A Week without Internet TV 14

We were challenged to go a week without broadband by Moneysupermarket and we just couldn’t do it.  I rely on our internet for my business and as a home, our broadband is out a lifeline to lots of things in our home.  I know this as we were offline for a week at Easter.

A Week without Internet TV square

Tomy Toys Zootropolis Giveaway 22

We’ve teamed up TOMY toys to offer Ten (yes 10!) lucky children the chance to win Judy’s Carrot Recorder and Badge from Zootropolis, designed to let kids recreate specific scenes and events from the film, truly bringing it to life.

zootroplis giveaway

Blog smarter, not harder. Why you need an editorial calendar.

Blog smarter, not harder. Why you need an editorial calendar. 15

For years, I blogged when I wanted to and never worried about a schedule and that was great, but then I started to want to take part in regular blog hops and series, such as cooking with kids, learning with manipulatives and project recycle.  I needed to blog smarter and use an editorial calendar.

DIY Garden lantern from a plastic bottle 13

I love turning things from my recycling bin into something we can use.  This DIY garden lantern was made from a plastic bottle and it turned out even better than I could have hoped.The lantern was inspired by a couple of garden ornaments that I had seen including these

DIy Garden lantern

10 Family Activities for sports mad kids

10 Family Activities for sports mad kids 8

Both of my boys are sports mad and with half term on the horizon I have been looking into things we can do as a family that is of interest to my difficult tweens!  Yes, they could do these activities on their own, but we are all about having fun and making memories as a family.

Where I work – A glimpse in to our Office and Craft Room 19

Do you have a dedicated workspace or craft room at home? I have just got a proper desk from Lakeland Furniture to replace the Ikea table I was working at.  I am lucky that I am able to do my job from home and where I work has evolved over the years.  Initially, when the boys were younger, I worked at the kitchen table or wherever they were playing.  I had a laptop  and used that to do my work and I kept all out arts, crafts and work stuff in a large cupboard in the dining room.   It worked really well for me to be able to put in more »

A family friendly office come craft room. This colourful perfect space for encouraging a creative family life in a digital age.


Paraben Free Head Lice and Nit treatment 46

Treating head lice has always been a real challenge, especially when I do not want to expose my children to chemicals and nasties.  This is where KIT & COCO come in.  I really believe that they are going to revolutionise the treatment and prevention of head lice.

Clarks are still Cool for Kids Shoes 13

I am a stickler for making sure my boys have decent shoes and that they fit well and for school shoes that has means a mixture of Clarks and Startright and recently Geox, Doc Martians and Kickers. This has been fine with my boys, but for trainers it has been another matter, until recently!

Clarks are still Cool for Kids square


Personalised Party Crafts: Dom and Geri Wrapping Paper 16

This fab personalised party crafts post is brought to you by Sara-Jayne from Keep Up with the Jones family.  A certain little someone from The Jones family is going to have a birthday soon so I asked Sarah to share with us her love of all things party and see what she could do with this beautiful photo gift wrap from Dom and Geri.

Teaching kids budgeting – Cash versus card 1

Money, we never seem to have enough, or that should be we have a habit of living to our means,  Raising children is an expensive business.  Mini killed yet another pair of school schools this week.  This is his third pair since September and they do not come cheap.  I try to make sure I budget and save for unexpected expenses, but some months it fee’s as though we are robbing peter to pay paul, even more so when my clients do not always pay on time (the joys of freelancing)!

Budgeting - Cash versus card


Tall Tales at the Top of the Tower 5

There is nothing more magical than a story and imagine being told a tall tale from the top of the tower.  Yes, really this extra special experience will take place on Saturday mornings throughout May and June at the top of the Blackpool Tower.

How to clean your Washing Machine 11

We have just got a new washing machine and I am determined to make it last by ensuring that it is cleaned regularly (although our new machine is self cleaning)!  My last washing machine was cleaned on a monthly basis and lasted nine years, so I am determined that this fantastic new Hotpoint RSG964JW SMART+ Washing Machine lasts at least that long (well it does come with a ten year parts guarantee)!  

How to clean your washing machine square

Upcycle glass jars into a stunning glowing photo jar luminaries. This beautiful photo luminaries glow when you add a candle and make the perfect gifts. What a fun DIY craft.

Photo Jar Luminaries 15

These photo jar luminaries are remarkably simple to make and perfect for upcycling empty jars and even for jazzing up candles.   I am passionate about ensuring that we eat together as a family and I love making our dinner table a wonderful place for my family to connect and these photo jar luminaries are a real talking point.

A month of Screen Free Prompts for tweens – #SpringForward 14

It has been nearly a month since we were  challenged by The Institute of Inertia in partnership with Comparethemarket.com as part of my work with them, to reduce our screen time as a family.  So it is time to check in and be honest about how we have done and also set some resolutions going forward. 

happy family touching the smart phone

Believe in yourself colouring pages

Believe in yourself adult colouring pages 24

The whole adult colouring pages phenomena is showing no sign of slowing and for me, it isn’t surprising.  I am a big fan of colouring.  it is a great way of switching off and doing something creative that I can do anywhere.  Today I have a fantastic selection of three believe in yourself adult colouring pages.

Mythbusting – Head lice and NITS 17

One of the most challenging parts of school and parenting for me has always been head lice and nits.  I remember the “fear” I had before my boys had even started school.  But critters (as they have come known in our home) are really part and parcel of bringing up children.  That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a LOAD of myths and inaccuracies out there about them.  So in conjunction with KIT & COCO I am bringing you this myth-busting post, so you have the true lowdown on head lice and nits.

Mythbusting - Head lice and NITS square text

This butterfly rain art is a super process art activity for kids and a great way to investigate the science of colour

Butterfly rain art – The science of colour 18

Butterfly rain art is a wonderful process art activity perfect for rainy days, alternatively, you can use a spray bottle of water to get the same reaction.  We thought that there was something magical watching the rain fall and change and mix our butterfly’s colours.

5 reasons why every family needs a dog 17

My early years were spent in a family with a dog, but after some issues with the last one, we became a family without animals.  Then after suffering a miscarriage we decided to get a couple of cats to keep me company and I imagined growing old as the mad cat woman that everyone talked about.

Alvin square