10 Hot School Lunch Ideas for Kids perfect for Autumn and Winter 7

I am not going to lie,  but after 4 years of making packed lunches for Mini, it is not my favourite job, especially as he has an aversion to sandwiches! So when Herley’s got in touch with me to work with them on their lunchtime talks campaign I jumped at the chance as there must be lots of people like me who get stuck in a lunch box rut.

10 Hot School Lunch Ideas for Kids perfect for Autumn and Winter

There is nothing worse than getting stuck in a rut when it comes to making your children’s lunchbox.  Putting the same thing in week in, week out.  This is often made harder with picky eaters or school nutrition rules.  Hartleys have introduced sugar-free jelly pots which my children love (as do I)! They make a great alternative to the sugar-packed yoghurt tubes that I used to add.

I am a big believer that children gain so much from sitting at a table and eating lunch together and Hartley’s have worked with Dr Sam Wass, a child psychologist {who is also behind the show “Secret Life of a 4, 5 & 6 year olds”}. He shares the conversations that our children are having over their lunch. The top topics of conversation include; Favourite toys, friends, Holidays, TV, Family & more.  #littleoneswholunch.  Hartley’s are giving away lunch boxes when you collect 12 Hartley’s lids from promotional packs. (see packs for details).

10 Hot School Lunch Ideas for Kids perfect for Autumn and Winter

When the boys’ were at primary school they introduced table buddies for the younger children.  So a year 5 or 6 child was put in charge of each of the tables for reception and years 1 to 3.  They helped the younger children cut up their food, put water and teach table etiquette. It was such a great idea and all the children gained so much from it.

Hot School Lunch Ideas for Kids

10 Hot School Lunch Ideas for Kids perfect for Autumn and Winter

I think that autumn and winter is the hardest seasons for lunchboxes for children.  During the summer Mini has salads, cold pasta salad and wraps or even pies, pasties and sausage rolls.  However, once the weather gets cooler he wants something warm and filling.  Our small food flask has been a lifesaver over the years and it keeps whatever we add to eat hot until his lunchtimes.  So I decided to share with you Mini’s top 10 hot school lunch ideas.

10 Hot School Lunch Ideas for Kids

  1. Soup and a Bun
  2. Beans and Sausages
  3. Hotdogs and onions with a hotdog roll to add it to
  4. Pasta (he often takes leftovers from our main meals such as spag bol or pasta bake) Pasta with meatballs is a big favourite.
  5. Fried Rice – we use leftover rice with added vegetables and then fry it with an egg.
  6. Casserole – I always make extra and he takes leftover including sausage casserole, beef or even chicken.
  7. Chicken Soup/Stew
  8. Pumpkin Soup – warming and delicious
  9. Fajitas – pack the wraps in clingfilm for them to fill at school
  10. Curry – Mini is a big curry lover and it always keeps really well.
10 Hot School Lunch Ideas for Kids perfect for Autumn and Winter

Most of these are good dinner ideas and can be used for lunch leftovers. The kids love having something in their thermos and keeps them warm at lunchtime, plus it is something fun and different. if you are looking for more, then check out these easy lunch ideas for winter and our list of family lunches.

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7 thoughts on “10 Hot School Lunch Ideas for Kids perfect for Autumn and Winter

  • Molly

    What a fantastic idea! I’m into week 3 of making packed lunches as this is the first year Freya is too old for the free school meals they get until the end of Yr 2. I’m already over it. It’s such a chore – especially as we’ve made a rod for our own backs and do a note with a drawing on it every day too! I’ve delegated the task to Simon! Love the idea of a hot flask for hot lunches though. I’d do this myself if I took packed lunches anywhere!

  • Jade - Raising the Rings

    Fab ideas Jen! I’ll have to try these with Toby but he is incredibly fussy; we’re trying to get him to try lots of new things by giving him school dinners. Hopefully a bit of peer pressure might get him to try something. Either way, these are great ideas even for my lunch at home x

  • Bridie By The Sea

    What a fab idea, I always loved having a hot packed lunch and my mum used to make me stir fried noodles or fried rice with vegetables. Such great inspiration here, especially the soup! Xx

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