Tips for finding moments of quiet in your day 7

Anyone that knows me will contest the fact that I am an introvert.  As much as I love my family and the noise and joy that brings, I need my solitude too and in a world of noise, be that digital and sensory sound it can be really hard to find moments of quiet in my day.

Tips for finding moments of quiet in your day

Are you saving enough for your child’s future?

Are you saving enough for your child’s future? 1

As parents, we always want to do what is best for our children, but the question of are you saving enough for your child is one that always leaves me in two minds.  I would love to be able to say that we are constantly saving for the boys, but at the moment, that isn’t strictly true.  

Back to School 2016 7

Back to school 2016, a bittersweet time for a lot of Mums.  My boys have had seven weeks off this summer and at the beginning of it, they were ready to kill each other.  In some ways, it has been the summer of bickering, but in others, it has been wonderful.

Kids in the Kitchen with Ben's Beginner's

Kids in the Kitchen with Ben’s Beginner’s 9

I am a really big advocate of cooking with children and getting kids in the kitchen from an early age.  Some of my happiest memories are of helping my mum bake and cook, but more than just happy memories, she left me with the legacy of being pretty handy in the kitchen and this is something I am really keen to pass on to both my boys.

Kandinsky Inspired Tree made with Felt Scraps 10

We had so much fun making this Kandinsky inspired tree with some of the felt scraps that I have.  This is a super process art for working on scissor skills, especially as felt and circles can be tricky to cut.

Kandinsky Inspired Tree made with Felt Scraps

15 Fantastic Fall DIY Lanterns and Lights 5

There is something wonderful about lights and lanterns now the dark nights are drawing in and this fab roundup of fantastic Fall DIY lanterns and lights are brought to you in conjunction with Festive Lights.

15 Fantastic Fall DIY Lanterns and Lights

DIY Colouring Page Bookmarks

DIY Colouring Page Bookmarks 3

You can never have enough bookmarks, or I certainly can’t.  I use them for my reading books, cookbooks, diary and any books I am using for studying and I have passed this on to my boys so we love these DIY colouring page bookmarks.

Ready meals for the cook from scratch woman! 6

I used to love ready meals.  ready meals were all that the husbeast and I ate before I was pregnant.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t cook, it was that I didn’t cook.  Then I got pregnant and no matter what I ate I was sick!  Then I gave birth to a wonderful son and I swore that he would only eat real food. And you know what I nearly drove myself to an early grave making sure that he didn’t have a jar.

Ready meals for the cook from scratch woman!

Simple Photo Displays

Simple Photo Displays 11

I love taking photographs and was challenged by Bonusprint to attempt to take print-worthy photographs on my smartphone and I want to share with you the results and some simple photo displays we created.

20 Kid made Autumn Suncatchers 8

Kid made suncatchers are a favorite of mine no matter what season, but they are especially stunning when the low sun shines through them in Autumn (or fall depending on where you are in the world).  Plus autumnal colours are so warming and delightful to work with.

20 Kid made Autumn Suncatchers

How to make Personlised Head Torches

Personalised Head Torches with Energizer 7

I LOVE it when something inspires my whole family to get creative and making personalised head torches with Energizer at Camp Bestival did just that.  Yes, even MadDad had fun creating his own space themed head torch.

Lakefest 2016 – A Fab Family Festival 5

Maxi and I have just returned from a wonderful weekend at Lakefest thanks to Bassetts Vitamins.  What is Lakefest I hear you ask, well it is a family friendly festival held at Eastnor Castle Deer park in Herefordshire.

Rules for relaxed family meals

Rules for relaxed family meals 16

I am a big advocate of eating together as a family, but I do not that it can be super stressful especially if you have picky eaters or younger children.  However, as far as I am concerned it is one of those times where the benefits far outway the effort required as parents as everyone benefits from relaxed family meals.

Frubes Angry Birds Sleepover 8

Do you have mini thrill seekers?  I certainly do and my boys were delighted to be invited by Frubes to Thorpe Park for the Frubes Angry Birds Sleepover 2016.

Frubes Angry Birds Sleepover

10 Top tips for Thorpe Park

10 Top tips for Thorpe Park 13

My boys are mini thrill seekers and now both of them are over 140cm and can go on every ride at Thorpe Park, so we decided to arrive early for our #FrubesSleepover.

10 DIY Giant Garden Games 10

We are loving the beautiful weather this summer and making the most of it with some fab DIY giant garden games.  I love garden games for keeping kids off electronics and as they are perfect for families to play as a group.

10 Giant DIY Garden Games

Pete’s Dragon Colouring and Activity Pages 5

Have you seen Pete’s Dragon with the children yet?  It is one of the summer’s must-see films from Disney and I have a fabulous selection of Pete’s Dragon colouring and activity pages for you to download.