Enjoying a break in the rain 2

We have tried to make the most of today, as the Mini’s are pretty much over their virus (poss swine flu). The day started with nude wii (only the boys of course – I would scare the neighbours) So we have been to the supermarket, been to the park on the way home. Called at the opticians to pick up MiniMads new glasses. An ice cream with monkey blood and sprinkles (raspberry sauce to the uninitiated), whilst I unpacked all the shopping. Magic painting, I do have more than one book, but both boys wanted to do the Backyardigans, so they shared and they shared really well. Whilst the boys painted, more »


A rare event

Anyone who knows me will tell you that my two boys are energetic (that is an understatement) and always active from morning to night. Even illness doesn’t unusually stop them in their tracks. Well today it finally stopped MiniMad. He fell asleep on the sofa in the sitting room for 2 hours. It was such a rarity that I had to take a photo. He woke up and it was as though he had never been to sleep as he was back to the active, happy boy that he normally is. Sometimes I yearn for the time when they both still napped.



Wax relief painting

As both the boys are still not fully recovered from what we think might be swine flu, but also just may be a nasty virus, they are not allowed out of the house and are getting a little stir crazy. Even the garden was out of bounds for most of today due to torrential downpours, so I decided to do a really simple art project with them. I took a candle and drew a picture (very simple picture, as I am no artist) on to some paper and then gave them free rein with the water colour blocks. They loved seeing what was coming out, although they did have a tendency more »

Reinforcing Good Habits

I have blogged before that the eldest MiniMad doesn’t drink enough, so we are focusing on reinforcing good habits this week of having at least 5 drinks per day. I work on the FlyLady theory that it is one new habit a month, so we will be carrying this out for the next four weeks. So I have drawn up a really simple chart and one any of us have a drink we draw it on there (we have left MadDad off for the weekdays as he is at work, but he doesn’t escape the weekend) Initially I am focusing on just getting enough fluid in to both the boys and more »


The Good and Bad of the Internet 2

Today has been one of those days whereby both the good and bad of the Internet has become very apparent to me. The Independent online has an article about mummy bloggers (see here for the full article), which IMVHO states that all new mums are bored, lonely and sad and need their blogs to reach out and give them something to do over the lonely nights. Well for one thing I don’t fit into that very tight stereotype, thank you very much. Yes I am a blogger (relatively new), a mummy and a woman, but I don’t blog because I have bugger all else to do. I am doing this as more »

Spiritual Sunday

I have been up most of the nights with the MiniMads and MadDad is now not feeling well. I am tired, I didnt want to start the day today. I didnt want it to be Sunday It is only a thought and a thought can be changed I am not limited by any past thinking I choose my thoughts with care I constantly have new thoughts and new ways of looking at my world I am willing to change and grow

Swine Flue and not taking the tamiflu

It has been a long night and a hard day with the minimads, who are still suffering and them being such kind and sharing soules are sharing their pain with me and MadDad. We sent the night ministering to the boys, wiping their very hot heads, stroking backs and providing drinks to two very unwell boys. This morning has been better, well it is better once they have the calpol and nerofen in their system, as soon as it starts to wear off then they get very groucy. Having spoke to our wonderful neighbour who is also a GP with four boys under 8 and one of them with CF, we more »

Swine Flu 2

Today has been one of those days, we had a fab day yesterday and I put the boys temperatures down to the fact they had been running around in a soft play area for hours and it was warm and humid – well no. It looks like the mini’s have swine flu. Both have the following symptoms Temperatures Nasty coughs Sore throats Ear ache Diarrhoea runny noses Lack of appetite And MaxiMad also has the chills. Now I am not a neurotic mother, but it’s the not knowing that is the hard part. What if it isn’t swine flu and it is just a nasty virus and I give them the more »

The wonder of the Internet 1

Today I met a friend, a friend I have know for nearly three year, but never met. A friend I made on an Internet on a website for mums. It was like we had known each other forever. Before I had children I would never have dreamed of stepping foot in such a place, but I needed support and this place offered me it in spades and never in shades of grey, always black and white. I didn’t have to meet the people who offered their advise, it didn’t matter whether I agreed with them or not, they were not swayed by knowing the “real” me. Since then I have gone more »

Why we love home made play dough 4

last month I made a new batch of home made play dough and added essential oils to make them smell divine. I used a different oil for each of the colours, including lavender, neroli, geranium, roman calamine and ylang ylang. MiniMad loves play dough, it is one of his most favourite things, he loves investing things with it, making sausages, using the cookie cutters and smelling it too. We had a lovely relaxing hour before swimming this morning with all three of us sat at the dinning table chatting and playing with the dough, infact we were all so engrossed we nearly missed our duckings session. The thing is it is more »



Hairy Hotdogs 13

I am not sure where I saw this idea, but it is on loads of blogs and thought we would give it a try. Basically you get a jar of hotdogs or bratwurst and cut into chunks and skewer them with spaghetti. MaxiMad took great care at this and loved doing it, while MiniMad, just shoved them in and started to eat the bratwurst before I had even cooked them. I then cooked them until the spaghetti was soft and warmed up some premade pasta sauce and grated cheese. Et Voila – hairy hotdogs, scary sausages or what ever you want to call them. The boys polished them off, this would more »

Praise, punnishment, rewards and consequence 5

We have always tried to bring up the MiniMads with positive praise and decided early on that we didn’t want to smack them, as we believe behaviour breeds behaviour, however, we are finding that this can be a challenge. Things slipped somewhat when I was in and out of hospital and physically not well enough to do much more than issue a well done or a reprimand. It turns out that the key to success for us is CONSISTENCY. We have tried the reward chart route, but found it didn’t work for us, unless it was something the MiniMads wanted really bad and they don’t want for much, like most of more »



Spiritual Sunday 2

I have a couple of thoughts for today. The first one I try and apply in things I do with the MiniMads. Sometimes it is hard to let go and allow them the freedom to try things and for them not to be perfect (take the playhouse). Being Happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect, It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections We may not have it all together But together we have it all My Bro and SIL got me these wonderful flowers as a thank you for having my niece over the last few weeks, totally unexpected and unnecessary, but a wonderful and uplifting gesture. I more »

The Gala

Today was the Gala and Fun day at my sister in law Debs and Brother Chris’ Sports and Social Club and although there was some rain, we all had a fantastic time, all the proceeds were for the new local junior football club My Niece the scary tiger My Eldest Niece did all the face painting and was kept busy all day Mini Mad was so excited The boys in the junior race Brothers – I love that they were holding hands Hands in the air



I wasn’t going to use this blog to write about my mastectomy and failed reconstruction, but it is a really big part of my life and, therefore, our family’s life too. I underwent the bi-lateral prophylactic mastectomy and reconstruction at the end of February this year and due to compilations had to have the reconstruction reversed. I then developed a post operative infection that very nearly killed me (sounds very dramatic, but at the time was horrific) and am just healing both physically and mentally. I have been very lucky in that I am receiving some wonderful counselling from Tees Valley Counselling Trust to help me to become accepting of my more »

A work in progress

One of my Friends mentioned that they had used blackboard paint on the door of their playhouse and I had a light bulb moment – ding! We used the boys birthday moneys last year to get them a playhouse and at the time painted it in two shades of green as they had requested. I also knew that we had a tub of bright blue chalkboard paint that we had used to paint the top of the small table in their bedroom, so we all set about sprucing up the playhouse. MadDad gave the whole of the house another coat of the protective paint, I painted the door and the two more »



Danby Village Show

Me and the boys went to Danby Village Show this afternoon with friends and had a great time. It is a traditional agricultural show and very popular, as it is set in the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors National Park and Danby is a lovely village. It was made all the nicer as the sun continued to shine. The main event was the appearance of the Glaisdale Fox hounds in the main arena and I was really surprised by Maxi Mad as he stroked one of the Fox Hounds (he is scared of dogs). This pack has established since 1877 and now hunt within the grounds of the law. The boys loved more »

To Tired Tuesday 3

No Words today, just wanted to share some of my favorite recent photo’s which never fail to pick me up when I am down.



Childrens Centre Craft Afternoon

The mini’s were invited to a craft afternoon at our local children’s centre. It was still raining this afternoon, so along we went. The boys had great fun as usual and went a little overboard on the glitter and all things sparkly (they take after their mum on that one) Here is a selection of what they make, fireworks, shakers, a pasta necklace and a dragon. There was such a variety of mums and children there, the mums who were horrified a their little darlings getting covered in paint and glue, the ones who didn’t care and just left the children too it whilst they chatted (ignored them completely), the mums more »