50 Outdoor adventures and activities for kids 18

Do you have adventurous kids? I do, in fact they are far braver than me.  Nothing seems to scare my lads and there is nothing they enjoy more than an outdoor adventure.  But the trick to getting your kids outdoors is to turn outdoor activities into outdoor adventures!

Make a lolly or popsicle stick catapult 20

This is a super simple science and craft activity to do with the kids.  We always have lot of lolly sticks (popsicle sticks) left to use, so we decided to have a go at making a lolly stick catapult.  These were so simple to make, but we have had hours of fun seeing who can get mini marshmallows into a target!

A months trial of The Maths Factor for kids for £1 14

Both of my boys love mathematics.  They enjoy the challenge that they get from doing maths questions and learning their times tables. They both have since starting school and fort Maxi even before he started school.  When we were offered a free trial of The Maths Factor, a site set up by Carol Vordeman I jumped at it especially since the new curriculum means that maths has just got harder!

110 Summer acts of kindness for kids 38

Often we focus on having fun over the summer and making it a great time for us and the kids.  I want to make this summer great for everyone and encourage the kids to do random acts of kindness through the summer, like we did at Christmas.

Top tips for choosing beach clothes for kids 20

We are back this month with our beach picks from the fab Melijoe.com website. We live right by a beach, well 2 minutes drive away and my boys both love spending time on the beach both in the summer and the winter.   The Mini Mads have had a good browse of the website and here are their choices. The boys are ten and nearly nine and have distinct personalities, so see if you can tell who picked which sets!

10 Great games and activities for kids to encourage play in the garden 19

Do you have a garden or a yard?  We have a back garden, which eight years ago was just mud and stones as this house was a new build when we moved in to it.  We really love having a garden, we grow plants in it, eat in it over the summer and it is a fab place for the boys to play (mostly football at the moment).

5 simple ways to save money 18

One of the things that I have learned is that it always pays to not impulse buy.  Planning any purchases ensures that I always save money.  I am going to share with you my top five simple ways to save money.

A tour of The Mad House – Living with kids 69

Every wednesday morning after the boys have gone to school, I grab a pot of tea and log online and take a look at Design Mom’s living with kids post from the previous night.  It is a regular treat for me, like getting a new magazine.  I love looking at peoples homes round the world and how people uniquely live with kids.  I know that my photo’s will never be good enough to feature on Design Mom, but as we were recently featured on At home with Hillary’s I thought I would share a glimpse in to our home with two boys aged 10 and 8!

Cooking with kids – budgeting, buying and cooking 23

Welcome back to our A-Z ingredients cooking with kids series.  We are currently at H is for honey.  As an added challenge this week, we were asked to produce a three course dinner for four on a budget of £20 by Ffrees.  So I passed this over to Maxi who is ten and he certainly rose to the challenge in budgeting, buying and cooking us a fantastic Sunday dinner.

15 Stunning suncatchers for kids to make 21

I have a long term love of suncatchers.  I adore the way they catch the light and brighten up windows.  It doesn’t have to be ultra sunshiney, hey even brighten up dark dismal windows too.  The boys also love making them and gifting them to people too, so they are a win win make here!

100 Indoor activities for rainy days 15

Some days it is either too hot for outdoor activities or just plain raining and you just don’t fancy playing out in the rain.  So here are some fab, fun and screen free indoor activities to keep the kids occupied.  

More road trip travel printables 22

I have been thinking about half term and a weekend trip that we are taking.  I know that lots of kids have tablets and electronics to keep them occupied in the car, but I like to mix things up a little and the boys loved the first set of road trip travel printables, so I have created another set this time in conjunction with webuyanycar.com.

How to make a Rainbow Windsock 19

We love making crafts that we can use in our learning and this fab rainbow windsock is a brilliant make that is great for learning about the weather and the wind. 

5 Tips to get the kids involved in cleaning 23

Do your kids help with the cleaning?  I hate cleaning up, but love a tidy house! So it is important to me that the boys know what is expected of them and one of those things to to be involved in cleaning.  So yes my kids do the housework and no they do not moan about it all the time!

Pampers celebrates #everybaby 14

On the same day that the nation celebrates one special birth, Pampers partners with award winning director to celebrate #everybaby  

Tandoori chicken tray bake – Cooking with kids 140

We have been trialing the BacoFoil Non stick for the last month and this post from cooking with kids in brought to you on conjuction with them.  We have used it to line our trays when making out M&M Cookies and also for this delicious Tandoori chicken tray bake

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