When do you start thinking and preparing for Christmas? 9

Is it sacrilege to be mentioning the C word in July?  The c-word you ask, yes, Christmas.  When do you start thinking and preparing for Christmas? I tend to do some preparation in January and then start thinking about it when I see the summer sales.

When do you start thinking and preparing for Christmas?

Talking to kids about Internet Safety

Talking to kids about Internet Safety 11

Do you worry about your children and Internet safety? Ever thought what Romeo and Juliet would look like in the digital age?  Well, some things like young love and children never change, but the world around them does and this fab thought provoking film highlights how things might look for the star-crossed lovers today.

Capturing those special moments with a Sony Xperia X 10

What is the one thing that you always have with you?  For me, it is my phone.  I would be lost without it.  I use it a lot for emails, our family diary, banking, work, phone calls and taking pictures.  I use my phone for taking pictures more than anything else I use it for and I want to capture all those special moments with it. So when it comes to my phone the camera is key

DIY Pokemon Party Ideas

DIY Pokemon Party Ideas 8

Pokemon is one of the things that has spanned the generations when it comes to childhood.  If you were a kid in the 80’s then I bet you loved Pokemon and wanted a Pokemon Themed Party.  With the new Pokemon Go app, Pokemon fever has hit, so you might be looking for DIY Pokemon party ideas.

The Therapeutic Ranch Life 1

It’s tough being a teenager these days. Not that it was ever easy. But the world is moving faster than ever, and influences flow in from all sides twenty-four hours a day, bombarding kids with more pressure than some of them can handle. Everything coming in from outside can lead to or exacerbate personal challenges a teen is experiencing, like ADD/ADHD, a learning disability, behavior or emotional disorders, addictions, or just raging hormones.

The Therapeutic Ranch Life

Easy Edible Pokeballs

Easy Edible Pokeballs 12

Has Pokemon Go fever hit your home yet?  If it hasnt, I can assure you it will! I thought I was lucky that my boys had never been really interested in Pokemon, until now.I didn’t even know what a Pokeball was until this week.  Now they want Pokemon everything so I made these easy edible pokeballs.

20+ Angry Birds Crafts and Activities for Kids 6

Have you or your children seen The Angry Bird movie yet?  I haven’t, but the Husbeast took the boys and they LOVED it.  So much so we put together this fab collection of Angry Bird Crafts and activities perfect for kids.

Over 20 Angry Birds Crafts and Activities for Kids

The World’s 8 Best Waterparks for Summer 2016

The World’s 8 Best Waterparks for Summer 11

With tentative glimpses of sunshine on the horizon, our thoughts turn to summer holidays. Aside from generous helpings of ice cream and hours a day spent on the beach, there’s really only one thing that makes a holiday truly special for little ones – waterparks. Inspired by an article recently posted on travel comparison site dealchecker, here are the top 8 waterparks of summer 2016!

HP Envy 5540 and HP Instant Ink Review 5

As a work from home Mum and a crafter we use our home printer a lot and there is nothing more frustrating than running out of ink at the most inopportune moment.  For the past three months, I have been reviewing a HP Envy 5540 and trailing HP’s instant ink service.

It may seem impossible not to gain weight on vacation, but with our super simple tips you can ensure you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Make your own Stickman

Make your own Stickman 20

Do you kids love Stick Man?  When my boys were younger they obsessed over Julia Donaldson books and I loved them too.  We have an abiding love for Stickman and his Stick Family too.  We are big fans of books and activities that encourage exploration and love the collaboration between Stick Man and the Forestry Commission with the Stick Man Trail.

Get creative with your kids – #LittleSpenders Competition 5

I am a big fan of anything that gets the creative juices flowing for kids and that is why I am working with Foresters Friendly Society this summer with a competition encouraging parents to get creative with their children to produce a drawing or painting showing how they would spend £5000 in their #LittleSpenders Competition.

Get creative with your kids

Free family ticket to Sealife Center 9

To celebrate the launch of Vileda’s Kids Go Free campaign we are giving away a free ticket which entitles two adults and two children entry to any Sealife or Sanctuaries site (excludes London, Chessington and Alton Towers).

Dr Beckmann Carpet Cleaner – a must have for mums 2

If you have been following my blog for any length of time you will know that I a big fan of Dr Beckmann products.  I use their products on pretty much a daily basis!  I don;t do a wash without their colour and dirt collector sheets, they are total genius.  One of the other products that is essential in my home is their carpet cleaner.

Dr Beckmann Carpet Cleaner - a must have for mums

Saving Time and Money with Direct Debit 8

Over the last month, I have been working on saving money and time by making sure my bills were being paid by Direct Debit.  I want to share with you how getting your bills paid for by Direct Debit means you have more time for yourself (and the family)!

5 things to do at the beach with kids 8

As part of the Sprinkles of Summer Fun campaign fab® ice lollies is giving you the opportunity to win your ultimate summer of fun along with regular opportunities to win products that will help make summer more fun, so make sure you like their Facebook page.  How exciting is that! The beach is a great place to make memories and today I am sharing 5 free things to do at the beach with kids.

The Benefits of Horse Riding for Kids

The benefits of Horse Riding for Kids 8

This weekend the boys had a new experience and went horse riding for the first time thanks to Petplan Equine.  Even though we live pretty rural and both the boys have friends who ride they had never contemplated giving it a try and were not afraid to admit that they were a little scared and apprehensive.  I was amazed at the many benefits of horse riding for kids.

School shoes that last 5

Mini has pretty flat wide feet and kills shoes.  Given that, on average his  school shoes were lasting 6 weeks it has become a very expensive issue.  We have tried pretty much every make and model from supermarket own brands to Geox and keep coming back to one brand…..

Free Happy Weekend Adult Colouring Page 60

As you might know, I am a huge fan of colouring in for adults.  I find it relaxing and helps me switch off from the intensity of everyday life.  I have been working with the wonderful Tasha from Tasha Goddard Illustrates since the beginning of my journey into adult colouring and I am delighted to be sharing with you a free Happy Weekend  colouring page, but even more exciting some amazing greetings cards by Cardooo which are illustrated by Tasha.

It is cool to be a Mother 8

When did the term Mum or Mum become so derogatory? Why is having Mum hair or Mom hair as the NY times put it, such a bad thing? Mom hair a “longer-in-back, slightly–shorter-in-front bob” and apparently is inescapably frumpy!

Pirate booty maths game with gems

Pirate booty maths game with gems 10

This Pirate booty maths game with gems brought to you by Sara-Jayne from Keep Up with the Jones family.  Sara-Jayne is a fellow mum to boys, she has three under six and is a Junior School Teacher.  This post is part of our learning with manipulatives series.