MWorld, A new way of learning 39

Our children are growing up and learning in an environment so different to when I was at school.  Online technology is a given.  Video content is available at the click of a button.  I remember the school only having one TV on wheels and often my class would come to my parents house to watch a TV program! For the last month or so we have been reviewing the MWorld app and I can safely say that the boys have loved it and both MadDad and me think it is a fantastic way of reinforcing learning without kids even thinking they are learning.   What is MWorld?

10 Ways to raise active kids 57

I understand the importance of raising active kids.  I have talked about the benefits of team sports for kids previously.  Having sporty kids is a real blessing and I am always encouraging them to be active. 10 Ways to raise active kids

Free valentines printables 27

With Valentines Day nearly upon us, free Valentine’s Day Printables are a fantastic way to celebrate the day and keep the kids busy too. Today I have 5 child friendly Valentines Day printable sets to share with you including gift tags, valentines cards to colour, cake toppers, labels and gift tags. Free Valentines Printables

Recycled Art Projects – Fabulously Frugal 33

My kids love recycled art projects, they are a great way of using up our household recycling and repurposing it into something amazing and it seems like we are not the only ones.  At last weeks Fabulously Frugal Linky we had some amazing recycled art projects and activities linked up. Recycled Art Projects

40 Amazing pancake toppings 271

We love pancakes in the Mad House, they rock our world and as far as we are concerned they are not just for pancake day.  But with it coming on February 17th we wanted to share with you some amazing pancake toppings. 40 Amazing pancake toppings

Using an Editorial Calendar – CoSchedule review 18

Can you believe I have been blogging for seven years and only just made the move to using an Editorial Calendar, specifically CoSchedule.  I have been using it for 3 months now and wouldn’t be without it, so thought the time had come to share with you my thoughts on using CoSchedule  as an editorial calendar. Up until now I have been using a paper system, which works well, but I decided to integrate CoSchedule in my normal day to day routine and it has been great and saved me time and my sanity which is great. Using an Editorial Calendar – CoSchedule review

A is for Apple Muffins, cooking with Kids 32

We are going to be sharing with you our A-Z of cooking with kids over the next year and we are starting today with A is for….. Apple Muffins.  These easy apple muffins are simple to make with kids and are perfect for freezing and using in lunch boxes.   How to make Easy Apple Muffins

How to make a Pompom sheep 42

We love pom poms.  They are fantastic for using up scraps of yarn and making them is great fine motor skills for the boys.  With 2015 being the Chinese year of the Sheep and the new Shaun the sheep movie die out anytime, we decided to try our hands at making pompom sheep.

Encouraging learning at home for older children 28

Both of my boys are at an age where they have a real thirst for knowledge and there are times when they want to continue that learning at home.  We were recently sent some Letts “Wild About” learning books. This got me thinking about when it is appropriate to use workbooks at home and how best to integrate them in to our home.  I am big on learning through play and this is something that we have always concentrated on, however with my boys getting older (they are currently nine and eight) they are also reaching the point that they want to start working on some other ways. Encouraging learning at more »

How to make Valentines surprise crackers 31

We love crackers in The Mad House and our homemade crackers  and New Years wish crackers  such a hit, we decided to make some valentines surprise crackers for the ones we love. How to make Valentines surprise crackers

Heart shaped paper chains – 5 minute craft 30

Sometimes you need a simple craft that will only take five minutes or so and heart shape paper chains are one of those crafts.  It is mess free, simple and perfect for kids of all ages. How to make Heart shaped paper chains

Salt dough jewellery 26

We love salt dough.  It is a brilliant art and craft material and we love creating with it.  It is not just a kids craft material and to demonstrate that we wanted to share with you our heart shaped salt dough jewellery which is the perfect craft for preschoolers through to teens. We used our go to salt dough recipe and the salt dough jewellery was made with half the recipe. How to make Salt Dough Jewellery

How to make heart shaped sugar cubes 40

One of the highlights of my days as the boys get older is afternoon tea.  Once they get home from school we sit down to after school snacks and a pot of tea.  I don’t take sugar, however, the MIL always sugared the boys tea and they love adding a sugar lump, so we have mad fun making our own heart shaped sugar cubes. Even better I love the fact that we have my mum’s sugar tongs and bowl and it makes it such an experience. How to make heart shaped sugar cubes

5 Things Pregnant Mothers Should Include in Their New Year’s Resolutions 22

If you’re expecting a baby during the first few months of the New Year, you’ll need to negotiate all the excitement and temptation of the New Year celebrations. But rather than look upon this as a challenge, you could view it as an opportunity to make some lifestyle choices for a healthier pregnancy. These New Year’s resolutions should leave you feeling healthier and more optimistic about the year ahead – and about the arrival of your baby.

Homemade Washi Tape Heart cards for Valentine’s Day 28

I have a real thing for washi tape as a kids craft material.  It is easy to tear (even for little hands) and looks great.  These homemade washi tape heart cards are perfect for valentines day and look great too. How to make washi tape heart cards

Salt dough valentine candle holders 34

Our solstice tealight holders were so much fun to make and we loved using them, that we decided to make some salt dough heart shaped candle holders for valentines day.  This recipe for salt dough will make about 10 candle holders. These are so much fun to make and  were so simple that the boys made them by themselves with only help lifting in and out of the oven.

Free kids coding lessons 19

Coding is now on the school curriculum, my boys really enjoy coding at school and when we were offered the chance to  try out a free kids coding lesson with Barclays code playground we jumped at it. Within two hours (one for Maxi) both of the boys had created a game with the help of the Digital Eagles.  The boys attended a 2 hour session with the Digital Eagles along with a group of around 10 other kids of varying ages and they had a blast.

How to make a family fingerprint relief heart art canvas 27

We love making pieces of art that we can display seasonally in The Mad House.  Last year we made a family fingerprint heart canvas and I have been thinking about making a family fingerprint relief heart art canvas since then.  We finally got round to making it and it was so much fun to make and perfect for displaying in our home.   How to make a family fingerprint relief heart art canvas

Weetabuddies – it is OK to play with your food! 21

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet one in six kids in the UK do not eat breakfast.  I have two very different kids in this house, Maxi will not leave the house without breakfast and Mini would skip it given the chance.  So we jumped at the chance to become representatives for Weetabix and help promote their Weetabuddies campaign and have a go at creating our own Weetabuddy. Weetabix have created the ‘Weetabuddies’ to encourage families to get creative at breakfast whilst having a healthy start to the day. So what is a Weetabuddy?  They are a range of characters to make breakfast a little more fun! You can meet all more »

Fingerprint heart ornaments 43

adorably simple fingerprint heart ornaments made using baking soda clay. They are really easy and inexpensive to make and make great keepsakes or gifts.  We are using our as part of our valentines cards. How to make your own fingerprint heart ornaments