Homemade burgers – cooking with kids 19

BBQ’s are something that we love here in The Mad House.  In fact we have them as often as the weather allows over the summer and all the men of the house love burgers.  We have recently started making our own homemade burgers as they are super simple to make and you know what does into them

Balloon Hovercraft 15

I love crafts and activities that really bring things to life and this super simple balloon hovercraft does just that.  I love that you can transform a balloon and a CD in to a hovercraft.

Minion Stones – a fab Minion Craft 17

We are still on the Minion craze here in the Mad House and anyone that know me and the boys will attest to the fact that we always have sticks and stones at the doorway, so we decided to decorate some stones as Minions. We are totally loving Minion crafts at the moment.

How to make school shoes last longer 17

School shoes, we often joke that we need to take out another mortgage to buy them! However, we know that we want what is best for our children and yes that can often mean that they are an investment purchase. My boys are hard on shoes. Mini can ruin a pair of shoes in no time whatsoever, so over the years I have learned how to make school shoes last and I am going to share my tips with you.

what makes a great school shoe

DIY Marble Maze 22

Welcome back.  Don’t you just love the way that children never just see a cardboard box, they see a castle, a spaceship of even in this case a maze.  With a sprinkle of imagination there is no limit to what everyday things can become.

Cup Weaving Tutorial 21

We are going through a real phase of yarn craft at the moment.  It is a great way of improving fine motor skills and using up scraps of wool.  Cup weaving is a great fun craft and perfect for using paper cups.

5 great ways to lower your energy bills and save money 1

How would you spend an extra £228 per year? Money towards lowering your mortgage, a bit more spending money on your next holiday, or even a little more savings in the bank for a rainy day? £228, that’s how much you could save on your energy bills, if not more by simply lowering your energy bills.

DIY Puffy Paint

Super Sensory Book Tour – DIY Puffy Paint 19

I am delighted to be sharing with you an introduction to Nurturestore’s new book Super Sensory Invitations to Play.  I have known Cathy pretty much since I started blogging and she is a fabulous educator, creative mama and also a real inspiration. We are sharing with you today just one of the 52 activities in the book – DIY Puffy Paint

Join the Home Tester Club and review products free 15

One of the things I love about being a blogger is being able to review and experience new products.  I always give an honest review and hope that the reviews I provide are helpful to other people thinking of making a purchase.

Easy Pistachio Ice cream – cooking with kids 24

Who doesn’t love ice cream? We do in The Mad House and my favourite flavour is Pistachio and with this weeks cooking with kids ingredient being N for nuts we decided to have a go at no churn easy pistachio ice cream and wow, we were very impressed.

DIY Ice Pack – Sadness from Inside Out 60

If your children are anything like mine, they are always getting into scrapes and have many a bump and bruise.  So having an ice pack is essential.  I was inspired by Inside out to create this DIY ice pack with a sadness design.

Pixar’s Inside Out stress balls 11

Have you seen Disney Pixar’s Inside Out.  If not you HAVE to go and see it.  We loved it.  It was a huge hit with us all in The Mad House and I have NOT been paid to say that! As soon as I saw it I could see so many crafts and activities to link to it.  I love that it explores emotions and it inspired me to make these Inside Out stress balls.

What to have in a Mums travel first aid kit 16

So summer is upon us and it means lots of trips to the beach, park, woodlands and moors.  For me it means making sure I have all that I might need including a first aid kit in my bag.  I have learnt over the years that it pays to be prepared! So I am bringing you this post in conjunction with The British Red Cross.

How to shop the summer sales for kids 13

We are back this month with our picks from the Melijoe summer sale.  I love a great sale shop and get most of the boys clothes in the sale, so I am going to share my summer sale shopping tips and the boys picks

Share your kids goal celebrations #CelebrateBetter 16

Do your kids love sports?  Both my boys are sports mad.  Football, cricket, tennis and athletics, they love them all.  We are so lucky that I do not have to encourage my children to enjoy sport.  It is part of their everyday, especially during the summer.

Free travel printables perfect for train journeys 15

We are big fan of travel printables.  Especially as I have one child that gets travel sick if on electronics too long whilst travelling.  We also love letting the train take the strain when we are travelling too.