Movies, Festive Popcorn and Festive Popcorn boxes -#Spon

One of our favorite family tradition is all snuggling up together and enjoying a family film and to celebrate this we are working with Sky Movies this Christmas and sharing their personalised Sky Movies #MovieMe Christmas Cards, along with our festive sugar and spice seasoning and free popcorn box printables. 1979602_10205282938095980_5103857014439106760_n (more…)
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Animal Safe Magic Reindeer food and free printable labels

Reindeer food is one of our Christmas Eve traditions and we love to make it as much as the boys love sprinkling it outside for the reindeer.    We have great fun each year making it for family and friends and this year I am excited to share with you 7 great free printable labels for you designed by The Purple Pumpkin Blog using the same designs as our Advent Acts of Kindness. Animal Safe magic reindeer food recipe   Traditionally it is just oats and glitter, but, we live in a pretty rural area and we stopped putting glitter in our reindeer food a few years back.  Now we use other things to make it pretty and light the way!

How to make animal safe magic reindeer food

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Coping with Eczema as a family

Both my boys have suffered with Eczema throughout their lives.  This is something that we have had to manage as a family and they go through phases when it is worse than normal, but thankfully we mostly have it under control as a family.  Yes I say as a family, as looking after their eczema is a family affair and has affected the whole household. love my smalls When Maxi was a baby we went though lots of product and sought out lots of advise to try and understand his eczema and learn what worked for him and us.  Now at nine his eczema is pretty much under control and as long as we catch his flair ups early we manage it pretty well.

Tips for controlling eczema

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Christmas Memories Book and Christmas reflections printable

Can you remember what you got for Christmas last year or the year before?  I know that I can't.  In fact as I get older these things seem more and more important to me, so this year I am going to create a Christmas memories book for us to use. Sort of like a scrapbook where we can record our memories of the festive season.  Experiences and people that made it special. I always promise that I will do scrapbooks, but I never seen to have the time, so I am happy for this to be quick and simple and I am going to pop it in a bag in the advent box so it comes down from storage first and goes way last. Christmas memroes book

Create a Christmas memories book

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5 fantastic Kid made gifts

Is there anything better than receiving a homemade card....... yes, a homemade gift and I love receiving gift a child has made.  Over the years the boys have made lots of gifts, in fact it is something that we have become know for.  We make the Grandparents and family gifts and also their teachers get a kid made gift at Christmas too.

5 kid made gifts that you would like to receive!

  kid painted plant pots (more…)
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Tree decorations inspired by The Fir Tree

We love making decorations as a family for our Christmas tree and this year we are joining in again with 10 days of kid made ornaments and this year they are inspired by a book.  So ours are tree decorations inspired by The Fir Tree by Hans Christian Anderson. kio made tree ornaments inspired by the fir tree Each year we buy new christmas books for our Advent basket.  This year I bought a book for me.  It is a beautifully illustrated edition of The Fir Tree by Hans Christian Anderson. (more…)
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Make your own Christmas Crackers

One of our family traditions is homemade christmas crackers.  Since as long as I can remember we had small cracker presents on the dining table usually made by my mum.  They were precious things that were small and once I got older we each took a turn year on year to make the crackers and full them with cracker presents. When sent me a couple of sheets of their amazing personalised instagram wrapping paper I knew just what I wanted to make with them....... Christmas Crackers. Make your own crackers

How to make Christmas Crackers

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Make an Advent Candle or wreath

We love advent and one of the ways we celebrate is to have an advent wreath or ring that we light each sunday to help celebrate the lead up to Christmas.  The first Sunday of advent for 2014 in November 30th.  Me and the boys have spend the last few days making this years advent ring, even though it is more of a plinth! People light one candle on the first Sunday of Advent, two on the second Sunday, three on the third Sunday and all four on the fourth Sunday. Some people then continue to light all four candles during the Christmas period. advent candles Traditionally an advent ring has three purple and one pink candle, but we decided this year to go for something simple. Materials (more…)
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Our ultimate advent activity list 2014 plus $2000 giveaway

Our ultimate advent activity list was such a success last year, so we have updated it for this year and it now has 75 activities on it. advent activity list 2014 (more…)
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Santa Hat Christmas Cards – 5 minute craft

We are all about the Christmas cards at the moment and today I want to share with you a really simple Santa Hat Christmas card that is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to make.  It is also the perfect 5 minute craft. santa hats christmas cards

How to make Santa Hat Christmas Cards

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