Pre Holiday To do List 102

I love going on holiday, but I hate getting ready for one now I have children.  Before kids I was the type of person to pop a suitcase in on the bed in the spare room and my list net to it and over the week before the holiday add to it and then be all ready to go the day before.  Now I find that just doesn’t work for me.

Craft Stick Crafts and Activities

Over 35 Craft Stick Crafts and Activities 4

Craft sticks, popsicle sticks, lollipop sticks, tongue depressors.  Whatever you call them they are a fabulous, versatile and inexpensive craft and art material.  There are so many things you can do with them and to inspire you we have a super round up of craft stick crafts and activities.

Baked Chicken Parmesan or Parmo (Cooking with Kids) 8

Chicken Parmesan or Parmos as they are known are a local meal hailing from Teesside and the boys love them, but they are not that healthy, so we decided to have a go at making our own at home. Well, I tasked the boys to have a go at making them.

Chicken Parmo

How to get your teen to drink more water

How to get your teen to drink more water 8

This past week we have been working hard to drink more water as part of a partnership with Robinsond Squash’d and take their #getSquashd challenge.  As part of Nutrition and Hydration week Robinsons Squash’d asked Maxi to try to increase his water intake. How did he do?  Well, we are going to share that with you and what worked for us and why we think it worked.

Nozstock – A Family Friendly Festival 24

last year we dipped our toes back into festivals after 15 years.  BC (before children) we were avid festival goers and we decided that at 10 and 11 the boys were the perfect age to spread their wings and start to enjoy festivals.

Free Printable Mother's Day Cards to Colour

Free Printable Mother’s Day Cards to Colour 8

here really is nothing I like better than a homemade Mother’s Day card, but as my boys are getting older they are less likely to get out the glue and just make me a card, so I have teamed up with the talented LeslieAnn to bring you two delightful free printable Mother’s Day cards to colour.

Bittersweet Birthdays 9

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to get a little melancholy and reflective around the boys birthdays.  I adore my children (most of the time) and love being a parent and am super proud of both of my boys, however, birthdays seems to grab me and give me a shake.

Plastic Bottle Wind Spiral Mobile 4

  It really feels as though Spring might have sprung here and this plastic bottle wind spiral mobile is perfect for hanging out in the garden and watching spin as the wind catches it.  I love that it is a cross between process art and a craft and it is a great activity for preschoolers through to tweens.

How to Make a Craft Stick Wall Hanging 11

  We love working with craft sticks, lollipop sticks or popsicle sticks (whatever name they go by).  They are a fab craft material and so versatile. This craft stick wall hanging is a super fun collaborative art project or perfect for making over a period of time.

Craft Stick Wall Hanging

How much water should teenagers Drink? 12

Did you know that it is Nutrition and Hydration week?  Robinsons Squash’d asked Maxi to share with you his current drinking habits and then to take the #getSquashd challenge. So Maxi will carry around Squash’d with him during this Nutrition and Hydration week to see if being able to add squash to his water at all times will help him drink more water, then share with you the results.  So before I hand over to Maxi, let’s discuss How much water teens should drink.  

Make your own Blow Art Paper Plate Lion

This Blow art paper plate lion is so much fun to make and if great for a large group of children and so easy to do.  Plus how doesn’t like blowing paint to see where it goes. Originally we were going to make our lions on paper, but then Mini had the great idea of using paper plates and they worked even better.  As they have a slight upturned edge the children really have to blow hard to get the paint to the edges if they start in the centre and if the start at the edge they learn that the paint will blow to the centre much easier, so it more »

Make your own Blow Art Paper Plate Lion

The Perfect Mother’s Day Idea – Nixplay Iris Photo Frame 63

When you ask us Mothers, what we want for Mother’s Day, you will often just hear a lie in and a home made card.  Truth be told, it can be really hard to find an appropriate mothers day gift, but I think I have found it with The Nixplay Iris Photo Frame.

Healthy After School Snacks 59

My boys are bottomless.  Sometimes it seems they do nothing but eat and when they get home from school they are ravenous.  So much so they will grab anything they can find and there is not thought to its nutrition.  So as a parent it is down to me to make sure we have a selection of healthy after school snacks available and to help them make the right choice.

20 Fun and Adorable Spring Crafts for Kids 11

Can you feel Spring in the air yet?  I think I can and I have started thinking about Spring crafts for kids and we have a fabulous selection of crafts that kids will love here.  I love Spring, the garden is filled with vibrant colour after a long, cold winter and the days are getting longer fast.  I LOVE spring because it means more outdoor time, butterflies, birds, bugs, flowers and spring showers.

Rainbow Crafts and Activities for Kids 2

I have to admit, I am a sucker for rainbow crafts and activities.  I am not a muted palate girl at all and the colours of the rainbow really do sing out to me.  So I have gathered together some of my favourite rainbow crafts and activities for kids of all ages to share with you.

Gift a Bundle this Mothers Day 6

As a mum, I know just how fast kids grow and I remember the baby stage really well.  The boys both had outfits that they only wore a couple of times before I had to pack them away as they had outgrown them and when tidying the loft recently we found a bag of them.  Well, I am not alone, a recent survey found that 71% of parents still have baby clothes that their children have grown out of and half of the parents of teens like me are still hanging on to their clothes!

Free Mother’s Day Printables 5

I never really appreciated my Mum or understood the significance of Mother’s Day until I was a mother myself.  It isn’t about spending lots of money, in fact, I would rather nothing be spent. It is about being appreciated.  Which is why I adore these free Mother’s Day printables.

A Fab Family Holiday In France with Al Fresco 10

We LOVE holidays, who doesn’t? But as a mum, a family holiday is often not a holiday. In fact, it is often harder work than a week at home. Often the best family holidays we have had are the ones where we find a balance of the kids being happy and the adults being happy that the kids are happy!

A Fab Family Holiday In France

White Chocolate Chip Cookies - Cooking with Kids

White Chocolate Chip Cookies – Cooking with Kids 8

Sometimes all you want is the perfect chocolate chip cookie.  Crispy on the outside and all chewy on the inside.  These white chocolate chip cookies never fail to hit their mark and they are simple to make and perfect for cooking with kids. So we are delighted to be teaming up with We Bake and sharing our recipe for the best white chocolate chip cookies I have ever eaten as part of their Half Term Bake Brighter Days community challenge.

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