Rainbow Crafts and Activities for Kids 2

I have to admit, I am a sucker for rainbow crafts and activities.  I am not a muted palate girl at all and the colours of the rainbow really do sing out to me.  So I have gathered together some of my favourite rainbow crafts and activities for kids of all ages to share with you.

Rainbow Crafts and Activities for Kids

So make sure you look past the rain to see the rainbows and have fun with this delightful selection of colourful creative crafts.  Plus, remember rainbow crafts, do not just mean St Patrick’s Day!

Rainbow Crafts and Activities for Kids

Rainbow Crafts and Activities for Kids

DIY Rainbow Vases – there is something magical in a homemade gift and add a rainbow of colours and you are on to a winner.

Rainbow Paint Blow Art –  beautiful and fun for younger children.

Rainbow Rain Maker – Kids will have lots of fun making and playing with this.

Rainbow felt Storyboard – Such an engaging way to play and learn at the same time.

Rainbow Crafts and Activities for Kids

Handprint Rainbow – Perfect for children that can not resist getting hands-on

Rainbow Wands – Make a wish!

Rainbow Milk Fireworks – A super art and science activity

Rainbow Sand Art – This is so inviting

Rainbow drip painted Luminaries – such a simple art technique that makes a magical luminary

Bleeding Tissue Canvas – Such a simple and effective way of making a beautiful canvas.

Rainbow Painted Flower Pots  – These would be perfect for Mother’s Day

Rainbow Crafts and Activities for Kids

Rainbow Milk Fireworks – A super art and science activity

Crystal Rainbows – A brilliant craft and science activity

DIY Zipper Toy  – No toddler could resist this.

Rainbow Blowers – A fab recycling project

Rainbow Printable  This is brilliant for learning about the science of colour.

Rainbow Crafts and Activities for Kids

Paper Plate Rainbow Yarn Craft  – This is a beautiful simple sewing project

Rainbow Danish Hearts – A colourful take on the traditional danish hearts.

Frozen Waterbead Rainbow – I challenge you to leave this just to the kids.

Rainbow Windsock – A colourful way to learn about wind direction.

Rainbow Crafts for Older Kids

Rainbow Crafts and Activities for Kids

Rainbow Craft Stick Tracing – A simple mess free activity for older children.

Rainbow Candle Holders  – as these use nail varnish they are for older tweens, teens and even adults.

Rainbow Heart Magnets  – What a beautiful craft and you could make these and just let younger children decorate them.

DIY Rainbow Unicorn Hobby Horse  – This would be the perfect make for a younger child by an older sibling.

Rainbow Crafts and Activities for Kids

Rainbow and Unicorn Mobile  – This would look amazing in any children room.

Rainbow Melted Crayon Art – A brilliant process art activity for older children that makes a beautiful canvas

Rainbow Magnet – This is such a beautiful and simple craft perfect for tweens.

No Sew Rainbow Scarf – I would love to be on the receiving end of this scarf

Rainbow Cloud Mobile – A grown up version of the paper plate and ribbon mobiles

Rainbow String Art –  I love that string art is making a comeback

DIY Rainbow Pillow – A great sewing project that will brighten up any room.

Hama Bead Rainbow Keychain –  This would look great hanging from your tweens bag

Rainbow Sand Terrariums – Perfect for keeping succulents in

Rainbow Tie Dye Sneakers – I want a pair of these, what a great way to funk up a pair of cheap plimsolls

Rainbow Crochet Blanket – I don;t think I have ever seen such a beautiful blanket

No Sew Scalloped Pillow – A beautiful and simple way to upcycle a pillow

Rainbow Scarf – What a beautiful unique yarn scarf

Rainbow Crafts and Activities for Kids - A stunning and colourful selection of rainbow crafts, art and activities for children of all ages.



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