Screen time – Setting House Rules 14

This Spring  challenged by The Institute of Inertia in partnership with as part of my work with them, to reduce our screen time as a family.  I am not going to beat around the bush, during this wet UK winter we have all become too reliant on screens and something needed to be done.



Win £250 Tile Mountain Voucher 272

I am sure I am not the only one who is in the middle of Spring cleaning and organising.  As soon as the sun starts shining through my windows everything starts to look as though it needs a good clean.  Also, as our home is aging I can also see the areas that need an update and makeover and I am delighted to be working with Tile Mountain to offer you the chance to win a £250 Tile Mountain Voucher.

Faux stained glass art for kids 11

I love creating with kids, making art for the sake of enjoyment is a wonderful this and this faux stained glass art for kids is a brilliant process art that can be adapted for kids of all ages. Faux stained glass art for kids My boys are 11 and nearly 10 and at the moment, they are loving anything to do with paint and this process art was no exception.   I can see this being a great activity to do with a group of kids on a larger scale using a huge piece of cardboard and black electricians tape. Materials Carboard – we used a cereal carton Tin foil Clear more »

A fabulous faux stained glass art activity for children. This is a fun and simple process art activity that is great for tweens and teens. With a fab tip for making sure the paint doesn't flake and for keeping clean up simple and easy.

Szechuan Beef recipe – cooking with kids 13

This Szechuan Beef recipe is a real crowd-pleaser.  We first had this at my sister in laws (she is an amazing cook), so we pinched the recipe off her and it is a great weekend fakeaway, which is much loved by my boys.   I am delighted to bring you this recipe in conjunction with Simply Beed and Lamb as part of their live slow campaign.

This Szechuan Beef recipe is a real crowd-pleaser and so simple to make. It is a great fakeaway for all the family.

You will never guess what this beautiful stained glass Earth craft is made from. It is a fab fun kids craft perfect for celebrating Earth Day

Stained glass Earth craft 17

This beautiful stained glass earth craft is perfect for Earth day or as a prompt for talking about our earth and they look amazing hanging in the window.

Bleeding Tissue Paper Rain Art for Earth Day 14

It seems to have done nothing but rain for months and months here in North Yorkshire and I decided to embrace the weather and produce this process art bleeding tissue paper rain art for Earth Day.  It was inspired by this beautiful snow day tissue art that I pinned and have been hoping for snow to do with the boys, but it has been the wetting winter on record in England, so we adapted it for rain.

Bleeding Tissue Paper Rain Art for Earth Day. This fab process art is great for getting kids crafting outside. Beautiful art made by kids using the bleeding tissue paper technique.

reduce screen time

My Spring Resolutions – Reducing Screen Time 14

I have been challenged by The Institute of Inertia in partnership with as part of my work with them, to share my Spring resolutions.  Did you know that Spring is the ideal time to set goals and resolutions?  Spring is the point of new beginnings, the clocks going forward bringing lighter nights, life is awakening and the days are getting warmer.  In Spring, our good intentions to get things done and make positive change are given a welcome boost by, quite literally, a brighter outlook.  Not one to shy away from a challenge I got together with the rest of the Mad Family and we decided to set a resolution of reducing our screen time.

Jellybean Jumble Maths Game 16

Todays Jellybean Jumble Maths Game is brought to you by Sara-Jayne from Keep Up with the Jones family.  Sara-Jayne is a fellow mum to boys, she has three under six and is a Junior School Teacher.  This post is part of our learning with manipulatives series.

It is so easy to make learning fun and delicious with this simple Jelly Bean Jumble math games. Encourage your children's math skills with this DIY maths game and they will not even know they are learning. Part of our learning with manipulatives series for kids

These Dinosaur footprint shortbread are super simple to make with kids and only have three ingredients.

Dinosaur footprint shortbread thanks to Ecover 282

These adorable Dinosaur footprint shortbread cookies are brought to you thanks to Ecover arranging for me to have a Spring Clean which gave me and the boys time to have fun in the kitchen.  Read on to get our delicious three ingredient recipe and also find out more.

10 Top tips for dealing with picky eaters 8

Parenting is challenging and when your child is a picky eater or goes through a phase of fussy eating it can turn mealtimes into a battle and stress everyone out.  Here I share some top tips for dealing with a picky eater.

10 Achievable tips for helping picky eaters. Fusy Eating is often a phase, but can be frustrating for parents. Here are some great tips that work #6 is genius

Slow cooker Jacket Potatoes with Clover pin

Slow cooker Jacket Potatoes with Clover 2

One of the things I am passionate about is eating with my family.  I have fond memories of eating around the table when I was growing up and so does the husbeast.  Up until recently we have managed to eat together pretty much each night, but what with after school clubs, scouts, football and youth clubs some night are more of a challenge.

The perfect Victoria Sponge – Cooking with kids 12

There is a special place in heaven for kids that can bake amazing cakes.  Not only that there is something wonderful about having a child that can pull off making the perfect victoria sponge cake.  The queen of all cakes, a sponge cake can seem really simple, but can be tricky to get just right. The Vitoria Sponge is the perfect tea time winner and classic cake that has been around since Queen Victoria’s times.  Delicious, simple and moreish and we like ours with strawberry jam and fresh cream, although a purist might tell you it should be jam only.

How to make the perfect Victoria Sponge. Follow our secret tip to make the most delicious classic Victoria Sponge Sandwich. This tea time mainstay is a brilliant bake for cooking with kids.

The Venturer EliteWin 11.6-Inch 2-in-1 Tablet with Smart Keyboard is the PERFECT laptop/tablet for tweens and tweens and it is an unbelieveable price. A great specification two on one that is a great value buy as a first laptop.

Venturer EliteWin 11.6-Inch 2-in-1 Tablet with Smart Keyboard 9

With all the choices available today for tablets and laptops, it can be really hard to know what to choose.  With Maxi having just turned eleven and starting senior school in September we know that he will need something that he can do his homework on.

Free Be Beautiful Colouring Page 8

This free Beautiful colouring page or should that be Be-you-tiful colouring page is by the ever talented Leslieanne from Leslieanne made it.  I am a big fan of colouring, it is the one time that I truly switch off.  I can sit down and just colour in and this fantastic colouring page is perfect for all ages.

Free Beautiful colouring page or Be-YOU-tiful coloring page for adults. Another free colouring page from mum in the mad house. Adult colouring is all the rage at the moment and this colouring page is perfect for tweens and teens too

Piggy Bank Resting on Laptop Computer Keyboard.

How to save as a non-saver 13

So last week I admitted that I am a terrible saver.  No that isn’t quite right, now I want to save, I just do not have the spare cash.  So I need to save smarter.  So I have been figuring our ways to save for non-savers.  In fact you would be surprised to know that in just one week I have already saved over £200.  Yes £200, so read on to find our more.

Backpacking from your bedroom with Fin and Lou 6

Today we are going backpacking with Fin & Lou – Little World: an educational, storybook app aimed at children aged 3 to 5 that takes children on a fantastic journey across the world.  My boys are obviously a little old for this amazing app so today’s review of Fin & Lou – Little World: an educational, storybook app is brought to you by Sara-Jayne from Keep Up with the Jones family.  Sara-Jayne is a fellow mum to boys, she has three under six and is a Junior School Teacher.  

Backpack around the world with Fin & Lou. This fab interactive story book is a brilliant way for kids between three and five to learn about geography.

It is so easy to marble eggs with mail varnish. You get an amazing effect and it is totally addictive, perfect for Easter. Beware once you start marbling you will be doing it to everything including cups, vases and plates! A super simple DIY craft that is perfect for tweens.

How to marble eggs with nail varnish 21

I love the effect that you get when you marble eggs with nail varnish.  It is something I first did with Maxi over a year ago and we were delighted with how it turned out.  It is such a fun process art activity and I am warning you have lots of eggs to hand as it is addictive!

Moments of #MyDisneyLife 11

When Disney got in touch and asked me to share with you moments of #MyDisneyLife I thought this is going to be so easy.  Everyone has a stand out Disney moment, right? Erm, wrong.  I have been mulling over this for days.  Days I tell you.  In the end, I had a revelation when talking to my husband.  This was proving so hard as I don’t have one Disney moment, no I have a lifetime of them.


Colorful gift boxes with sleeping baby

Great gifts for Mums and Babies 12

2016 is going to be a super year for Babies in The Mad House.  One of my nieces had a baby girl just before Christmas and my other niece gave birth to a much-awaited baby girl last week.  It makes my heart sing to have our family expanding and for my Brother to be a Grandpa again! And with new babies come gifts and there is nothing I like more than finding the perfect gift.