The importance of Bedtime stories 11

When I was pregnant with maxi one of the things that I was most looking forward to was reading bedtime stories to my future child.  I have always had a love of books and I knew that I wanted to foster this in my future children. I always knew that bedtime stories were important, but I never realised quite how important they were.

The importance of bedtime stories. We know that there are loads of reasons why reading to children from when they are babies is key, but it is also really important for adults too. It is an unparalleled opportunity to bond with your kids and put right anything that might have gone wrong earlier in the day. The fears and concerns that sometimes children don't readily give voice to during the day often come tumbling during bedtime stories

What age is the right age for a phone

What age is the right age to buy your child a mobile phone? 14

We have had a couple of parenting firsts this week.  Both the boys have their own mobile phones.   We have always helped pretty strong views on children and technology and I have written before that I felt kids under nine didn’t need mobile phones.

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Gently spiced butternut soup. This recipe if perfect for cooking with kids and is a delicious and simple soup. Help your children to develop valuable life skills and expand their plate with this spiced butternut soup.

Spiced Butternut Soup – Cooking with Kids 12

One of my passions is teaching my boys to be confident in the kitchen and at least one night a week we cook together as a family.  I love homemade soup and it is so much nicer than any soup you can buy.  This spiced butternut soup is simple to make and has few ingredients but tastes amazing.

Washi Tape Easter Bunting Process Art 12

This washi tape easter bunting was inspired by our washi tape hearts and is a fab process art activity for kids of all ages.  I haven’t yet met a child or an adult that could resist washi tape.

Washi Tape Easter Bunting. This is a fab DIY craft that is perfect for kids to celebrate Easter and spring. A simple children’s process art activity that makes a beautiful Easter Decoration.

This cute felt chick purse is the perfect introduction in to sewing. A simple DIY craft sewing project to hold your kids Easter eggs this Spring.

Cute Felt Chick Purse 8

Today’s cute felt chick purse is brought to you by The Creative Pair.  A mum and young daughter crafty duo that blog about creative crafts and activities and their home educating family life and coping with autism and PDA.  You can find more about them on their facebook page and an idea of their day to day activities over on Instagram.

Pop-up Spoon Chicks 20

When I think of Spring, I think of bunnies, lambs and chicks and these pop-up spoon chicks are perfect for this time of year.  They are perfect for Spring or Easter and are a super cute DIY craft. These were inspired by some fabulous chick placeholders that I saw a few years ago on Crafts by Amanda and the fact that I found a large pack of plastic spoons in our garage. Pop-up Spoon Chicks Materials Paper or wooden spoons Acrylic paint Sharpies Card Washi tape Scissors How to make Pop-up Spoon Chicks We painted our spoons with acrylic paint.  This means that we didn’t need to sand the spoons.  If you more »

These Pop-up Spoon Chicks are a super fun Spring and Easter crafts for kids.  They are perfect for recycling plastic spoons.  A fun and simple DIY kids craft that is great for celebrating Spring.

world book day ideas square

DIY World Book Day Costume ideas for school 14

It is nearly World Book Day, so I have some DIY World Book Day costume ideas for you all.  Do you love or hate dressing up days at school?  I used to hate them with a passion.  Maxi hates dressing up.  He always has, so they have always been a real challenge for me.  But then along came Mini who LOVES dressing up and loves reading too, so whoop!

Lemonade scones - what! Scones made with lemonade. This simple recipe for scones using only three ingredients and tastes delicious. It is perfect for cooking with kids and is fun too.

Lemonade Scones – cooking with kids 17

Lemonade scones – what!  Scones made with lemonade, yes indeed.  These scones are super simple as there is no rubbing together or flour and butter, so perfect for cooking with kids and there is no bicarb taste that you can sometimes get.

Mother’s Day gift ideas from kids 15

Ten years ago I became a mother.  ten days after Mother’s Day that year.  I remember getting a card from the bump (thanks to MadDad).  Ten year’s ago my life changed in ways I could never imagine and each year I love Mother’s Day.  This year I have teamed up with Paperchase to bring you some ideas to share with your husband and the kids. I am delighted to be working with them as most people know I am fueled by pretty stationery and tea!


Five fab printables for scrap fabric paper dolls, inspired by the vintage paper dolls. A fantastic DIY kids craft to recycle and reuse scrap fabric. Scrap fabric paper dolls are such a fun DIY craft for children and a great way to practice scissor skills. Kids can also colouring them in or even dress them with scrapbooking paper.

Scrap fabric paper dolls 22

Scrap Fabric Paper Dolls These scrap fabric paper dolls are inspired by the paper dolls that I used to play with when I was a child.  Do you remember them, the books for dolls and paper clothes that you used to colour and play with for hours and hours?  I have teamed up with the ever-talented Tasha Goddard Illustration again with these beautiful scrap fabric paper dolls.

A Simple and speedy midweek meal – Cooking with kids 14

Wednesday nights are our kryptonite.  Both boys have to be at after school clubs and have other commitments, so dinner needs to be fast, filling and family friendly.   Plus I go food shopping on a Thursday, so by Wednesday, we tend to be eating from the freezer and when McCain challenged us to make a simple midweek meal with their frozen sweet potato fries I decided to hand it all over to the boys.

A Simple and speedy midweek meal - Cooking with kids

How to make a Recycled Toilet Roll Easter Bunny Stamp. This simple kids activity is perfect for Easter or Spring. A fun DIY Kids Craft and art activity

Recycled Toilet Roll Easter Bunny Stamp 10

We are big fans of reusing things from recycling container for crafting and this toilet roll easter bunny stamp is a great quick art activity to do with the kids.  We love printing and toilet roll printing is an inexpensive and fun activity for children.

How cute is this Easter Chick card with pop out beak.  It is a fab DIY kids craft for Spring or Easter. This is a super simple card to make with your children.

Easter Chick card with pop-out beak 16

Easter Chick card with pop-out beaks are so fun to make and they look fab.  Who doesn’t love Spring and Chicks certainly signify Spring and Easter is on its way and this super simple card is great to make with kids of all ages.

Free Mother’s Day Colouring Cards 17

Like most Mums I would love nothing more than a homemade card for Mother’s Day this year and with this in mind, I am delighted to have these fab free mothers day colouring cards designed by the delightful Tasha Goddard Illustration.


A DIY clay recipe and beautiful DIY Clay Easter bunting a great kids DIY craft for Easter. This DIY clay recipe has only two ingredients and you can colour on it with markers and felt tips. It has to be seen to be believed.

DIY Clay Easter bunting 11

This DIY Clay Easter bunting is so simple to make using just two ingredients and makes perfect DIY clay decorations.  We have turned ours into easter bunting.  I love this two ingredient DIY clay recipe as you can draw on it with felt tips or sharpies making it great for kids of all ages.

Rainbow rainmaker or rainstick – Cardboard tube craft 22

We love crafts that can be made from recyclables and this rainbow rainmaker is a great cardboard tube craft, plus is a great home made musical instrument.  There are lots of ways to adapt this project depending on the age of your kids, however, we decided to use some of my massive stash of washi tape and make our rainmaker a rainbow of colours. Traditionally rainmakers or rainsticks are believed to have been invented by the Aztecs and were played in the belief it could bring about rainstorms.  Rain is not something we need more of in the UK, but without rain, you would never get rainbows. Rainbow rainmaker or rainstick – more »



Free flower colouring page for adults 18

Since I know how much you all like free adult colouring pages, I have teamed up with another of my favourite creative people Leslieanne from Leslieanne made it  to bring you this beautiful free flower colouring page for adults.  This is the first of what I hope will be a monthly page.