DIY Christmas Tree Luminaries 14

I love candles and I love Christmas.  Add the two together and you have these beautiful DIY Christmas tree luminaries made from air drying clay.  These have been inspired by some I saw here. We are big fans of holiday keepsakes and these festive luminaries for battery operated tea lights would make the perfect gift or a treasured keepsake to bring out year after year.

DIY Christmas Tree Luminaries

Collecting money in a group made easy with 14

Group collecting can be a total nightmare, especially when people are not all around at the same time. Just ask anyone who is in charge of collecting funds for a baby shower, big birthday present or even a major wedding gift. There will always be someone who wants to pay by cheque, doesn’t have the cash on them or perhaps people live all over the globe.

Winter Colouring Bookmarks 9

Is there anything better than losing yourself in a good book? Well, why not keep your place in that good book with our fantastic winter colouring bookmarks.

Winter Colouring Bookmarks

DIY Clay Star Candle Holders

DIY Clay Star Candle Holders 6

These DIY Clay Star Cadle Holders were inspired by some we saw when we were on our recent holiday in Holland.  I knew then that we could recreate them using our FIMO Air Light (microwavable) clay and finally got around to making them this week. We made our DIY clay star candle holders the perfect size for an old box of red Christmas tree candles which were my mum’s (the size that does in our twirling angel.  We have had these candles for the last five years but never used them as we didn’t have ant suitably sized candle holders for them.  30 minutes with the boys and we have more than enough and more »

How can you tell when your children have bounced back? (Ad) 6

One of the hardness things as a mother is watching your child when they are unwell.  It was something that I hadn’t prepared myself for, that utter feeling of helplessness. Wanting to be able to be the one that was unwell and just protect them.  One thing I have learned over my years as a mother, is as fast as they become unwell, they bounce back even faster.

Jump 360 – A fab place for tweens

When Jump 360 invited us to try out their local facilities, the boys literally jumped at the chance (pun intended)!  In fact, we decided to really put the North Easts biggest trampoline park to the test by taking along fourteen 11 and 12 year old boys for an hour of fast frantic fun.

Our Traditional Christmas Pudding Receipe with a Twist

Our Traditional Christmas Pudding Recipe with a Twist 16

This Traditional Christmas Pudding Recipe with a Twist with a twist is brought to you in conjunction with The Royal Mint and their special silver six pence who commissioned us to share our Stir Up Sunday traditions. Growing up in my house Christmas dinner was a family event which always culminated with a fantastic flaming Christmas pudding and the hunt for the sixpence.  I love that we have carried that tradition on.

DIY Superhero Masks – Crafting with Tweens 3

These DIY Superhero Masks are so simple to make and perfect for crafting with your tweens.  As my boys are getting older, I am finding that it is just as important if not more important to keep crafting and creating with them. Partly due to the fact that it gives us one on one time where we can just chat and also to keep open the creative sides.

DIY Superhero Masks - Crafting with Tweens

Free Advent Acts of Kindness Printable - 2016 Design

Free Advent Acts of Kindness Printable – 2016 Design 10

I am delighted to share with you these free advent acts of kindness printables.  This year we have gone with an adorable bauble design.  Wow, I can not believe that we have been doing acts of kindness at advent for the last three years!

A Reverse Advent Calendar 20

Advent is the perfect for focusing on the joy of the season, but it can also seem really commercial.  A couple of years ago we started our Advent acts of kindness, an alternative advent for kids to try and refocus this time away from receiving to giving. Lasy year we made a Reverse Advent Calendar.

Reverse Advent Calendar

Declutter and Make Money

I wish I could say that I live in a clutter free streamlined home, however, that would be a big fat lie.  I really need to make more of an effort and once I have decluttered stop seeing it as an opportunity to bring more things into our home.  So that fact that you can declutter and make money is a total win in my opinion.

Nail Varnish Marbled Coasters

Nail Varnish Marbled Coasters 19

These nail varnish marbled coasters were inspired by some eggs that we marbled a couple of years ago.  It is a great kids craft for older children.  I did this with Mini who is ten and he loved it.  In fact, he now wants to marble anything that isn’t tied down, so I am going to get some mugs.

Simple DIY Garlands by Season 6

I love decorating our home seasonally and making our own simple DIY garlands is a great way to do it.  Not only can we get creative and have fun, but we have something beautiful to hang and decorate our home.

Yvolution Y Flyer Scooter Review 10

My boys have been waiting impatiently to try out the Yvolution Y Flyer Scooter.  We are big fans of anything that gets kids playing outside and keeps them active and the Yvolution Y Flyer Scooter has a unique action and had all the kids in the street gathered around as soon as they saw the box.

Simple Washi Tape Christmas Trees Garland 29

This simple Washi Tape Christmas Trees Garland is a super fun and simple kids craft perfect for the festive season.  I really love using washi tape with children as it is simple to tear or cut. low-tac so they can remove and restick it and it comes in so many colours and patterns. The washi tape Christmas Trees can be used to decorate cards but also look perfect strung together to make a washi tape Christmas trees garland or bunting. Simple Washi Tape Christmas Trees Garland Materials Cereal box Washi tape, we used red and green 1/8 inch paper punch Thread – we used a green shoelace Scissors Ruler Pencil How more »

Simple Washi Tape Christmas Trees Garland

Five fabulous washi tape gift wrap ideas 10

This wonderful Five fabulous washi tape gift wrap ideas is brought to you by Gude one of my long-time friends from inside my computer as the boys like to call them or my online coven as the husbeast calls them.  

Kid Made Christmas Card Series 24

I think you will go a long way to find anything better than a kid-made christmas card, so I am delighted to be sharing with you a months worth of fantastic Christmas cards all made by children, along with full instructions for making them with your own children.  

Over 30 kid-made christmas cards. A super selection of christmas cards that are perfect for kids of all ages to make.

There's no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one

A Day in The Mad House 3

Parenting: reality versus imagination.  Before my boys came and lit up my life I really didn’t have any experience of children other than being one!  I was the epitome of a career woman.  Over the years I hope that I have shared the reality of parenting here, however, I too still reel from the difference between parenting expectations and reality!

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