Holidays are coming – Give a little happiness

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming, holidays are coming, its always the real thing............... You know when the Coke advert comes on that Christmas is on it's way and now even the Coke lorry tours the country.  We have never seen it, but Cass from Diary of a Frugal Family has. This year however, I have to say that I adore Coca Cola's new advert, has made a big impact in The Mad House.  The mini mads are forever to be found singing "let's make someone happy".  Have you seen it? (more…)
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Robin Thumbprint Mugs

Every year we make fingerprint mugs for the teachers for Christmas.  In the past we have made Reindeer mugs and flower mugs, pigs, caterpillars and bees.  This year we decided to do Robin's like last years Robin cards.  These Robin thumbprint mugs are so simple to make and really effective for kids of all ages. dishwasher safe robin thumbprint mugs  

How to make Robin Thumbprint Mugs

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Great gifts for Bloggers

Bloggers we are a fickle bunch and we seem to have a gift list as long as your arms, well the ones I ask do, so here is our great gifts for bloggers list curated by Mum in the Mad House. great gift ideas for bloggers (more…)
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Great gifts for Dad’s

Men can be difficult to buy for, so I thought I would share with you some of the things that Husbeast has had and loved.  Some of these recommendations are of things we have received to review, some of them, things that we have bought and he has loved. So here are the Mad House's guide to great gifts for Dads. great gifts for dads Tools (more…)
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Great gifts for Mums

When I was younger I would have got really upset at receiving something for the house as a present, but no it thrills me to get something that I want! I also have found that the older I have got the more expensive my tastes have become!  Below are The Mad House's guide to great gifts for Mums.

Great gift ideas for Mums

  Great gift ideas for Mums Smellies (more…)
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Putting together a Christmas Eve Hamper and other Christmas Eve Tradition

One of our Mad House traditions carried over from my own childhood is new night wear on Christmas Eve so that we always look smart in the photo's on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is a magical time, full of excitement and awe and we have a Christmas Eve party each year with my best Friend and her four boys, so it is a wonderful time in The Mad House. How to put together a christmas eve hamper For the last five years or so the boys have been given a mini hamper on Christmas Eve Morning for things to see them throughout the day. (more…)
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How to make cake case Christmas trees

Christmas is a great time for encouraging kids to get creative and a great way to do this is to present them with an #invitation to create.  These Christmas trees decorated with cak cases are so easy to make and can be adapted for kids of all ages. cupcake case christmas tree

How to make Cake case Christmas trees

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One pot wonder – Beef and ale with crispy dumplings

We are big fans of winter cooking and one of the best things about the cold weather is the change to come home to a fab home cooked meal and one of our family favorites is Beef and ale with crispy dumplings.  It is something that both MadDad and I remember fondly from our childhood and thankfully the boys both love it too. Beef and Ale with crispy dumplings

How to make Beef and ale with crispy Dumplings

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Making the most of the magic

One of the highlights of having children is getting to re-live the excitement of Christmas. That magic and mystery that gets lost somewhere around the dawn of our teenage years is suddenly back and it’s so much fun to experience it again, this time as a parent. It feels imperative to make the most of it while it lasts, as with all the fleeting joys of childhood. What would Christmas be without the wonder of it all? With so many fond memories of our own Christmases back in the days of innocence when we believed in Father Christmas and his team of loyal elves working away in the North Pole, there’s a real sense of responsibility when it comes to this truly unique time of year. Here are some ways to make sure you’re maximising the magic for your little ones: father christmas and the boys (more…)
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Movies, Festive Popcorn and Festive Popcorn boxes -#Spon

One of our favorite family tradition is all snuggling up together and enjoying a family film and to celebrate this we are working with Sky Movies this Christmas and sharing their personalised Sky Movies #MovieMe Christmas Cards, along with our festive sugar and spice seasoning and free popcorn box printables. 1979602_10205282938095980_5103857014439106760_n (more…)
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