10 Things I love about Winter

10 Things I love about Winter is a paid collaborative post in association with TruPrint.co.uk.  One thing I love about living in the UK is the distinct seasons. Although I am going to admit that I am not a fan of the shorter days I do love winter too and I have been asked by Truprint in association with their #picturesintopresents campaign to share my favorite winter moments. The campaign is all about making the most of those special captured moments, rather than them just sitting on our phones. I am a big fan of anything that encourages to use and share those photo.  Each year I make a calendar for my Mother in Law for Christmas and we have a wall full of photographs up our stairs which we call the rogue’s gallery.
 10 Things I love about Winter

As someone that often dreaded winter and finds the shorter daylight hours hard on my mental health, I find that finding the good in the every day really helps with the way I feel.  I have learned over that loving winter is a real privilege. That having the ability to be able to afford to heat our home and feed my family without worry is a luxury that I should cherish.  So I am going to embrace winter and all that it brings.
10 Things I love about Winter

 10 Things I love about Winter

  1. The light – there is something magical about the light on a cold frosty clear winters morning.  It is so pure and true. Also as someone who hates mornings, I often get to see the sunrise without having to get up at silly o’clock!   Then there is the light that comes on a night when snow has fallen, an orange glow that brings the expectation of sledding and cold toes and fingers.
  2.  The food – there is nothing better than returning home from a walk on a cold day to a wonderful roast dinner. Winter is a time of feasting and decadence.  It is the time for stodging puddings and custard and cheese.  lots of cheese!
  3.  Hot Chocolate – for me winter is all about hot chocolate.  A steaming mug of melted chocolate with milk topped with melt in the mouth marshmallows is the perfect antidote to a cold wet day.  Add a shot of Bailey’s in the run up to Christmas and then you totally have me!
  4.  The smell – I swear you can smell when snow is coming. No, I am not joking (just call me Lorili).  You can smell the cold it is invigorating and clean, even more so by the sea. It wafts through the house when I door is open and I love laying in bed smelling the cold through my open bedroom winter.
  5.  Glitter – My glitter obsession becomes perfectly acceptable during winter when people embrace all things sparkly on trees, cards and even clothing!
  6.  Brushed Cotton Bedding – Cold weather gives me the perfect excuse to get out the flannel bedding.  I love nothing more than snuggling under the covers (there is no sharp intake of breath from the cold when you have flannel sheets) of a freshly made bed with brushed cotton bedding.  It reminds me of carefree winters of my childhood when my bed has brushed cotton icecream stropped bedding.
  7.  Candles – Now that my boys are older I can embrace candles again.  They bring a warming glow and there must be something good in it as the Danish are the happiest people in the world and they use the most candles!
  8.  Winter Woolies – Hats, scarfs, gloves and sweaters and cardigans. I love cocooning myself under a slew of winter woolies.  In winter it is perfectly acceptable to dress for warmth and comfort.  I can hide my unwashed hair under a beanie and my unshared legs under thick woolie tights.
  9.  Crafts – Winter and the lead up to Christmas is when my love of crafting and creating with kids becomes mainstream. Even noncrafty friends embrace Christmas crafts.
  10.  Christmas Movies and Boxsets –  Winter nights are for boxsets and snuggling with my significant other and winter weekends are for watching TV and movies with the family.
Do you love winter?  What is your favorite thing about it?
10 Things I love about Winter

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