Possibly the Best Fireworks in the World Ever

We were lucky enough to tag along as guests of the wonderful Rosie Scribble and Sally to Drayton Manors firework spectacular on 30 October.

Now I have to say it wasn't just a Fireworks Spectacular, but an amazing laser, light and sound show too, which had the boys and I mesmerised.  It was simply the best fireworks I have ever seen in the world ever, but don't take my world for it.  I have popped two small videos of the day below.

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The Gallery – Four Seasons in one Day

I have commented before how much I love the fact that in the UK we have pretty clearly defined seasons.  As a mum, sometimes I feel as though I am stuck in a time warp and nothing chances, the same old things day in and day out, but it is the changing seasons that let me know that time is passing and that life is ever changing.

For The Gallery this week the prompt is seasons.  I wish I had a photo of the same place each season, but I don't, although I AM going to do that now!

Spring - The wonders of new life everywhere you look.

Summer - Days out at wonderful places like Whitby Abbey

Autumn always means fireworks to me

Winter - Snow

Finally so I can leave you singing it all day, I give you Crowded House.


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Poo, Mummy you a a stinky Poo from a Poo hole

Oh yes, the poo words have started and will not stop here in The Mad House.  You are a stinky poo face mummy.  Daddy has a poo hole.  Ner ner na ner ner, poo, poo,  POO and more POO.  My boys may look angelic, but I can assure you the noises that are coming from those mouths are not in anyway of the saintly variety.

What is it with boys and the words poo, botty burp, parp, fart, plump, pump, plop, poot. boff, trump and lots of other words that are all in the same vane.

Yes I am living in a house full of toilet humour, where Mini thinks he is the height of sophistication for farting in the bath and creating his own jacuzzi!

And it seems that I am not the only one experience this, oh no.  I took the boys to a 6th birthday party yesterday and all the boys are at it.  They think it is hilarious.  Who can burp the loudest, say their name in a burp, make the best trumping sound using their armpit and hand and who can make the loudest raspberry.  They are constantly engaging in battles of this nature, in between the dancing and the food that is!

So to all mothers of boys over 5, please do let me know how long this is going to last, or is this it and I am just going to have to join in too?

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A Cracking Fireworks Party!

I am fortunate to have a brilliant Brother and Sister in Law who run a sports and social club (like a workingman's club) for the local steel works and every year, they put on a wonderful childrens party and fireworks display for bonfire night.

This years Party was wonderful and I want to say a great big thank you to them (My SIL's mum has been in hospital for the last 9 weeks and is very unwell). 
Maxi and my Niece dancing together

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Edible Child Safe Sparklers

Edible Sparklers
Last year I made Edible Sparklers with Mini and we made just a few, but this year it was like a production line and we have made enough for both Mini and Maxi's class at school!
Bread sticks
Cake Sprinkles
Hundreds and thousands
We melted the chocolate in the microwave and added some honey to make sure it didn't set too fast on us.
We then used a silicone brush to cover the bread stick with some chocolate and covered the coated part in decorations.
 Leave them to set and voila, child safe edible sparklers.
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Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality

11 years, an eternity some days, but a split second on others.
You are forever part of my life,
I love and live by the rules you instilled in me,
I learn each day how important you have been in moulding me.
I am your echo, your legacy.
As my children are mine, carrying with them a part of me and, therefore, a part of you.
I hope they grow in to great men like you were.
I refuse to live my life in anger at your early death,
instead I remember the days we had.
I remember feeling safe and cradled in your hands.
I remember joy and freedom.
You are my hero, my guiding star.
I love you Dad and miss you each and everyday.

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The Gallery – Show me the Funny

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Tesco Greener Living Quiz and my Top Tips for saving Money

Did you realise that on average it costs £59 a year to run a tumble dryer?  I didn't, but itf you take a look at the Tesco Greener Living Quiz you will find out little nuggets of information like this and more.

There is also a cool interactive house, which you can use to try and find ways of living a greener lifestyle whilst also saving money at the same time.  You can save approximately £400 a year just by turning your heating thermostat down by one degree.

So I thought it would be a great idea to put together a list of ecological things that we can use to lower our expenditure, whilst still trying to be greener.  

My Top Tips:

Wash at 30 degrees and spot clean clothes
Turn down the thermostat on your hot water by 1 degree, then you need less cold water and the hot water needs less heating
Use a draft excluder at your front door
Shut your curtains as it gets dark, they do help keep the cold out and the heat in.
Have a throw on the sofa, that way you can turn the heating off an hour early and snuggle under it with your partner or even the dog!

Please comment and leave your best money saving tips

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We should talk more about Miscarriages

Having read about Lily Allens sad, sad loss today, it brought to mind, my previous losses. 

Losing a potential life is never easy and for me losing babies late in pregnancy made me really doubt if we would ever have a child of our own to hold.  So much so that Maxi didn't have a nursery until the week before he was born.

Miscarriage is something that many woman do not talk about, it often feels like a secret club that you only become aware of once you have experianced the pain.  Then people will often tell you that they had a miscarriage too.

It is estimated that 1 in 4 woman will experience a miscarriage and that 15% of all pregnancies will end in miscarriage, which are shocking statistics which are often not in the forefront of your mind when you become pregnant.

As one of these 1 in 4 woman I have to say that I experienced a wide range of emotions when it came to my miscarriages and also to peoples reactions to them.  My first experience of miscarriage was losing twins at 20 weeks, which was truly horrendous.  I don't think I could ever explain the horrors that we went through.  What has remained with me from that time was other peoples reactions and comments, which ranged from a polite I am sorry for your loss to a completely inappropriate "oh but they were not yet babies"

I think that woman should be a little more open about the terrible things that miscarriages can bring, they can shatter dreams and tear apart hearts.

So my heart goes out to Lily Allen, I can not imagine her loss, but I can remember mine.

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Freerange Parenting

Last week was my first experience of half term as a mum with two boys that are both in school, previously when I had two preschoolers, I used to dread the holidays coming along, as all the mum and toddler groups and other things were halted for the holidays and the soft play places and parks were fill of bigger, rougher and louder children (yes this is what I used to think).  

It is amazing the difference a year or two makes, as the minimads are now 4 and 5 and I have to say I have looked forward to this half term pretty much since the first week of school (as I miss my boys so much), but I have been really conscious that my children need a rest, especially Mini, who has found is tiring work being at school all day.

So I have held back my Miss organiser personality and only arranged one or two days out and play dates for the holidays and for the first time I am allowing the boys a little free reign and they have been out on their own. 

I gave the boys firm boundaries of where they could go and I also snuck out and took them  drinks and snacks regularly.  They had a whale of a time and the things that they enjoyed doing were using chalks, looking for crickets and bugs, making mud paint, scooting on the pavement and just running off some of their energy.

I have to admit that I find this freerange parenting hard, it does go against my nature, but when I talk to my mum and to MadDad, I am conscious that we were allowed much more freedom as children.  Now I don't want to turn this in to a debate about pedophiles and abductions, I am aware that there are bad people out there, but I am learning that my children can enjoy some outside freedom without me being attached to them.
So where do you draw the line, how old were your children before you allowed them to play out?

I have to say that I now want to buy walkie talkies, so I can check that they are OK!

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