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The joy of learning something new

2013, the year of “Choosing Joy”, but also the year of learning.  This is the year that I start to take time out for me and put these grey cells in my brain in to some use.  Where I try to see if an old dog can learn new tricks! I am doing this in a couple more »

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Olympic Learning – Logo

The Olympic Logo is one of the four major symbols of the Olympic games, along with the medals, touch and mascots. I printed out all of the previous Olympic logos and we made a timeline of the previous Olympic games from them, adding the year and the venue. Using our atlas we looked up where each of the countries were and with our flags of the world sticker book.

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Olympic Learning – Make your own medals

There is nothing better than winning a medal, well perhaps inning a medal you have already made yourself. So we set about making own own set of Olympic medals.
Silver foil
Gold and bronze pain or crayon

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Trying to clean like my Grandma

Otherwise know as the P&G 1930’s housewife challenge. I along with other bloggers have been set the challenge to try a day in the life of a 1930’s family. We decided to take this on and use it as a learning tool for the boys.

Cleaning in the 1930’s

I was supplied with some white vinegar, a spray bottle, lemon, bicarb, household soap and cloths. I have to say that I already have all of this in my cleaning cupboard and use it all and have taken to buying white vinegar by the 5 litres from the cash and carry. So I did not find this part of the challenge too hard, except the fact that I missed my washing up liquid and my dishwasher. The hardest part was boiling the hot water to clean everything.

Laundry in the 1930’s

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My Priorities – Should our children fit in?

Way back when I had pink hair and lived my life in the minute I never thought I would be conventional.  I left home at 16 due to me and mum clashing and not agreeing on my “lifestyle” choices!  Back then I wanted to be different, I didn’t want to fit it, I didn’t want more »

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