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simple washi christmas cards

I am a big fan of empowering my boys to make their own art and to interpret it their own way and this is why these easy washi tape christmas cards are ideal for children to make.

invitation to create christmas cards

How to make Easy Washi Tape Christmas Cards


This is a great activity as it is low mess, but also one that kids of most ages can do themselves. I have started to pout all that the boys need out in a plastic dip tray as in invitation to create.  It looks great, keeps everything they need together and allows for their creativity to take over.

This really is a super simple activity and the brilliance of traditional washi tape is that it is paper and so can be torn easily.  We also had some plastic coated tape so the boys cut that to size.

Whilst we were making them the boys told me that trees did not have straight branches, so made their tape all wonly, which actually looks much better.

For younger children a simple triangle cut from cardboard (I use cereal boxes) is great.  The child can use it as a template to draw a triangle on the card as a visual template and then stick the tape over it.

And who doesn’t love a homemade christmas card!

easy kid made christmas cards

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Easy christmas cards for kids to make

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