Top Tips for Travelling to Orlando

For some people, a trip to Orlando is a once in a lifetime trip (I have been once with all my family and once on a press trip with Maxi). Travelling to the USA can be expensive and if you are like me then you will want to make sure you have all bases covered like getting your ESTA ! My brother and his family travel to Orlando on a regular basis (it is their happy place) and so he is sharing some of his top tips for travelling to Orlando.

DIY braided headband (Alice band) 1

I LOVE a headband, perfect for keeping my wild hair off my face when I work espeically as I don’t like tying it back all the time. Decorative headbands are all the rage at the moment so I decided to try making a DIY braided headband.

Simple Paper Leaf Garland with Free Printable

This paper leaf garland is easy peasy to make, so much so that it is almost embarrassing to do a tutorial for it! I love making simple seasonal decorations and this Simple Paper Leaf Garland is the perfect companion to our paper leaf wreath and I used the same free lead templates and paper.

LGBTQ-friendly books for Young Children 1

Representation is so important. It not only invites those who identify as LGBTQ an opportunity to be represented – including those who have LGBTQ parents – but it teaches others about inclusivity and acceptance. So I asked my friend Kate from Lesbemums to help me compile a list of diverse books that are perfect for introducing to your children. So over to Kate……

LGBTQ-friendly books for Young Children

10 Fabulous Pear Recipes 1

For the first year since planting our pear tree 11 years ago, we have more than 2 pears, in fact, we have a glut of pears so I have been searching for the best pear recipes and have come up with these 10 fabulous pear recipes that I can not wait to try.

Pear and Salted Caramel Blondies 1

There is something amazing and decedent about blondies. We really love them here and these pear and salted caramel blondies are naughty but as they do contain fruit I guess they also count as one of your five a day… right?!

Pear and Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake 3

For the first time since we planted our pear tree, we have a glut of pears so I have been busy researching and testing out pear recipes. This Pear and Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake is based on a very simple recipe that my Mum used to make.

What to do in Normandy with Teenagers

We have just returned from an amazing holiday in Normandy with 4 teenagers aged 13 and 14. So I thought I would share what we did and what they enjoyed.

Camping in France with Siblu Holidays 2

When you hear the words camping in France what do you think? Canvas, tents, slumming it? Well, I am here to smash your perceptions and tell you why camping in France with Siblu Holidays is a must.

DIY Autumn Paper Leaf Wreath 4

DIY Autumn Paper Leaf Wreath is a paid collaborative post with Bostik. I LOVE decorating for Autumn or Fall depending on which side of the pond you live. This simple wreath is made from paper and easy to make and perfect for hanging inside.

How To Manage Your Family Finances 4

Managing your family finances efficiently will allow you to live a happy and peaceful life and enjoy financial freedom in the future. Whereas, poorly managed finances may lead to arguments and stressful situations as a result of lack of funds or unexpected financial expenses. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to manage your money better, save for fun activities, and secure a more comfortable life for your family. Here are some tips on how to manage your family finances more efficiently.

Top Tips for Children Starting Senior School 1

Moving from Primary school to senior school can seem like a big step for children and parents alike but there are some ways that as parents we can make the transition easier for our children.

5 Tips for driving with kids in the car 1

Tips for driving with kids in the car is a collaboration with Kwik Fit and their #DrivenToDistraction campaign. It is important to always stay focused when you are driving and once you add kids into the mix it becomes even more challenging. Whether you’re breaking up a fight in the backseat or listening to loud conversations between your children, you can easily have your attention pulled from road.

Peanut Butter Breakfast Bars or Flapjacks

Peanut Butter Breakfast Bars or Flapjacks is a paid collaboration with SKIPPY® Peanut Butter. These Peanut Butter Breakfast Bars or Flapjacks are the perfect grab and go breakfast for school mornings or after school snack for kids of all ages.

Day Out Ideas for the Family

Day Out Ideas for the Family is a collaborative post with Jorvik Tricycles. During the summer holidays, it can be incredibly hard to find activities to keep not just you but your kids happy. There are loads of great family activities that you can get involved in that won’t cost you a fortune.

Simple ways to save money this summer and still have fun 1

The endless summer days are often a real challenge on a family budget. When you have the children around all day they can be lots of additional expenses and as soon as you go out then that can be even harder on the pocket. So I want to share my simple ways to save money this summer whilst still having fun.

Free Summer Planner and how keep the kids entertained over summer 46

Downbload your free summer planner and keep the kids entertained over the summer .  We love summer, have you guessed yet.  I adore spending the six weeks of the summer with my boys.  I am lucky in that I can juggle my work and spend a lot of time with them.  I also feel the strain sometimes at keeping the kids entertained over summer.

Rock Pool Scavenger Hunt or Rock Pool Eye Spy – Free Printable

Who doesn’t love a beach day? Well, make sure you are prepared by printing out our free rock pool scavenger hunt or rock pool eye spy. Living by the sea is one of the things that makes me so happy and growing up I loved going rock pooling. In fact, it was those days of rock pooling with my mum and my children when they were younger that inspired me to make this.

Creating Independence in kids – Solar Buddies Review

Creating Independence in Kids – Solar Buddies Review is a collaborative post with Solar Buddies. I LOVE Solar Buddies and was delighted when they contacted me as I have used them in the past with my own children and bought them for friends little ones starting school.