50 winter activities for kids – Low cost or no cost 11

We have had a really mild winter this year in the UK and no snow yet for us all all.  I love how normally in the UK we have four distinct seasons and that we have regular activities that we do as a family to celebrate the seasons.  These 50 winter activities for kids are perfect for this time of year and are all pretty low cost or even no cost.

50 winter activities for kids

Be cool with Scooby-Doo Kids Colouring Pages

Be cool with Scooby-Doo Kids Colouring Pages 3

Scooby-Doo is one of the cartoons that has really stood the test of time.  I remember watching it as a kid and I love watching it with my boys now.   Indeed Scooby-Doo! is one of those classics that our kids can enjoy just as we did.  One thing has changed since I was younger though and that is the way our kids watch cartoons.  I have a super selection of Be cool with Scooby-Doo Kids Colouring Pages for you to print.  

Craft Yourself a Happy New Year 10

I have invited Sara Davies the founder of North East-based Crafter’s Companion to come and share with us some tips for getting our creative juices flowing in the New year and a fab Happy Days Card, Gift Box and Tag craft here at The Mad House.  

2016 Calendar to colour

2016 Calendar to Colour for adults 1

Welcome to 2016.  I have been sat for the last couple of hours colouring in this beautiful, but simple 2016 Calendar to colour.  It is perfect for the front of my to do book, so that I can check dates quickly if I am on the phone  I am also tempted to keep one on my desk for doodling in when I am on the phone.

2015 in review 9

I wish I could be all witty and funny and say what a great year 2015 has been or share with you some wonderful standout things.  Although 2015 has been a great year, we haven’t had one great event or been on one mega holiday.  We haven’t travelled the world, but we have had some super experiences.  What 2015 has taught me is to keep on keeping on.  There have been challenging times, there have been sad times, but equally there has been some drop dead funny times too.

How to make money blogging 11

Can you make money from your blog?  Yes you can.  I am so lucky that I have made blogging my career over the last couple of years.  I have been blogging for over seven years and in that time things have changed dramatically and now there are lots of UK networks offering sponsored posts for bloggers, so I am sharing how to make money blogging.

Toilet Roll Confetti Poppers 9

We are on a roll with our confetti crafts this week.  We are getting prepared for New Years Celebrations here with these toilet roll confetti poppers, but they are also perfect for weddings, 4th July or any other celebration.  They are super simple to make and the kids love them.

These Toilet Roll Confetti Poppers are simple to make and such a fun craft and activity for kids.  They are perfect for celebrations including New Year

Hot Glue Confetti numbers

Hot Glue Confetti numbers 10

We are busy celebrating here and we wanted to make something with the metallic confetti we had leftover from our Balloon Confetti Poppers, so we decided to make some hot glue confetti numbers.  We are using our hot glue confetti numbers window clings, but they would also look ace on skewers as a cake topper.

16 Leftover turkey recipes that the whole family will love 13

We love turkey here in The Mad House and every Christmas we are gifted a Turkey Crown by one of MadDad’s clients for our Christmas dinner.  Being the frugal sort, nothing here goes to waste, so here are some fantastic turkey recipes that the whole family will love.

16 Leftover turkey recipes that the whole family will love

Balloon Confetti Popper

Balloon Confetti Popper – New Years Eve Craft 5

Making a balloon confetti popper is a fun craft to make and perfect for celebrating New Years Eve or even for a wedding.  I am going to warn you though, you will be finding confetti for days no matter how hard you clean up!  So if you are a little precious about that then make sure you “Pop” them outside and don’t say I didnt warn you.

Inspirational Quotes Colouring Pages for Adults and Kids 11

As you may know, I a a big fan of colouring pages for adults and teens.  I find them really relaxing and they help me switch off from the everyday stresses of the modern world and do something that is screen free and that I enjoy.  With the new year almost upon us, I have been looking at inspirational quotes colouring pages for adults and kids.   These combine my love for colouring and my passion for a great inspirational quote.

Inspirational Quotes Colouring Pages

New Yeats activities

Over 50 New years eve crafts and activities for kids 8

Do you let your children bring in the New Year?  My boys are now ten and nine and try to stay up until Midnight, but never make it!  We have a small celebration with our best friends and their four boys, so we do lots of new years eve crafts and activities with the kids.

Christmas TV Quiz 9

I have a little Christmas TV quiz for you courtesy of UK TV.  Me and the husbeast had a blast testing our christmas TV trivia with this Christmas TV Quiz.   It is perfect for TV addicts or anyone wanting to test their TV knowledge and is a little bit of fun this Christmas time.

Christmas TV trivia

intimate health

Get comfortable with women’s intimate health 14

As a women I have never really been embarrassed talking about women’s health or my intimate areas.  In fact I can actually say vagina out loud without laughing.  I am more likely to burst into a fit of giggles at someone calling their vagina a tuppence or frou frou, than I am anything else.  So I am delighted to be working with Canesten and their #GetComfortable with intimate health and thrush campaign in raising awareness women’s intimate health.

A family sporting break at Potters Leisure Resort 10

Over the October half term we spend 5 days at the amazing Potters Leisure Resort and I have been wondering just how to put into words how much fun we had and that is why this review has taken so long to get live!  Everytime I re read it I wanted to add more.  So if you are currently thinking of a holiday take a read and see just what we thought.

Spiked hot chocolate

Spiked hot chocolate three ways 11

Anyone who knows me will confirm that I love hot chocolate season and do not need an excuse to make hot chocolate and I have passed my love on to the kids.  However, these hot chocolates are strictly for the adults.  So make the most of the dark, cold nights and try my spectacular spiked hot chocolate three ways or if you are feeling generous then leave out the booze and let the kids join in.

Fine Motor String Art Tree Christmas Cards 18

Do you still send Christmas cards?  Each year we send less and less, but I want the ones we do send to be meaningful and the way we do that is to make our own.  These super simple fine motor string art tree christmas cards appeal to the scandi style lover in me, plus they are fun and simple to make.  I can see these being framed and brought out year after year.

Thread Tree Christmas Card

Threaded Ribbon Christmas Cards

Threaded Ribbon Christmas Cards 10

We don’t send a lot of Christmas cards, but the ones we do are all handmade with love.  We loved the simple ribbon Christmas cards we made last year, so I have been looking at doing something similar this year and we came up with these threaded ribbon Christmas Cards.  They are a great for kids of all ages and perfect for working on fine motor skills with the bonus of looking fantastic too,

Must have books for Tween Boys 12

Do you have a reader?  I am not going to pretend that my boys are always found with their noses in a book, but I have now got two readers.  One was a reluctant reader and the other was and still is prolific, especially at bedtime!  It is only when I came to put together this list that I realised just how much they both read and how many books we have purchased this year, so here is our must have books for tween boys.

Must have books for Tween Boys

The Blackpool Tower Circus panto

The Blackpool Tower Circus 7

My boys are big Blackpool fans.  We went back this summer for second year running and had a great time.  There is so much to do and enjoy and this summer for the first time since I was a child we visited the Blackpool Tower Circus and each year they have a panto which runs from 22nd November 2015 to 17th January 2016.

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