Upcoming Craft Projects 6

Right I have had my thinking cap on and will be doing most of my up and coming Crafting with Children projects on advent and Christmas and now as this is a busy time of year for every one, I thought it wise to give you all a heads up on some of the things we may need and the projects: The basics Glue Paints (not ELC as they are NOT washable, even though they say they are) Glitter Sequins and pretties (poundland does confetti) Card stock, basic white will do, but other colours too 4 votives or t-light holders garden greenery wool/ribbon paper plates Felt (again I saw some in poundland) more »

Lets get this Party Started 2

The Party season has well and truly started here in TheMadHouse.  Things hot up for us from Halloween.  We have parties and birthdays galore into the new year and tonight is no exception. My wonderful neice is getting engaged to her man tonight at “The Club” and we are all off for a little bit of dancing and socialising with our family.  Now I have blogged about “The Club” before and we are really lucky that my Brother and Sister in Law are mangers and run it and it makes for a great venue and is such a brilliant place ad they do such a great job.  Not only is it more »

Keeping it real 7

There has been a bit of a theme out there in blog world about keeping it real, about blogs only showing the glossy and best bits.  I am not sure I agree with this and actually think that a lot of British Blogs are very honest in their dark sartorial, sarcastic type of way. I think that my blog a bit like real life has a way of bringing me back down to earth with a bang.  I use my blog mainly as a record of my tiny mind and things that me and my boys have done. I was all set to spend some time this afternoon doing a post more »

Wordless Wednesday 6

South Africa – I can not believe it is over 5 years since me and MadDad had the holiday of our lives and yes I took those photographs, be nice to me and I may show you lions and penguins and baby white Bengal tigers too! Jodie at Sleep is for the weak is currently under the weather, so there is no Wednesday Writing Workshop, so get well soon.

Childhood innocence lost or a mum behind the times 15

A tweet and a blog post by Sandy Calico of Baby Baby Fame about shag bands today really got me enraged and started me thinking – not a good thing. I read about these horrendous things a while back, but thought that they hadn’t reached the UK yet and I have to say they really upset me, there is a post in The Times about them.  I know that we can not shield our children from sexulisation, but we can hold it back for as long as possible. I have long been a mum who doesn’t like slogan tshirts and tops, especially ones that sexualise children or even say things like more »

Handpainted Mugs and other porcelain. 6

Another Thrifty Christmas Post inspired by Violet posy and by the Cowgirl in Wellies. We made these for MaxiMads teachers in July to say thank you for looking after him at Preschool. They were really simple to make, I purchased some porcelain paint from Baker Ross ages ago and it last and lasts.  we did designs based on finger prints as it is much easier for children to do them. You paint the mug or what ever you want, we used egg cups, bread trays and cups, but also plan to do plates with hand-prints on for the grandparents and godparents. White crockery can bee picked up very inexpensively from all more »

I am not scared of the dark Mummy…… 6

I am Dave said MiniMad tonight. MadDad replied you mean Brave To which he replied no I mean Dave and spent the rest of the evening insisting on being called Dave!! Priceless.

Tea Cup Candles 28

Well I have been busy preparing for Christmas, we like to give homemade and  handcrafted presents and this year at TheMadHouse we are a little strapped for cash due to illness and other issues, so I am trying to make it a Thrifty Christmas. I have been collecting pretty tea cups, saucers and tea plates from charity shops since the summer to turn them into tea cup candles for Mini and Maxi Mads teachers, teaching assistants and also the lovely ladies that run the toddler group we attend. So  I thought I would do a quick tutorial and let you know just how easy and child friendly this is to do more »

A homemade Girls Present – Bag and Purse with Beads 7

MaxiMad was off to a birthday party on Saturday and we only got the invite on Tuesday.  With me being in hospital I have not had the chance to go out and find anything suitable and I only have presents suitable for boys in our stash at the moment. So I had a chat with Maxi Mad and we decided to make a small drawstring bag and a purse and fill it with lovely wooden beads and elastic for making bracelets and such. We also stamped her name on with permanent fabric ink, for the personal touch.  He came in to the study and picked which fabric he liked for her and helped more »

Spiritual Sunday 2

They went with songs to the battle, they were young. Straight of limb, true of eyes, steady and aglow. They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted, They fell with their faces to the foe. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them. Lest we forget .

Bonfire Party 6

What can I say about the wonderful night we had the Bonfire night party at my brothers and sister in laws social club. It was a wonderful night, with 200 people turning up for the marvelous fireworks that my Brother and the team put on (he is already trying to make next year bigger and better). The children’s disco is something to behold, in fact MiniMad is the Disco King and he spent the whole 2 and half hours on the dance floor, well apart from the 5 mins he spent munching on a couple of hotdogs!! MaxiMad loved the fireworks this year and enjoyed dancing to the disco outside and watching more »

Tonight 2

Tonight I am tired, tonight I am sore, tonight I was going to leave you with a video of the minimads at the wonderful Fireworks Party, but I am not up to spending that much time at the laptop, so instead I will leave you with a glimpse…….. Of my boys having the best time ever. Thank you Bro and Sister In Law for a fantastic night and that is why I am am sore and tired, but it was all worth it.  So it is self inflicted, I hurt as I had to go with them, I wanted to watch them and I wanted to dance too.  So it is more »

Master Mad the Bakers Boy 5

I love baking and cooking with the MiniMads, well I love doing anything with them to tell the truth.  Normally we would bake and made from scratch, but as I am recovering from my latest surgery, I thought me and MiniMad would cheat a bit and use a packet mix to make some cakes. I had picked up a packet of Green’s cake mix for this purpose last time we were in Aldi and it had been reduced to 49p even better. MiniMad had great fun doing all the work himself, whilst MaxiMad was at Swimming Lesson.  He put his cases in the tin. He added the egg and water himself more »

Madeline McCann Video 1

Social networkers are being urged to get involved in a new online campaign to find Madeleine McCann by spreading a video appeal around the world. The missing girl’s parents hope the film will eventually reach whoever is close to those responsible for her disappearance and convince them to come forward. Police have also released new age-enhanced pictures of Madeleine as part of the fresh appeal for information. So please watch the video and post it on.

Child Safe Sparklers 11

Obviously I dont give  the mini’s real sparklers, but they do see other children with them, so we came up with this as a solution. This is a really simple and fun recipe that you can do really easily with the children. Ingredients Bread sticks chocolate – milk or white hundreds and thousands or sparkles Method Melt the chocolate in the microwave Dip the bread stick in the chocolate, covering approx a third or alternatively use a brush like MiniMad Cover the chocolate area in sprinkles Eat all the sprinkles and melted chocolate you can whilst mum has her hands full and takes pictures. Enjoy! If you have a bit of time, more »

Writing Workshop on a Wednesday 14

Ten years ago today my dad died.  When you say it like that it all sounds very simple, doesn’t it, but it wasn’t.  It was oh so complicated and messy. What can I tell you about my dad, well like most daughters, I was the apple of his eye.  I had a very special relationship with him, which continued till the day he died.  I was a proper daddy’s girl.  I loved being in his company and he was a great friend in addition to a super dad. Long before it was trendy to push the pram and change nappies, my dad was doing all this. He bathed me, dressed me more »

Crafting with Children 14

I am thinking about introducing a weekly crafting with Children Showcase.  Something that we can all partake in with our little ones. I love crafting and art with the boys and often find that it is so much easier if I have something planned and prepared.  I often hear from people that they dont do painting, gluing or craft and art with children at home as they dont like the mess. Now mess can be an issue, but you can minimise it and also with the right tools you can make life much easier. Firstly an art smock is a definite must.  I made the boys from one of MadDads old more »

I am Home 11

Just a quick post to let you all know that I am home, sore and tired, but so glad to have escaped from the hospital.  Unfortunately I have had to have more surgery than anticipated and had to have old fashioned stitched, which means I will have to go back and have them removed. But I am at home and happy to be back with my wonderful family. Also I would like to say thank you for all the words of support and a special mention goes to Bad Penny at The Hen House for making me cry with this post.

A letter to my Boys 19

Before I went in to hospital in February I wrote a letter to each of my boys in case anything happened.  In them I laid out what was happening and why. So I am in again on Tomorrow and want to do the same. MaxiMad My wonderful, amazing boy.  You are my first born the one who taught me how joyful, exhausting and blissful motherhood can be.  You are a light that sparkles through all the darkness and calls out bringing happiness and innocence all in one great big parcel. I want you to know just how special and unique you are and how much I enjoy being with you, learning more »

Homemade Hearts for the MiniMads 8

I finished the hearts for the minimads tonight.  These are made with inspiration from Amanda Blake-Soules Handmade Home. I made them from a baby blanket that MaxiMad was given from a dear friend (well the truth is we pinched it from her, as she had two and we liked it that much), who now is living back in her home country of South Africa. MiniMad used the blanket too, so it has lots of meaning for both the boys and me too and it is such a lovely soft brushed cotton. They are stuffed with scraps and dried lavender and have a pocket with a card in and a little message more »