DIY gift wrap – Potato Print Penguins 23

I love using Christmas as a time to get crafting and creative with the kids and this DIY gift wrap is no exception. We have designed wrapping paper with potato print penguins on.    I am delighted to be working with Sellotape this festive season to share the magic of giving and we will be using our DIY wrapping paper as part of that collaboration. How to make Potato Print Penguins DIY gift wrap Materials: Brown paper Paper Plates or regular plates Potatoes Knife Black and White tempura paint Orange acrylic paint Paint brush Googley eyes Instructions: Printing with potatoes is an inexpensive and fun way top mark make with kids and more »

Personalised Lag Kills T-Shirt made on The Explore One

DIY Lag Kills TShirt made on the Explore One 66

Do your kids complain of “lag”?  “Mum, it’s lagging” is a phrase that I hear all the time with two boys that LOVE gaming.  So when I was asked to by Cricut to review their new Explore One I decided that I would make a DIY lag kills tshirt for Maxi.

The Institute of Inertia 21

I was asked if I would like to be part of a group called the Institute of Inertia. What? I hear you ask. The Institute of Inertia is a network of experts and academics (and me) working together to understand why we often don’t take quick and easy steps to make our finances healthier. The long-term aim is to help us all save wasted time and money.

Tea flavoured Shortbread Recipe

Tea flavoured Shortbread Recipe 14

I am a tea monster.  Anyone that knows me will acknowledge that I am rarely without a cup of tea in hand! Maxi is a massive fan of shortbread so we decided to experiment and produce a tea flavoured shortbread and wow, it was a HUGE hit and so simple.  Everyone in the family prefered our tea flavored shortbread over the plain one.

Parenting Confidence comes with Experience 8

Being a parent is the hardest job I have ever done.  In fact it isnt even a job as you don’t get paid for looking after your own children.  But it is the most rewarding and amazing thing I have ever done, but nothing prepared me for being a Mum.    Nurofen for Children asked me to share with you when I first started feeling confident as a parent.  Well for me that took quite a while and had a lot to do with me stopping comparing my child to books and others and started to concentrate on my parenting milestones.

The ultimate Free Christmas Colouring Pages for Adults Roundup

Free Christmas Colouring Pages for Adults – The Ultimate Roundup 17

There are some amazing colouring pages and books for adults at the moment and as it is the festive season, I am all about Christmas.  I  have already shared with you five exclusive festive colouring pages.  But there are so many more out there, so I have gathered together  a roundup of free christmas colouring pages for adults and teens.

Felt Robin Christmas Ornament 25

I love creating and making with kids and this year we are taking part again in Mam Miss’ Kid-Made Ornament series inspired by books.  Last year we made a forest of Christmas Trees inspired by The Fir Tree.  This year we have made felt robin christmas ornaments inspired by Little Robin’s Christmas by Jan Fearnley.

Felt Robin Christmas Ornament

Kid Made Fingerprint Wreath Christmas Card

Kid Made Fingerprint Wreath Christmas Card 8

There is nothing better than receiving a homemade christmas card, even more so in today’s technological times.   My boys run to the door at Christmas time to collect the cards and they get so much joy in opening them.  So we love making our own cards and we hope that this years kid made fingerprint wreath Christmas card brings joy to others.

5 Christmas Traditions you need to start now

5 Christmas Traditions you need to start now 15

I am a BIG fan of Christmas traditions.  I have been wittering on about therem here for the last seven years.  I believe that you shouldn’t feel that you HAVE to keep up with traditions, but that when they work for your family they are a great way of anchoring memories for years to come.  So in collaboration with Littlewoods and their #MakeTheirChristmas campaign I want to share with you five Christmas traditions that you need to start now.

Melting Snowmen cookies – cooking with kids 14

Are you in the festive mood yet?  We certainly are and these delicious melting snowmen cookies are going to become a festive family favorite here in The Mad House.  They were super fun to make and are great for cooking with kids.

Melting Snowmen cookies

Family games for a perfect family night in – Win your ultimate night in package with Velvet 5

Do you have an ideal night in?  Velvet Facial Tissues wanted to know about our perfect night in as part of their competition to win an ultimate night in package worth £1500.  As our boys are growing, up our idea of a great family night in are changing.  We love spending quality time together as a family and as the darker nights are here we tend to spend more time indoors with our family and friends.  I love that we can have fun at home and really enjoy their company.

Winter Snowflake Jar Luminary 13

If you have been following our blog for any length of time then you will know that we LOVE recycling glass jars and turning them into tealight holders.  I love being able to bring them out each season and use them to decorate our home and the boys love giving them as gifts.  Now that Halloween is over and we haven’t yet decorated for Christmas we had a need for something to fill the gap and we came up with a winter snowflake jar luminary.

Winter Snowflake Jar Luminary

Imagine The Possibilities with Barbie 8

I have lots of fond memories of playing with Barbie and the now defunct Sindy when I was growing up.  I adored my Barbie star traveller motor home and used to imagine that my Barbie was a doctor to my brothers Action Men when they were injured.  I didn’t need a Ken as my dolls had an army of Action Men!

Plastic bowl Snow Globe Art for Kids 14

What child doesn’t love a snow globe?  My boys are obsessed with them and no matter where we go they shake them, which leaves me fearful of the dropping them as glass, water and my boys is not a great mixture.  Anyway a plastic bowl snow globe is super fun to make and there is no glass involved.

Plastic bowl Snow Globe Art for Kids

10 Fun Kids Christmas party games 10

On Christmas Eve we have my best friend and family over for a get together, between us we have six boys between eleven and four, so we make sure that we have lots of fun kids party games prepped and I wanted to share them with you in case you are having a festive gathering and want to grab the kids attention away from Electronics.  This selection of ten fun kids christmas party games that are simple to plan and prepare and are perfect for kids of all ages and adults too.

Fun Kids Christmas party games

Snowman Soup and free printable labels

Snowman Soup and free printable labels 14

We first learned about Snowman Soup from our friends at Diary of a Frugal Family a long, long, time ago and  it has been part of our Christmas Eve Traditions and annual teacher gifts since then.  It is super simple to make and tastes delicious.  

Homemade gift wrap 19

We love giving gifts and every year we make our own homemade gift wrap.  We often use kraft paper or the big rolls of paper that you can get from Ikea.  However this time we decided to use a large roll of black paper we had and that our homemade gift wrap would be gold stars and trees potato printed on to it.

Homemade gift wrap

Alternative Christmas gifts - A year of family experiences

Alternative Christmas gifts – A year of family experiences 16

I have mentioned before that I am a great believer that experiences bring more happiness than things and this year we are going to be giving our boys a year of experiences. This will be a great alternative christmas gift for us all as a family and I have been thinking of a special way to do this.

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