10 Free Spring activities 23

We are half way through the Easter holidays here in the Mad House and we are trying to be as frugal as possible, so that we can save up for a shad for the garden.  So we are doing as much no cost spring activities as we can.

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Insomnia Cures for Mums facebook

Insomnia cures for Mums 13

It comes as no surprise to me and yes I see the irony that this post is being written at 2.21am in the morning as I have always suffered with insomnia, but my sleeping pattern or ability to sleep got much worse when I became a mum and my insomnia became “mumsomnia”.

Maxi turns ten 9

Can you believe that Maxi turned ten last month. Ten, double digits, how on earth did that happen so fast? Getting Maxi was a challenge in itself and in some ways it seems so long ago and in other ways it only seems like yesterday.


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Eggy Bread – cooking with kids 23

The aim of our cooking with kids series is to encourage the boys to try new foods, but also to build on basic cooking skills and provide them with a repertoire of usable recipes.  Eggy bread is one of those simple recipes that I know they will return to a lot (they have already made it for breakfast three days on the trot).

Coffee filter stained glass earth 25

We decided to celebrate Earth Day this year by making coffee filter stained glass earths.  We actually cheated and used some round paper towels we had been sent as we didn’t have any coffee filters, but you get the same result.

Coffee filter stained glass earth

teenage mutant ninja turtle decorated eggs

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle decorated eggs 19

Do your kids decorate eggs for easter?  It is one of the things the boys love and they have egg decorating competitions at school, cubs and also the Easter Party we attend annually. We are one of those families that believe in the kids decorating their own eggs, so I sit on my hands and provide encouragement only!  These Teenage Mutant Ninja decorated eggs won Maxi the cubs competition this year and even better they are simple and all his own work!

Simple paper plate nests 23

I have been looking after my friends three year old and we have been having so much fun with some easy, but satisfying craft projects.  One of which is this super simple paper plate nests for our pompom chicks.  Once we made these he had so much fun playing with both the nests and chicks.

Simple paper plate nests

20 Amazing Easter bonnets. Celebrate Spring and Easter with this brilliant Easter bonnets and hat. There is something for kids of all ages. We adore #3

Easter Bonnet Ideas 26

Part of our Spring tradition is making an Easter Bonnet for the Kids Easter Party.  I used to be one of those parents that wanted it all to be perfect and symmetrical, but over the years I have learnt to sit on my hands and let the boys take over.   In my humble opinion my boys Easter Bonnets might not look perfect, but they are kid made.

15 Spring outdoor activities for kids 22

Oh I adore Spring.  The lighter nights, the warmer days and the promise of things to come.  We are a pretty active family and the boys take the opportunity of lighter night to play outside.  In fact they don’t come home until we go find them and can often be found playing football under the light of a street lamp.   But for those of you with kids that are reluctant to leave the warms and familiarity of the screen for outside play here are some  great spring activities.

15 spring outdoor activities for kids

20 simple egg decorating ideas for kids

20 Easter egg decorating ideas for kids 29

We are so looking forward to the Easter holidays at the Mad House and one of our traditions is to decorate eggs.  Not only as it is fun to do, but also for a competition at my brothers club and the cubs too.  We never do anything overly elaborate, but we really enjoy it.

Paper plate hand print chick 17

Spring is my favorite season and yellow my favorite colour, so this Paper plate hand print chick really makes my heart sing.  It is a simple craft, but is a fun way to include your child’s hand print in to crafting.  Chicks are a perfect signifier for spring or Easter and if you are a chick fan then you might like my easy chick cards or pompom chicks.  

{title} Who doesn't love a handprint keepsake! A fab, simple spring or easter craft for kids of all ages. An easy spring craft for kids {permalink}

munch bunch 2

Munch Bunch twitter party on 25 March @8.30pm 18

The Easter holidays are nearly upon us and Spring has sprung, it’s the perfect time for a Nature Trail!  We are big fans of encouraging you to get out and about no matter what the weather, but the lighter nights and warmer days make it so much easier for everyone. To help encourage you get outside and take your kids on nature trails, TV presenter and mum of two, Angellica Bell is sharing her tips on getting down with nature and helping children learn where food comes from in a Twitter party on Wednesday March 25th, 8.30pm.

Homemade Pizza Recipe – Cooking with kids 26

We have been making homemade pizza’s as a family since the boys were small.  It has become a tradition in the Mad House that Saturday night is pizza night and over the years we have perfected our homemade pizza recipe and now it is perfect and great for cooking with kids.  

pizza dough cooking with kids


Paddington Bear crafts, activities & free printables 92

Have you seen the Paddington Bear movie? We loved it in the Mad House   It was the perfect family feel good movie and even the husbeast enjoyed it and we will be happy to purchase it on DVD or Blue Ray when it comes out on 23rd March.  It was one of the best family movies we have seen in ages. So to celebrate the release of the movie I wanted to share with you some fabulous PB crafts and activities and also some fab free printables too.

Pompom tailed bunny garland 26

How cute is this bunny garland! I have not hidden my love of pom poms from you and Easter is the perfect time to use pom poms in your crafts.  This pompom tailed bunny garland is adorable and so simple to make.  If you don’t fancy making pompoms for it, then make it smaller and use cotton wool balls for the fluffy tails!

bunny bunting square

15 frugal decorating ideas

15 Frugal decorating ideas for Easter – #fabulouslyfrugal 14/03/15 16

I love Easter.  It really is a wonderful time of the year.  A time of renewal, a time for rejoicing and also new beginnings.  I love to decorate our home with the changes of seasons and Easter is no exception. I also love how our decorations are building up and being added to over the years.  Most of them are homemade and hold lots of memories and none of them were expensive.  My top tip is to buy them after Easter is over in the sales and put them away for next year, just remember where you have stored them!

My Mum shaped hole 22

The more I mother, the more I respect and appreciate my own mother.  The more I mother, the more I want to tell her just how much my opinion of her has changed. But the gap she has left in my life is more than that.  I want to ask questions. Was I really as bad as Mini at getting to and staying asleep.  Is Maxi as precocious as I was?

Droplets On a Glass

chocolate cornflakes nests square

Chocolate cornflake nests – cooking with kids 27

This shop and recipe for chocolate Cornflake nests has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias Sometimes when you are trying to encourage your kids into the kitchen you just need a simple recipe that is fun to make and chocolate cornflake nests fit that bill and are super fun for kids of all ages to make as there is no baking or oven involved.

Cinnamon Apple Fries 26

Back in 2013 we visited LEGOLAND Florida twice, yes twice and one of the highlights for me was the Granny Smith apple fries, which are delicious cinnamon apple fries. I have tried to bake these fries and also attempted to cook them in the air fryer, but trust me you need to actually fry these in vegetable oil to get the crisp coating.  The secret is to cook a few at a time in a really hot oil, that way the outside crisps and prevents the inside absorbing oil.

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Button bracelets

How to make button bracelets, a beautiful homemade gift 23

Is there anything better than receiving a homemade gift made with love?  This beautiful button bracelet would be the perfect Mothers Day gift or tween craft.  I would be delighted to be the recipient of this gorgeous unique piece of jewellery which was made by Utterly Scrummy Food for Family’s daughter. How to make a Button Bracelet