Fabulous Fairy Gardens and Houses 11

There is something magical about fairy gardens.  To have your own little world with fairies, plants, moss, doors furniture and a little bit of pixie dust.  As an adult, I have a huge love for fairy gardens and I know that they enchant most children too.  They are also a great way to encourage children to garden.

Never Forget a Birthday Again with GiftWink 8

I swear since having my boys my memory has never been the same.  I think it is due to the sheer amount of information I have to remember and not only for myself, but for the rest of the house too!

10 Simple Hacks for the Perfect Roast Dinner in a Hurry 7

The number of families sitting down for a weekly roast is falling. It’s a tradition that’s been around since medieval times but it’s no surprise really when we are all so busy. A roast dinner doesn’t have to take half a day to prepare though; we’re way past that need to spend hours in the kitchen, whatever gender we are.

A Family Holiday at Domain de Mathevies, Dordogne, France

A Family Holiday at Domain de Mathevies, Dordogne, France 14

We recently spent a week over the may half term Domain de Mathevies, Dordogne, France.  Domain de Mathevies is a beautiful site situated in the Perigord Noir region of The Dordogne with a selection of accommodation from a Gite, Mobile Homes to luxury cabins.  You can also pitch a tent, camper or caravan too.  We stayed in a Mobile Home.  As a p[arent the key to the perfect family holiday is often found in keeping the rest of my family happy.  But Domain de Mathevies manages the holy grail – a family holiday that fitted each and every one of my family. The Perigord Noir region of France around Sarlat is more »

Simple Father’s Day card – Hap-pea Father’s Day 7

I absolutely adore this simple Father’s Day card that has been designed for you by my fab 11 year old Maxi.  It is perfect for adding a little colour to as he has or for you to colour in completely and I am sure that any Dad would love being wished a Hap-pea Father’s Day.  This card was inspired by the fact that MadDad is currently growing peas in the garden.

Summer water fun ideas for kids

Summer Water Fun 7

One of the things that my boys love the most is water play, and summer is the perfect time to have some water fun as a family. The summer is all about making memories and I am working with fab® ice lollies for their Sprinkles of Summer Fun campaign.

Football crafts or Soccer Crafts for the Euro’s 10

These football crafts or soccer crafts for my US readers are brought to you in conjunction with MandMDirect.com.  For those of you that don’t know, I have two football mad boys.  Maxi is a defender (and a very good one at that) and plays in a team and has since he was five years old.  His team is an ace bunch of lads who now play in Division one and finished in the top half, which is great for a team that started out in division four.   At the moment with the Euro’s on my house is everything football, when they are not watching it they are playing it.  So more »

Yoda Best Teacher Card

Yoda Best Teacher Card 9

Did you see our Yoda Best Dad Father’s Day cards? Well, I loved them so much that I asked Leslieanne to make some Yoda Best Teacher Cards.  I am a stickler when it comes to thank you cards and I always encourage the boys to do homemade teacher cards.

Yoghurt and Berry Crunch – Kids in the Kitchen 8

I love this time of year.  Summer fruits are readily available and this yogurt and berry crunch is a great after lunch treat or even perfect for a decadent breakfast.  As it is no bake and super simple to put together it is great for getting kids in the kitchen and you can mix up the fruits depending on the season or based on your child’s tastes.

Shoebox table football/foosball table 24

My boys are football (soccer) mad.  They would play morning noon and night it they got the chance, but the British summer time doesn’t always play weather wise.  So I made this shoebox table football/foosball table game for the boys to play.  We do have a larger one, but it is in our friend’s garage as we just don’t have the space in the house!

Age appropriate chores for kids 11

Chores, I know that chores can be a polarising issue, but they are something that I insist my kids do.  Well, age appropriate chores for kids will always be something of a minefield, but that doesn’t mean we should shy away from them.

Download your free Age appropriate chores poster below

Top tips for surviving a LONG car journey with kids 11

We have just returned from Camping de Mathevies in The Dordogne, France and from our home in the North East of England that was around a 15-hour car journey.  So I thought I would share with our top tips for surviving a long car journey with kids.

Silence is Golden, unless you have kids! 4

Whoever said that “Silence is Golden” must never have had children.  As in my home when it goes quiet it means that there is something afoot.  Usually the children are up to no good!

Who ever said that "Silence is Golden" must never have had children. Silence in my house means that the boys must be up to something.

FitFlop Gladdie Review 9

Shoes talk to me.  I swear they do!  They whisper to me when I see them in shops, on the TV and on my computer screen.  I have always loved shoes, but I also love practical and comfortable shoes.  So when Cloggs offered me a pair of FitFlop Gladdie I jumped at the chance as so many people had said great things about them.

Win one of 3 Bob Martin pet flea kits for the home worth over £25 4

Did you know that fleas thrive in humidity and in temperatures between 24˚C-30˚C? If you didn’t you’re not alone. Unknown to many, British summertime signals the start of the flea season. As our family pets become more exposed to fleas outdoors, the risk of an infestation in the home increases too.

Yoda Best Dad Colouring Cards 11

This can not be the only household where we have competitions to see who can do the best Yoda Impressions or the only Star Wars obsessed home.  So with Father’s Day on the horizon I have teamed up with the fab Leslieanne again to bring you these Yoda Best Daddy and Yoda Best Dad Colouring Cards.

Yoda Best Dad Colouring Cards

Blogging Basics – Working with brands 7

When I first started blogging.  I had no idea what I was doing.  I started during a health scare so I could record family life and over the following years my blog organically developed to become my career.  I have decided to do a few posts on blogging basics to deal with a lot of the questions I get asked and to get some great tips from fellow bloggers.  Today we are looking at working with brands.

Button Apple Canvas Teacher Gift 17

  Personalised notebooks.Since the boys were first at school we have always made a teacher gift for their teachers both at Christmas and at the end of the school year.  This year we decided to make a button apple canvas teacher gift.

Safe headphones that tweens and teens will wan t to wear. Protect your childrens hearing with these amazing and desirable Puro Sound Labs volume limiting headphones.

Puro Sound Labs volume limiting headphones Review and Giveaway 23

I recently learned that youth hearing loss was on the rise due to the increase in children wearing headphone and earbuds.  As a Mum to two boys who often wear headphones as they want to watch or listen to different things this really concerned me.  So we have been putting Puro Sound Labs volume limiting headphones to the test.