Octopus Colouring Pages for Kids 1

My boys are just fascinated with all things to do with the Sea.  They love nothing better than visiting aquariums and these fab octopus colouring pages for kids were inspired by our families love of the sea.  I have left them super simple, so they are perfect for children to use as templates or to embellish as they chose.  Plus keep an eye out for a fab art project using them.

Octopus Colouring Pages for Kids

Do your children enjoy visiting aquariums and learning about animals that live under the sea?  I know that mine do. There is something really calming about watching fish and such in aquariums and I know that one day we would all love to see some in their natural habitat.

We decided to learn more about octopi after making these fab octopus colouring pages.   Did you know that an octopus’ coloration depends upon its surroundings? An octopus possesses the ability to alter its coloration depending on its immediate environment.   Or that all octopuses are venomous, but only one group, the blue-ringed octopuses, is known to be deadly to humans?  They really are fascinating creatures.

Octopus Colouring Pages for Kids

Colouring pages are perfect for holidays and road trips and I took these on our recent holiday so my best friends five year old could get creative on the journey.  He was so funny and told me that I had the wrong number of tentacles on one of the drawings!

Octopus Colouring Pages for Kids

Download your Octopus Colouring Pages for Kids below

*To save to your computer, just click on the link above to open the colouring page. Then right click to save to your computer.

Note: These prints and designs are copyrighted and for personal use only, please!

*** Download Octopus Coloring Page Here ***

*** Download Octopus and Seaweed Coloring Page Here ***

Octopus Colouring Pages for Kids - download these fab free colouring pages perfect for ocean crafts

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