Easy Easter Chick Cards

Are you feeling ready for some Spring sunshine, I know I am and these Easy Easter Chick Cards are perfect for celebrating a spring birthday, mothers day or Easter, plus they are super simple and perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.
Easy Easter Chick Cards

Easy Easter Chick Cards

 rocking chic cards
Card or paper plates
Bostik Blu Tack Glue Stick – we love this as the glue goes on blue and dries clear – perfect for seeing where you have applied it
Craft Foam or card for beaks
You can either use a paper plate or make your own rocking card by folding a piece of card in half and drawing and then cutting out a semi circle.  I doesn’t have to be a perfect semi circle,if your older preschoolers are doing this then they could draw round a plate as a template.  it doesn’t have to be perfect remember, in fact having a flattish bottom allows for the card to stand better.
After that it is as simple as sticking on on feathers as wings and tail before adding an eye and a beak – how simple is that!
The beauty of this simple project is that your chicks can be whatever colour you want and have as many feathers as your kids choose for the to have.
Easy chick cards

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