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10 Family Friendly Essential Oil Crafts

I am a big fan of essential oils and use them at home all the time, so I thought I would round up some family-friendly essential oil crafts that are safe and fun to make. You can do so much with essential oils; personally, I prefer them to artificial fragrances in candles, cleaning products and homemade bath soaks, etc. It is always important when you shop essential oils that you check out what essential oils are safe to use with children (not under 3’s) before you use them and also what dosage to use. I love that there are so many more ways than just an oil diffuser to use your favorite essential oils.

10 Family Friendly Essential Oil Crafts

I started using essential oils with my boys very early in their lives, partially as my next-door neighbour was a qualified aromatherapy specialist and gave me advice on what to use and how much. The very first craft I used them in was home made play dough and it was lavender oil that I added. Lavender, chamomile, basil and Frankincense can be used for children and are known to be great for relaxation and play dough being a sensory play scent really does add to the experience.

10 Family Friendly Essential Oil Crafts

Family Friendly Essential Oil Crafts

Peppermint & Vanilla Lip Scrub

10 Family Friendly Essential Oil Crafts

Our peppermint lip scrub is one of our favourite Christmas gifts to make and give. It is super fun of you add candy canes, which makes it super seasonal. However, it is perfect to use all year round and great for keeping your kips smooth and kissable!

DIY Lip Balm

Once you have used the lip scrub then you might want to use some of this amazing homemade lip balm. We use this tutorial and really rate it.

DIY Salt Scrub

As you can tell we are big fans of homemade products here, partly because I have sensitive skin, but also because Maxi has eczema. As a woman of more mature age, I need to exfoliate and this gentle salt scrub with essential oils is exfoliating and moisturising. I used my favourite sweet orange essential oil and a cosmetic colourant (do not use food coloring or you and the bath will end up orange)!

Foaming Bath Melts

10 Family Friendly Essential Oil Crafts

Is there anything better than a long bath? Perhaps one with this brilliant relaxing foaming bath soak. These are made with lavender essential oil making them super relaxing. They are a great gift idea and we made heart-shaped ones which would be perfect for loved ones and believe it or not it is a simple recipe.

Bath Oil that Foams

Whilst we are talking about baths, this foaming bath oil is a great way to use essential oils. You can make a base and then add drops of your favorite essential oil depending on the mood you are in rather than make a bath all the same scent. However, they make great homemade gifts if you want to make a batch all the same.

Star Wars Soaps

As a mum to boys, I LOVE this craft – it is really engaging and they loved making star wars soap. We are using this at the moment in our downstairs loo and I adore the minty scent of the peppermint essential oil. If you are making soap for a gardener then tea tree oil is a great addition.

Home Made Bug Repellant

I am going to give this bug repellent spray a go when we go on holiday to Greece later this year. I am planning to add all the ingredients, except the water and then add that when we get there. I have also made citronella candles to keep bugs away.

DIY Sugar Scrub

This essential oil sugar scrub is perfect for swapping out with the salt scrub over the summer (as sugar scrubs don’t sting if you have accidentally cut your legs shaving)! I make ours with coconut oil.

Peppermint Foot Cream

This whipped peppermint foot cream is just amazing. We have made this recipe a fair few times and love it.

Breath Easy Bath Bombs

These breath-easy bath bombs are perfect to help you through winter colds and even summer hay fever. I love that at a time when you are unwell, you can know exactly what you are using to nurture and help your family.

Check out our favorite family-friendly essential oil crafts.  Super fun DIY crafts including lip balm, bath soaks, candles and soaps.

Eco Cleaning Products

We have been using eco-cleaning products since the boys were babies. From air freshener to fridge deodorant and everything in between. Depending on the time of year depends on the blends we use. I know these are not essential oil crafts, but I thought they made a great addition.

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