A shelf makeover 7

We had this white shelf in the garage, since we moved in 3 years ago, we bought it with the intention of using it in  the hall area, but it was damaged and the company refunded us.  We found a better solution for the hall and we were not sure where to put it, or all that enamoured with the white finish. Finally we decided on a place above my chalkboard painted wall in the kitchen, but I just didn’t like the white. My solution, paint it hot pink 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of pink spray paint later (which we had in the garage, but for the life more »


UP 6

The Family Mad raided the boys piggy banks and went to see Up yesterday at the local independent cinema.  Both boys have been looking forward to this, Disney have been showing “up”isodes on Playhouse Disney, so they both knew about it. MaxiMad really enjoyed all of Up, he especially liked when they were exploring and the balloons on the house.  It held his attention throughout the film and he really liked Kevin the bird.  MiniMad started off well, but soon got fidgety.  We knew if was a risk taking both, but he really wanted to go.  He managed most of the film, but I think that it will be DVD for more »

Spiritual Sunday 2

The Past is Over This is a new dayone that I have never lived beforeI stay in the now and enjoy each and every moment Now that Autumn is here it is far too easy to get wrapped up in all the upcoming events, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and sometimes I am guilty of focusing on them, rather than just enjoying being where I am. I am measuring time by the number of sleeps before I go into hospital, rather than enjoying each day as it come, so this week we I am going to try and forget about hospital and live in the now, rather than worry about the future.


Home Made Pasta Sauce 3

Cooking, baking, making, gardening, cleaning, well everything in TheMadHouse is a real family affair.  We tend to really enjoy doing things together.  Some may find that strange, but I love spending time with all the men in my life, including that very strange cat too.  Anyway I digress.  Remember all those green tomatoes from the garden, well some had ripened and we decided to make a sauce for pasta. So we set too, kind of in a production line way.  MadDad and I deskinned and deseed the tomatoes.  Maxi and MiniMad strained the seeds and juice. DadDad prepared the peppers and onions and MaxiMad chopped them.  I then cooked all the ingredients more »

More Halloween Crafts 9

Seen as I have the colour changing pens out already for the Autumn tree collage I did with MiniMad this morning, I decided to do some secret Halloween pictures for when the boys came home from school and preschool. Again you can not get much more simple than this.  I used the white (colour changing pen to draw Halloween shapes and words on white paper and let them lose with the others, so they could find their messages and pictures. Not elegant, but fun none the less.  You dont need to have colour changing pens to do this though, you can use a candle or a white crayon and water paints more »



Autumn Days and the Grass is Jeweled 4

My wonderful Fly friend Wendy sent this craft all ready prepared for the minimads all I added was the colour changing felt tips which had been supplied by my mother in law earlier in the year. Basically she printed out the tree and the leaves and we coloured them in with the colour change felt tips and then changed them to represent the autumnal colours that we see all around us at the moment.  This became a discussion on photosynthesis and why some tree lose their leaves and others dont – quite in dept for my 35 year old head, let alone minimads 3 year old brain who thought up all more »

Dreamy Meme 10

I have been tagged, second time this week on a meme from Josie at Sleep is for the week, which was originally started by Zooarcheaologist .  You have to write about your dream.  Well I dont really remember the dreams I have when I am asleep, so I though I would write about my dream for my life. Happiness, just happiness.  This is what I want to make my world go around.  I wish for days where the light shines through my windows in a way that it makes everything luminesce and hides the dust rather than emphasising it.  Where the dawn brings the sound and laughter of my favourite boys.  The more »


Inspired 4

I am inspired to write after receiving the “proud to be meme” from Sandy over at Baby Baby.  I need to list 5 things that make I am proud of, but they have to be about me. This is hard, I find it much easier to be proud or grateful of others, but here you go. I am proud that I can bake even if it is at 2 in the morning and I eat all the scones by lunchtime the following day.  Baking feeds my soul as well as my ever expanding tummy. I am proud that I am alive and will not have to live my life looking for more »

Boo – our Halloween ghosts 9

You will have gathered by now that I like simple ideas, often the simpler the better and you dont get much more similar than ghostie paper chains. The only prep work required by me was to fold the roll of paper (ikea) and cut out the ghosts (I didn’t even need a template – smug).  I then drew the eyes and mouth on one and maximad did the rest.  Voila, effective, simple, inexpensive and family inclusive halloween decorations.  I saw this originally on Skip to my loo and she has templates there if you need them too. Keep an eye open for more easy and simple Halloween crafts you can do with children.



My Little Drummer Boys 3

Pa rum pum pum pum. When is a tin not a tin – when it is drum or shaker of course. The mini’s have had a fun evening playing with my tins and wooden spoons. I love the fact that they are getting so much more imaginative as they grow.  

First Award – woop de doo 5

I am honored and dead chuffed really yo be awarded my first ever blog award by Bad Penny at The Hen House.  How cool is it that someone likes my blog and reads it too.  Penny wanted an alternative Blog Title other than TheMadHouse.  The thing is there is always something going on here and craft things and children’s detritus is strewn on the dinning table and all over the conservatory, so when my mum started saying that we were TheMadHouse it just kind of stuck, she even answers the phone “welcome to the mad house” when she is at mine!! If it wasn’t that then it would have to be more »


Housework Haiku 6

Josie at Sleep is for the week has started a Wednesday writing workshop and I thought as time is pressed for me on a Wednesday (swimming with MiniMad), that I would do a housework Haiku, which is very apt for me this morning Like cement is sets to chair, to floor, to ceiling the child’s weetabix I try to wipe clean but steadfastly it remains I have to scrape hard No more will I buy No matter how much I vow The children want more

Autumn Art with PlayMais 2

MaxiMad and Mad dad have loved exploring the playmais and decided to do some autumn cards with them to test out their ability to stick to paper and card. MaxiMad decided on an autumn tree and a bonfire He used chalk to colour in the sky and added a moon and stars Aren’t they just fantastic….. Yes the cards are too (dont you just love the little hedgehogs under the tree).



Pregnancy Lows 6

A mothers secrets has asked for any experiences on pregnancy lows this month.  I have never posted about my pregnancies with the boys so thought I would participate.  Just a disclaimer before you read on, it doesnt seem all that bad or dramatic now. What can I say about being pregnant, it was a hard road for us to get MaxiMad and MiniMad, Maxi particularly. I had suffered numerous miscarriages, including twins at 20 weeks and a molar pregnancy, which meant that I had to have blood tests monthly for two years. So MadDad and I put being and getting pregnant out of our minds and enjoyed our life as a more »

I am guesting at Bah to cancer 2

Over at the fabtastic (yep that is a cross between fabulous and fantastic, as she is both) Stephanie’s Bah to cancer this morning. I am finally telling my story and my choices, if any one is interested. Whilst you are there, please also take a look at Stephanie’s  blog, which is a heart wrench, but positive story of her dance with breast cancer. Remember that is is Brest cancer awareness month, so get checking those breasts.


Spiritual Sunday 2

Being broke is different to being poor Yep we have no money, but we are not poor.  We have each other, we have our health, we have hearts filled with love.  We live in a first world country with free health care and benefits.  If everything went belly up, we could survive.  We will have food on the table and love in our hearts.  we dont need Sky TV, mobile phones (but as I am in contract they wont take it back) and other things.  I will not let this beat us.

Lock up your razors – please 5

We have had a really horrible afternoon here in TheMadhouse, following what had been a good morning.  MadDad decided to do some DIY including changing a light fitting in the Study/Craft/Ironing room, which took far much longer than expected and we also put up a shelf in MiniMads room. Well all was quiet, which is very unusual here, but we were busy, so carried on.  Big Mistake.  MiniMad had located my razor, which is away in a drawer and I dont think he has ever seen me use it to be honest, but that didn’t stop him creating carnage. There was blood everywhere, he was screaming, MaxiMad was panicking.  In the more »



Finger Knitting 3

Me and MaxiMad had a go at finger knitting last night in bed.  It is something I had forgotten I even knew how to do!!! So why the finger knitting I hear you ask, well it is getting cold oop North and I have dug out the hats, scarfs and gloves out of storage, but I can only find one boy glove.  They were forever losing then last year.  So I have been and purchased some gloves (2 pair for a pound from PoundLand) and I have used the finger knitting to make a string to put through the arms of their coats. Yes this is so 1970’s, but I saves on more »

Pear Butter 6

We were given a bag full of pears from my wonderful sister in law, off the tree in their garden at the social club.  Now the mini’s love pears and ate lots, but I wanted to do something with the rest of them to remind us of Autumn all through the dark and cold winter and also to give as gifts for our Thrifty Christmas. So we decided to make a pear butter/jam thing.  MadDad set too pealing all the pears, whilst I cored them and he then chopped them.  We put the in the slow cooker with a little water and left them to cook over night on low. I more »



Feeding my soul 6

I have spent the afternoon with that permanent butterflies in tummy feeling you get when things are out of hand.  The bank can not help, with the financial market in the UK at the moment and the drop in house prices we do not qualify for a mortgage break or a further advance. So I have been baking, making treats to cheer the soul.  I love cooking and baking,  I love providing for my family.  I love the whole process, from gathering the ingredients, measuring it, mixing, watching it cook, smelling the wonderful aromas, seeing the end results, I even dont mind cleaning the kitchen and washing the pots afterwards.  There more »