Inspirational Quotes Colouring Pages for Adults and Kids 11

As you may know, I a a big fan of colouring pages for adults and teens.  I find them really relaxing and they help me switch off from the everyday stresses of the modern world and do something that is screen free and that I enjoy.  With the new year almost upon us, I have been looking at inspirational quotes colouring pages for adults and kids.   These combine my love for colouring and my passion for a great inspirational quote.

Inspirational Quotes Colouring Pages

I have to say that I have been a fan of inspirational quotes since my second job.  My boss had them everywhere and I stopped thinking of them as corny and started to think of them as positive affirmations.  I currently have quote a few around my home including “Dream Big”, “Choose Joy”,  “Create” and “You are so loved”  and this is just the ones I can see sitting down to type this!

2 Free Inspirational Colouring Pages for you to print

Inspirational Quotes Colouring Pages for Adults and Kids

Celebrate your new year’s resolutions or intentions with these simple, but ace inspirational quotes colouring pages for adults and kids.  I have a couple for you of my own.

Every Day is a gift and Be awesome today

Inspirational Quotes Colouring Pages for Adults and Kids

In addition to those two free printables I have rounded up some great inspirational quotes colouring pages from around the web.

Inspirational Quotes Colouring Pages

  1. Dream catcher
  2. Color my heart happy
  3. Today is going to be awesome
  4. You are always 
  5. Follow your heart
  6. Mandalas and more
  7. Your dream does not have an exploration date 
  8. Everything will be OK
  9. Dr Seuss inspirational quotes 
  10. The world smiled 
  11. Do all things with love
  12. Today is Going to Be Awesome
  13. What ever our souls
  14. Helen Keller Quote
  15. We rise by lifting others 
  16. Just let it go
  17. Have Courage and Be Kind
  18. Dream it, Do it
  19. So lucky
  20. You are my sunshine
  21. Wherever you go, Go with your heart
  22. Hello Lovely 
  23. What are you doing for others?
  24. If you can be anything, be kind
  25. You belong among the wild flowers
  26. Those who say it cannot be done should never interrupt those doing it
  27. The Heavens Declare the Glory of God
  28. Choose hope today
  29. Do all things with kindness 
  30. Your dream does not have an expiration date
  31. Never be afraid to trust 
  32. It always seems impossible until it is done
  33. Dance like nobodies watching…
  34. Colour my heart with kindness
  35. Take a moment to breathe
  36. I love everything about you
  37. Everything will be okay
  38. Positive thinking will let you do everything better 

Inspirational Quotes Colouring Pages

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Colouring Books to buy with Inspirational Quotes


Creative Coloring Inspirations: Art Activity Pages to Relax and Enjoy (UK Link/US Link)


Good Vibes Coloring Book (UK Link/US Link)


Coloring for Inspiration (An adult coloring book with thought-provoking and smile-inducing quotes) (UK Link/US Link)


We are currently loving using Staedtler Triplus colour pens (UK Link/US Link) – they do not bleed through the paper, which is great for adults and kids and they are really bright.  Plus you can get different nib sizes.  I also love the way they stand up in the packaging, so you can see the colours.

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