10 Recycled playsets 25

I love making the most of what we have and that is what Fabulously Frugal is all about for me this week.  Making the most of the things that we already have in the home and recycling or upcycling them to make playsets.

10 Recycled playsets square

Often the best play materials come from our recycling box. Using recycled materials in crafts is a great way to create while using items that are in the home making for an inexpensive material, but also great for the health of the planet. It also goes to show that you do not need to buy expensive toys for your children. These recycled playsets are fun to make and even more fun to play with long term .

10 Recycled Playsets

Many of the playsets below are made using recycled materials you probably have in your recycling bin right now (egg cartons, plastic containers, used water bottles, newspapers, and paper). Recycled materials are perfect for crafts and activity and build skills.

Now is the perfect time to dig through the recycling bin and make some seriously fun and creative recycled crafts with kids.

recyled playsets