Liz Earle Superskin™ Face Serum Review 19

I was walking down the high street the other day and I caught a reflection in a shop window and it took my breath away.  I could have sworn that I caught a glimpse of my mum, but that would have been impossible as she has been dead nearly five years.  What I actually saw was me, but not the me in the mirror, the real me.

Liz Earle Superskin™ Face Serum Review


Create your ultimate super hero and win! 13

One of the things we love as a family is movie nights and the whole family LOVE is Marvel and superhero stuff.   I am a fan of Captain America (be still my beating heart), Mini likes the Hulk Best, MadDad is a Batman fan and Maxi likes Thor!

Using traditional toys to improve children’s learning ability 14

The United Kingdom’s (UK) toy industry has been responsible for some of the most famous and lucrative toys in history. This success isn’t just attributable to the ‘fun’ aspect of these toys, but also to the fact that they offer an educational element. This isn’t exclusive to the UK’s toy industry either – some of the most recognisable toys from around the world have educational benefits.

traditional toys featured image

art corner

Making the most out of a small space 14

Having children in your home can make it appear smaller than it is anyway with the clutter of toys everywhere, but even if you live in a small studio apartment for example, here are a few hints and tips on how to embrace the space you have and utilise it to the best of its ability.

Pinecone Hedgehogs 25

Pinecones are just amazing.  Autumn has such beautiful bounty and one of our favorite crafts of the past was our pinecone owls and when we got them out recently Mini commented that pinecones look a little like hedgehogs, which is what inspired our pinecone hedgehogs.

Pinecone Hedgehog

Free art therapy adult colouring pages featured

Free Adult Colouring pages 139

As you know I am a big fan of adult colouring pages.  I find colouring in a real release and they keep my hands busy whilst I am sitting and ensure that I can really shut off.

Quinoa apple cake – cooking with kids 21

Do you like quinoa?  Do you even know what it is?  I am going to admit we are late to the quinoa party.  It is a 50/50 split of love it and tolerate it here, but this delicious quinoa, apple and cinnamon cake is loved by the whole family and a great autumn recipe and a fab way of introducing quinoa to kids.

Quinoa apple cake  featured image

Mother and grandmother with children at cafe eating cake women

10 Ways to keep kids occupied in restaurants 17

Do you eat out a lot as a family? We have gone through various stages of eating out with the boys.  It started out being pretty simple when they were babies, turned into hell when they were toddlers and I have even been in a restaurant with the boys when my table companion actually removed herself from out table as one of the boys was being particularly obnoxious!

10 Tips for traveling with kids 17

I love traveling with my family, but it wasn’t always that way.  I used to get quite uptight and anxious about it.  It was such a chore remembering everything.   I have managed to control my anxiousness with lots of planning and some great tips.  So in collaboration with, I am going to share them with you.

Desk with Summer Photographs and Notebook

stick crafts and activities featured

20 Stick Crafts and Activities 16

We love crafting and creating here in the Mad House and sticks are something that I always find at the front door – oh yes, currently there is a large stick, which I have been informed is Mini’s Gandalf stick and needs to remain there! So we love stick crafts.

On why I don’t have date nights with my husband 23

“Date Nights”, do you have them?  Are they a new fangled thing?  I don’t remember my mum and dad setting aside a regular night to spend time with each other. I do remember them going out, I remember sitting on the edge of my Mum’s bed as she put her face on, tonged her hair (and always did my fringe) and sprayed her perfume, Armani by Armani.

Why I don;t have date nights


A great value staycation in Blackpool 17

Blackpool, when I mention it to you what do you think?  We have just returned from our second visit to Blackpool with the kids, after an amazing visit last year.

boys back to school facebook

Back to School 2015 14

I cannot believe that my boys go back to school today. The school holidays have flown past; my boys will be going into year five and six and in the next few weeks we have to go and look around senior schools for Maxi!

Their first day at school 21

My boys go back to school this week and will be going into year six and year five.  I know that waving them off at the door (they no longer want me to walk to school with them) will be a bittersweet moment for me and also for lots of other parents.

minis first day of preschool

losing the mum guilt

Do you have “Mum” guilt? 19

Do you have mum guilt?  No not that constant feeling that you could be a better mum (I think that is something that we all suffer from, nope this is a different type of Mum guilt!

Paper plate weaving 22

We are big fans of yarn crafts and weaving here.  I have tried and failed at knitting and crochet in the past, so love crafts that are achievable for everyone and this paper plate weaving is a super craft.


top 5 travel products for babies

Top five products for traveling with a baby 17

Travelling with a baby can seem like a mammoth task.  I remember travelling with Maxi and Mini when they were babies.  I always over packed.   So what are the top five products that you need when you are travelling with a baby.