Google Reader, Hello The Mad House

Just because google reader is no more (well as of July 1st) doesnt mean that you can not longer read The Mad House. You can find me many places, so to make it easier I decided to list them all below:








Get posts emailed to you


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Blogging etiquette – Is there such a thing?

Head in a book (I did ask if it was OK to use this here) posted on twitter that it felt a bit naff, so I asked her why, as I often leave a comment on a blog letting people know how much I enjoyed a lost or that they had a fab blog.

It got me thinking, is there such a thing as blogging etiquette?

For me the first rule of blogging is there are no rules to blogging. It is not often that I put on my blogging police uniform (I have been known to in the past), but I try not to let my favorite pastime have rules and regulations. So I tried to think back to all those years ago when I started blogging and realised that I wasn’t on twitter or had a network of people to ask if things were naff or not. There wasn’t such a defined community back then, it was pretty much in it’s infancy.

I commented on any blog that I enjoyed and I kept commenting. I still often do, even if it is just a loved that post or I have nothing to add, but love your blog. But…… there is so much less commenting going on than when I started blogging. People seem to engage in different ways.

So my top tip for anyone blogging today, would be not to worry about what others think. The brilliance of internet land is that no one is going to find you and laugh you in to a corner for doing the wrong thing because there is no wrong thing.

Other tips would be:

Always link to any post that has inspired you to write one – I often read something in the beginning and it spurred me on to a blog post.
Comment, comment and comment some more
Make it easy for people to contact you – have an email address on your blog
You tweet – have your twitter address in an easy to see location
Comment some more, find the persons twitter id, blog facebook page or even instagram account and comment on those. Having a blog for me is all about engagement.
Find your community – I adore reading the Fresh Five for new to me blogs to read on the Tots 100.
What would be your top tip or do you think there is such a thing as blogging etiquette in 2013.

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Please don’t blog every day on November – NaBloPoMo

NaBloPoMo – what do those innocent looking letters mean?
NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month.

National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo, is a month long writing exercise intended to occur annually in November. The first NaBloPoMo occurred in November of 2006, and was the brainchild of an American blogger. It was inspired by National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which also happens every November. Now I have no issue with NaNoWriMo which was founded in 1999 by authors in the San Francisco Bay Area who wanted to motivate themselves into producing more written work. This challenge requires authors to produce a 50,000 word novel within one month.

But writing a blog, is not writing a novel.

I have to say for me blogging is about quality not quantity and I often find myself just bypassing blogs that I normally enjoy on a regular basis during the month of November. A large part of me feels that if you do not have something to say on every other day of the year what makes November special? It is a dark, dank and often dismal month in the UK and I look forward to reading blogs filled with all sorts of inspirational writing, making, baking and tales of everyday life.

Please don’t get me started on writing prompts. Who need a daily prompt of what to write about? Get a journal people and spare the readers.

Oh and yes, before anyone says it is a free world and I don;t have to read if I don’t want to, well I know that and I won’t be.

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My Blogging Space

I have been tagged by ???????? to let you see where I blog. I have shown this space before in my kitchen Vlog, yes I blog in the kitchen. The kitchen really is the heart of my home and the room I spent the most time in. If I was to have my way, we would live in an open plan house

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The rules of blogging

The first rule of blogging, there are no rules of blogging.

The second rule of blogging, there are no rules of blogging.

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Blog Action Day and World Food Day #BAD11

Today is Blog Action Day and this year it coincides with World Food Day.

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Tots 100 October Top 20 Sneak Peek!

The Tots100 index is the UK’s largest community of active UK parent blogs, and each month publishes an index of the UK’s top Mummy and Daddy blogs.

Also we’d like for you to use this image code at the top of your post if possible –

Tots100 Index of UK Mummy Blogs and Bloggers

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Save the Children, No Child is born to die

“There is no time to call an ambulance, just get in the car they will be waiting for you”
“Leave me your keys I will lock up and meet you there”

“No, there is no time to pack a bag, just go now”

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How do you write?

One of the things that came out of blogcamp Manchester for me was the fact that it is key to develop your own voice or writing style and to stick with it thorough out your blog.

It made my day to listen to two strong, unique and inspirationsal women discuss why they blog and how they developed their writing style. Neither was apologetic for the things they did. Muireann from Bangs and Bun is a funny, feisty and unforgettable powerhouse of words. She isn’t afraid to use them and share the outcome of them with her readers. I love the fact that she doesn’t police comments on the blog and acknowledges that people can have differences of opinion.

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I think I must be living in a parallel universe!

I attended Cybermummy (a mummy blogging conference) this weekend, which was billed as The UK’s premier Blogging Conference and I have to say that I really did wonder if I had taken a wrong turn and turned up somewhere else!

I have put off writing this post for a few days to see if my opinions changed after some time to assess and disseminate the things that had been going through my mind, but they haven’t and I have to say I was really underwhelmed with the event.

I thought the venue was not particularly suited, one session room was inaccessible if you had a buggy and yes this is marketed as an event for mummy bloggers. Some poor soul got locked in the loo and it would have been nice to have a map and maybe even agenda’s on the wall somewhere.
Don’t get me started on t

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What matters to a family? The one where Vosene take us to the zoo to find out….

You might remember that last earlier in the year I took a load of samples of Vosene Kids to hand out at the boys school, which I think are fabtastic, anything that helps prevent the spread of nits or critters as they are called in our house is very welcome.


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Lets Talk About Respect

There are things happening in the world of British Mummy Blogging, there are posts about Bulling, people giving up blogging, wondering why they bother and people questioning the validity of blogs with advertising, reviews and sponsored posts. I wasn’t going to get involved, I was going to keep my mouth shut, but I read something more »

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