Mini Pizza Bites – cooking with kids 18

My boys are bottomless.  They are both really active kids and eat pretty healthily most of the time and these mini pizza bites are a delicious after school snack or lunchbox treat.

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Free Dreamworks Home colouring pages 18

This year has been a really great year for family movies, what with Minions, Paddington and now Dreamworks Home. Both my boys adored Home when they saw it at the cinema with MadDad and are delighted that DreamWorks Animation’s HOME is out now on Digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD.  As a mum I love it when movies are released with some great activity and colouring pages and we have some fab free Dreamworks Home colouring pages to share with you.

How to make a toy surfboard or windsurf board 22

Don’t you just love how children see the world differently to us adults.  This summer activity was inspired by my childrens love of water and by a walk on the beach watching the surfers with them. This is a great activity where you can make a mini surfboard with your child and their sprinkle of imagination will provide them with hours of fun. Even better they are made with something you would normally throw out.  Read on to find out how to make a toy surfboard or windsurf board that floats!

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value school uniform

Get the Best Value School Uniform 20

Now is the time to get your kids school uniform for next year. Over the years my boys have tried and tested pretty much all the school uniform out there and one has always come out best value time and time again.   So read on if you want to find out how and where to get the best value school uniform for your kids…

How to make God’s Eyes/Ojo de Dios 11

When you are a child, you see everything differently. A stick isn’t just a stick – it’s a wand, it’s a pair of skis, it’s a light saber.  So we are using our sprinkles of imagination to turn sticks in to God’s Eyes and if you house is anything like The Mad House then you will have a lot of sticks by the door!

how to make Ojo de Dios God's eyes

What time will my child wake up

Getting kids to sleep – the holy grail of parenting 16

Even before children are born they are affecting your sleep patterns.  Did you get a good night’s sleep in your third trimester? After both my boys were born all I wanted to do was sleep for a week.  Little did I know that sleep is for the weak and that lack of sleep theirs and mine was something that I was going to learn to live with for years to come.

Win fab personalised bedding sets 165

Today I have a great competition to share with you thanks to Tobias Baker.   You could win one of three whole makeover sets, which includes butterflies personalised duvet set in single or double, butterflies lined curtains in either of the 2 sizes, matching quilted bed runner and boudoir cushion and square filled cushion.

Butterfly bedding

overnight oats - bircher museli

Bircher Muesli, the original overnight oats 13

It is official, I am hooked.  After an amazing trip to the Mornflake factory and seeing oats go from seed to bowl. I decided to try making bircher muesli and we all love them. They are the perfect simple breakfast for summer days and the origional overnight oats.

A Minions Milkshake – Kids in the kitchen 20

We are currently enjoying Minion madness here in the mad house after watching The Minions last week.  We all love the minions, we have done since we first saw Despicable Me.  If you know anything about Minions then you know that our lovable sidekicks love bananas, so they are a big part of our Minions Milkshake.

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Is your child a spender or saver? 20

Do you worry about your children being money savvy?  I am going to admit that I do.  I have one child that is currently a spender and one that is a saver and I really want to drum money management in to both of them.

A weekend Unplugged with Forest Holidays 22

With two boys aged nine and ten unplugging can be an issue sometimes. Not the time spent unplugged but the high tech tantrums when I tell them that it is time to turn off! We call it reluctance to transition in The Mad House.  We recently had an unplugged weekend at Sherwood Pines (Nottinghamshire) with Forest Holidays and it was a huge success.

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Madeira Cake – Cooking with kids 23

Hello everyone.  We are up to L with our A-Z of cooking with kids ingredients and this week it is Lemons.  Lemon is one of my favorite flavors, but for kids it can be something of an acquired taste.  This simple, and delicious Madeira Cake using lemon zest to give a hint of lemon flavor and it is a great cake to cook with kids as it is pretty fool proof.

10 Tips for encouraging family mealtimes 15

Do you eat together as a family?  We do, but I am not polishing my halo.  I am well aware of just how hard it can be to keep everyone happy and at the table at mealtimes.  I have had a fair few battles behind me, but decided that family mealtimes were worth the challenge.

Young Hispanic Family Enjoying Meal At Home

how to improve your credit score

How to improve your credit rating 11

Wow Sunday already and time to be fabulously frugal again.  This week I want to talk about ways to improve your credit rating in collaboration with TSB Bank.  Not a sexy topic, but one that most people will need at some point.

How do you control and monitor Internet usage? 32

Screen time, is it a big issue in your home?  I try to prevent it being one in ours by having strict rules that we stick to, but it doesn’t stop me being concerned with that the boys can or might see on the internet.  I have a free printable screen rules download for you.

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embrace the difference

Gender difference in kids – A mum to boys opinion 18

As a mum of two boys it sometimes feels like I am parenting aliens. My best friend has four boys aged between three and eleven.  So my main experience is with boys they are different to how was as a child and they are different to the girls I know (I have two nieces).

Lolly stick harmonica or a popsicle stick harmonica 18

I am back with Fab to bring you our next instalment in the sprinkles of imagination campaign, where we are producing great projects that help turn everyday objects into something that your children can use for imaginative play.  Fab has sent us lots of lolly sticks to make into fun and creative designs, so we decided to have a go at making a lolly stick harmonica or a popsicle stick harmonica (depended on where in the world you are reading from)! These were so simple to make, but we have had hours experimenting with what sounds we can make and the boys with all their friends have made a band!

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Teacher. Books and blackboard, school supplies, back to school

Why you should be planning for back to school now 14

I know, I know, school hasn’t even finished yet in most of the UK and I am talking about planning for going back to school.  But trust me on this one, you really need to be planning for going back to school now.

Free Minions Colouring Book Printable and Minion craft roundup 21

We are minions mad here.  We have loved the cheeky adorable minions since the first time we encountered them! Today we have a fab free minions colouring book printable to share with you.  perfect for after you have seen The Minions Movie!  We also have a fab round up of Minion crafts and activities to share.

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Boy lying in grass reading a book in a summer field

5 Ways to Keep Your Children’s Minds Active Over the Summer 16

There’s no denying that over the long summer holidays children lose the momentum they’ve had for learning over the previous year at school. Key concepts might be forgotten and they could simply get out of the habit of applying their brain on a regular basis. It is beneficial to your children to keep their brains active over the summer holidays, especially if they are returning to exams, a particularly challenging year or even starting a new school.