Travelling at Christmas – Tips to help Santa Find your family 5

This post about traveling at Christmas – Tips to help Santa find your family is in partnership with HomaAway.  I have always fancied going away somewhere for Christmas, but every time I have mentioned it in the past the boys have always been reluctant.  Finally this year I found out why…..

Great Craft kits for Boys

Great Craft kits for Boys

I am a huge lover of creative pursuits and getting boys involved in crafts and arts.  In today’s digital age I think that being creative is even more important, but do acknowledge that sometimes it can be hard to engage your children. I have lots of arts and craft materials at home but love great craft kits.  So in conjunction with Bright Minds here are my top five from Djeco.

2017 Floral Colouring Calendar 9

I have been sat for the last couple of hours colouring in this beautiful 2017 floral colouring calendar. I love having a year to view calendar on my desk and this one is perfect as I can colour it in when I am on the phone! Plus who doesn’t like flowers?

2017 Floral Colouring Calendar

This DIY tie dye gift wrap is such a simple, fun process art activity. Make unique gift wrap with this fab tutorial. A great kids craft.

How to make DIY Tie Dye Gift Wrap 5

This DIY tie dye gift wrap is such a simple, fun process art activity. I have always wanted to have a go at tye dye.  The closest we have got is our fabric dying with sharpies when the boys were younger.  I am a big fan of unique and kid-made gift wrap, so this was great to make with them.

Delicious Coffee Cake Recipes 8

Coffee, I know a lot of people that can not live without it – my husband included!  So here are 25 delicious coffee cake recipes to tempt you to take your coffee intake to the next level!

Delicious Coffee Cake Recipes

DIY Vanilla Peppermint Lip Scrub

DIY Vanilla Peppermint Lip Scrub 6

Do you suffer from cracked or dry lips?  I am very lucky, but the husbeast and Maxi both do.  This DIY vanilla peppermint lip scrub is perfect for both of them and also is a great gift too. I love homemade beauty recipes as you know just what you are putting on your body and with this DIY vanilla peppermint lip scrub you are only using things that you would happily eat. DIY Vanilla Peppermint Lip Scrub Yields: 1/4 cup (will fill 3 small lip balm containers) Ingredients:  3 lip balm containers (Affiliate links – UK Link/US Link) 6 Tablespoons granulated sugar 4 Tablespoons coconut oil (Affiliate links – UK Link/US Link) 5-6 more »

Simple Stop Motion for Kids 9

This post for simple stop motion for kids is in partnership with Sainsbury’s.  Have you seen the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert yet?  Mini has been singing “the greatest gift for Christmas is me” pretty much every day for weeks.  But not only has it inspired him to sign, it has inspired both of my boys to try stop motion.

Simple Stop Motion for Kids

Air drying clay ornements 13

Every year we make salt dough or corn flour ornaments and unfortunately they got damp in storage and they were ruined, so this got me thinking about using air drying clay for a more permanent Christmas decoration.

Christmas Wrapping Ideas for Brown Paper 8

I want to share our Christmas Wrapping ideas for this year. I love wrapping Christmas presents with brown paper. Brown kraft paper is always something that I have a roll off so is perfect for emergency gift wrapping.  I have to say that this was inspired by Heather from Growing Spaces Fun Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas.  More specifically the Beard one.

Christmas Wrapping Ideas for Brown Paper

5 Tips for Parenting During Christmas

5 Tips for Parenting During Christmas 2

Parenting is hard at the best of times, but parenting during Christmas can be a real challenge.  Kids can be super excited and as parents we are trying top organise a fabulous family Christmas making it even more of a challenge.  So here are some tips to keep things running smoothly over the festive period.

Christmas Dinner Hacks to save you time in the kitchen 9

These Christmas Dinner Hacks are brought to you in partnership with Bacofoil.  I LOVE Christmas Dinner.  it is a real family affair in The Mad House with MadDad doing most of the prep and cooking and we me and the boys making the most of his delicious food.

Christmas Dinner Hacks to save you time in the kitchen

Mondrian Inspired Jar Luminaries 19

Mini’s favorite artist at the moment is Piet Mondrian and these Mondrian inspired jar luminaries were influenced by a recent visit to The Gemeente Museum when visiting Holland.

Mondrian Inspired Jar Luminaries

16 Ugly Christmas Sweater Colouring Pages

16 Ugly Christmas Sweater Colouring Pages 3

The adult colouring craze doesn’t seem to be abating anytime soon and neither does the love for Christmas jumpers.  So why not combine the two with these fantastic ugly Christmas sweater colouring pages.

Generation Green Competition 5

I am delighted today to be partnering with British Gas and their Generation Green competition where budding young artists across the country are being challenged to design a comic strip for the chance to win an energy makeover for their school worth up to £50,000 from British Gas.

Kidslox Parental Control App

Kidslox Parental Control App – Initial Thoughts 9

As a parent you want to make sure that you children only access age appropriate apps and information on their tablets.  The fact that my boys are now 10 and 11 and use tablets for homework and are sometimes left to use them independently means that I want to try and ensure that they are not accessing what they shouldn’t and also not spending too long on their tablets.  This is why we are trailing Kidslox.

Encouraging your Hypersensitive Child to Brush their Teeth 5

Encouraging your hypersensitive child to brush their teeth can be a real battle.  I should know I have one!  Mini finds toothbrushing really uncomfortable and we have tried lots of things to encourage him to brush his teeth.  This post is in partnership with Playbrush, which aims to make brushing fun.

Encouraging your Hypersensitive Child to Brush their Teeth

Bubble and Squeak Soup – cooking with kids 8

We are delighted to be partnering with Sainsbury’s Waste less, Save more initiative by sharing our waste-busting bubble and squeak soup.  This brilliant soup is perfect to cook with kids and perfect for using up chicken and vegetables left over from a Sunday dinner.

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