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I love travelling with my family, but it wasn’t always that way.  I used to get quite uptight and anxious about it.  It was such a chore remembering everything.   I have managed to control my anxiety with lots of planning and some great tips.  So in collaboration with Holidaysafe.co.uk, I am going to share them with you.

10 Tips for traveling with kids

Remember that any trip is supposed to be a holiday for you too and anything that you can forget you can buy when you get there.  Getting into that mindset really makes a huge difference. When my kids were babies I always over-packed, but these are my top 5 products for travelling with a baby.

10 Tips for traveling with kids

10 Tips for traveling with kids
  1. Plan.  Before I even start packing I write a list of what we need for the trip.  I break it down for each person, clothes, medication, toiletries, electronics, toys, etc
  2. Pack in outfits.  I place the boys clothes into outfits, this makes it easier to work out what they need but also enables the children to get themselves organised when we arrive.
  3. Pack a separate bag for swimming. Whenever we arrive at our destination the boys always want to go swimming.  I make it simple by packing a bag with swim essentials, so swimwear, prescription goggles for Mini, towels, comb, body wash and shampoo. That way Maddad can take the boys swimming whilst I unpack and then I can join them.
  4. Give the kids ownership.  Get your children to pack a small rucksack with toys for the trip.
  5. Pack small bags of snacks and drinks for the trip, that way you can dish them out at intervals during the journey.  We freeze our drinks cartons or pouches to keep them cold.
  6. Make a copy of your important documentation.  We take photos of our passports, travel insurance, travel documents, credit cards, flight details etc and keep a copy on both of our phones as well as a photocopy in our case.
  7. Make travel packs.  We save small toys from Mcdonalds’ and comics and put them into small packets for the kids to have on holiday.
  8. Take refillable water bottles.  One of the ways we save on holiday is not buying lots of drinks, each of us has a water bottle and we get free tap water for it from cafes and restaurants.  We love Klean Kanteen (UK Link/US Link) ones as they are metal so not worries about BPO.
  9. If you have travel-sick kids make sure you have a pack for them including a plastic tub with a lid, mints, water, wipes and give them travel sickness tablets 20 minutes before travel.
  10. Pack travel games (We love Dobble UK link/US link) and print off some of our fab travel printables for the journey.  Make sure you print some off for you too!
  11. Book family-friendly accommodation – With cozycozy you can easily search for hotels or vacation rentals that are family-friendly so the kids will enjoy staying there!

Travel printables for train journeys
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Mummy and me colouring pages
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My boys are gadget mad, so I have a whole post on what must have technology and gadgets you need when traveling with kids.   We are never without our USB multi travel charger (UK Link/US Link) or the boys Safesports Kids ID Bracelets, but you could always make your own telephone number bracelets.

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10 Tips for traveling with kids