Baby Steps

We have spent the afternoon outside scootering (if that is the right word). The eldest MiniMad is quite proficient on his scooter, but his younger brother is not so keen. He wants to be able to just do it like his big brother and refuses to use a larger wheeled scooter – one of the challenges of a 15 month gap between the boys. So we have been working on the premise of baby steps and he has really enjoyed this afternoons practice and what I thought would be an hour out at the most has turned into a nearly 4 hour scooterthon!!! I think once he got it, he just more »



Water Wednesday

We have had a wonderful day again we spent the morning at the swimming pool as we do on a Wednesday at Duckings and it is really nice to have both the minimads there together again. Their interaction is really improving and they really enjoyed throwing the ball to each other. The both stayed within their depth without armbands and I kept a watchful eye. It is a joy to see them both so confident in the water. We also had a great afternoon playing at a friends and the boys had real fun just making dens and tents with some blankets under the dinning room table. We also made a more »

Displaying Artwork 4

One of the most difficult things doing a lot of craft and art stuff with the minimads is how to display it and then store it or recycle it. We wanted to have some on display in our kitchen and after using blue tac and it leaving marks on the walls decided to hand some tension wire (the type for hanging net curtains or shower curtains) and hang the pictures on that. It works a treat. Once they wires are getting full I take a digital picture of the boys work and store the best in a concertina file (i have one for each of them) and recycle the rest. They more »



Encouraging Drinking

If your children are anything like the minimads then getting them to drink enough can sometimes be a chore, so I froze some Jelly snakes in to some ice cubes and popped them in their drinks. It was a great success and they drank up all their water and juice to get to the treats.

What a difference a day makes

You would never guess that yesterday was grotty and wet. Today has been bright, sunny and a joy. we have had a fantastic day picnicking and kite flying on the North Yorkshire Moors followed with a fun afternoon at Sandsend Beach. The perfect end to the perfect day.


Spiritual Sunday 2

It is a beautiful morning here, after what seems like weeks of rain and cloudy skys, the sun is shinning brightly. The MiniMads woke me bright and early this morning and Sundays are MadDads lie in, so I was somewhat grumpy at being woke as early as I was, that is until I came downstairs out of the dark in to the glorious sun. It reminded me of a recent card I had read I let go off all expectations I flow freely and lovingly with life. I love myself. I know that only good awaits me at every turn. Once we learn not to have expectations or in my case more »

Paper Plate Craft

It has been very wet here again so we decided to crack open the craft cupboard again and this time so something with paper plates. Each of the boys decorated their paper plates with water colour tablet paints from the pound shop. Then they cut out images from the Tesco Magazine (any food magazine is perfect for this and I am not one for throwing much away) Then they stuck the food to their plates If you have older children you could use this activity to start doing different food groups or you could used tissue paper to make the food. If you have younger children, it pays to have some more »



Living by the Seaside

We are so lucky to live 5 mins from the sea and sometimes we forget that it is beautiful in the rain as much as it is when it is sunny. The boys wanted to watch the sea this morning so we obliged and had a lovely morning watching the fishing boats and the tide come in and then went for fish and chips. Sometimes simple is best.

Noahs Ark Childrens Centre

We spent most of the day here today and it is a great place. Full of things the children can do, not just the obligatory soft play, slides, ball pool, trampoline, but also crafts, dressing up, jigsaws, play dough, kitchen area and reading area. I took my 4 year old niece too and we had a ball. We spent a lot of the morning on the active things going down the slides and just running off lots of energy. We then had a lovely healthy lunch (they don’t serve chips or fizzy drinks), all three of the children ate really nicely and enjoyed their food. We then went to the craft more »


shortbread wands

Shortbread star wands

We have had great fun making these this afternoon, we picked up the idea from the summer issue of the Tesco Magazine and it was really easy. Ingredients 275g plain flour 200g cold butter 100g icing sugar 2 egg yolks lolly sticks To Decorate egg white sprinkles basically, you add the butter and flour and mix to a breadcrumb consistency Stir in the egg yolks and icing cugar until it forms a dough roll out on a floured board Cut in to shapes – we used stars, my tip would be to make the shortbread pretty thick. The eldest MiniMad pushed in the lolly sticks and then you cook at 200 more »

A nicer sort of Thursday 2

Today has been Thursday, but a different sort of Thursday. A rearranged less stressed Thursday. A much nicer, happier, more relaxing and preferential Thursday – yes you get my drift. We had friends over this morning and played and laughed. We then had lunch from leftovers. Went to animal antics at Sure start Went to mums and got her shopping list Left the boys with her Did her and my shopping Went back to mums and cooked for the boys Fed the boys Got back in the car and came home to a house where MadDad had emptied the bins Put the recycling out for collection watered the plants fed the more »


Pine Cone Bird Feeders 1

The MiniMads and I went to the local sure start centre this afternoon, for some Amazing Animal and Bug fun and the boys loved it. The weather was kind and the rain held off, so they went on a bug hunt, enjoyed looking at them in their bug catchers. Drew the animals as best they could. Finlay did worms, which were just brown lines, but they were worms none the less. We also sang animal songs and read animal stories and made Pine cone bird feeders with lard and seeds. It was so easy to make, just mix the lard with seeds and oats with your hands – lovely messy fun more »

But Mummy my top is on the right way 2

Said the youngest minimad this morning and you know what who am I to disagree and you know why……………………. He dressed himself, top underpants and shoes. So he spent the day with his top like that and I didn’t mind one bit!


Swimming – Proud Mum Moment

This morning has been a challenge, I am not feeling on tip top form and the MiniMads are pushing the boundaries somewhat. Anyway I decided to take them to our regular Wednesday Swimming to burn off some energy and guess what, DS1 has just earned his 5 meters backstroke badge. I was astounded, amazed and ever so proud, that my four year old has managed a width of the little pool on his back without any floatation aids. They both adore swimming and I tolerate it as I want them to be confident in the water and enjoy swimming. So even though I feel sick, have had no sleep and have more »

Recycling broken crayons 2

If you are anything like us you will have loads of broken, half chewed and blunt crayons, so this is a great way to reuse them and also make multicoloured and non-rollable (ours always roll off the table and snap) crayons. All you need to do is snap up the broken ones – minus the paper of course. Pop them in a heatproof mould. Mine were 99p silicon ones from home bargains and we use them for ice cubes and then heat in a low oven for about 1o mins. Then allow to cool, turn out and you have funky crayons, that are great for little hands, compact enough to go more »



Pavement Paint 1

In between the rain we managed to do some pavement painting. I found the idea here at kiddo and have been waiting for a rain free day to give it a try. All you need is Cornflour Water Food colouring Containers brushes or foam You just combine the water, cornflour and food colouring in containers. The boys loved it, they like to paint inside, but they had free rein outside and just experimented with mixing colours and making shapes. It started to rain on us, which cut things short, but I have promised a repeat performance as soon as it is dry and we have time. As you can see from more »

Evening Routines and plans for the week ahead

As you must know by now I am an avid follower of Fly and need to make sure that I do my evening routine to ensure that I start the week the correct way. So tonight being Sunday, it feels much more important to start the week on the right foot so to speak, so I have Got all our clothes out for tomorrow (after checking the weather forecast) Menu planned the rest of the week Checked calender for the rest of the week Confirmed any appointments etc with MadDad and got Mum to cover anything DW loaded and on Washing machine loaded and time set Cat fed 15 mins in more »

Days out and car packs

If you have every been unlucky enough to have a flat tyre or a breakdown with children in the car, you will understand just how much of a lifesaver having something they can do in the car is. With this in mind I have been busy putting together some drawing, reading and craft packs for the car and for when we take my mum to hospital etc. I tend to save all the crayons and pencils you get in restaurants and also all the little sticker packs and gift packs you get with children’s magazines. I have packs with dot to dots, colouring, puzzles, sticker books, maths and English books, beads more »

Home made scented play dough 2

One of the things that my boys adore is play dough, especially the youngest MiniMad, but it all tends to end up in one miss mass of colours, so I make a batch of home made every three months of sooner, depending how long it is before they want more than one colour. Since they no longer try to eat it I have started to add essential oils to the mixture, which takes the whole experience of play dough to a different level. It is so easy and inexpensive to make 1 and half cups (1 cup is 250ml) of salt 3 cups of warm water 3 cups of plain flour more »


Spiritual Sunday 1

My Home is a Peaceful Haven I bless my home with loveI put love in every corner and my home lovingly responds with warmth and comfortI am at peace I was up really early again this morning, a mixture of insomnia and the minimads. MadDad gets a lie in on a Sunday, so I thought I would take one of my power thought cards and think positively about my home and the people in and around it. We do love our home, it is full of memories and also possibilities of thinks to come. Take some time to think of your home this morning and about what feelings you want it more »