100 Indoor activities for rainy days 15

Some days it is either too hot for outdoor activities or just plain raining and you just don’t fancy playing out in the rain.  So here are some fab, fun and screen free indoor activities to keep the kids occupied.

Child playing at home indoors with a teepee tent


You know what it is like, you are hoping to get outside and let the kids blow off some energy, but it is either too hot, too cold or too wet! Well I have a great selection of indoor activities for you and the kids all from my archives!

rainy day activities

100 Indoor activities for rainy days


  1. Great indoor exercises for kids
  2. Make a button bracelet
  3. Make a rainbow windsock
  4. Have a family cleaning session
  5. Make a bored jar
  6. Do a word search
  7. Make some fruity frozen yogurt bites
  8. Bake some M & M Cookies
  9. Make a coffee filter stained glass earth
  10. Make a pizza together
  11. Do some Paddington activities (including printables)
  12. Make some picture tile coasters
  13. Make a paper rose
  14. Make carrot cake
  15. Make a sensory bin
  16. Make cake case flowers
  17. Do some junk modeling
  18. Make a bunch of homemade paper flowers
  19. Make a lamb or sheep
  20. Make banana muffins
  21. Do some art recycling
  22. Have pancakes
  23. Bake apple muffins
  24. Make salt dough jewelry
  25. Make fingerprint ornaments
  26. Make thank you cards
  27. Read a book
  28. Make pinwheel poppies
  29. Make melted wax flowers
  30. Make cardboard tube prints
  31. Salt painting
  32. Make scratch paper
  33. Make wooden spoon puppets
  34. Make a rocket that works
  35. Tell jokes to each other
  36. Decorate shoes with fabric pens
  37. Create a scrapbook as a family
  38. Dye some shoelaces
  39. Make a family gratitude journal
  40. Have a movie special
  41. Make ice lollies
  42. Make shoe moustaches
  43. Make chocolate pots
  44. Make a paperweight for Daddy
  45. Do some art for art’s sake
  46. Make personalised mugs
  47. Make some magic
  48. Play board games
  49. Make post it note pinwheels
  50. Make a rain catcher
  51. Have a family colouring in night
  52. Make a pinwheel flower
  53. Make a black sack windsock
  54. Colour in on fabric
  55. Explore how smell and taste work together
  56. Make a paper plate clock
  57. Make a bird feeder
  58. Bake some cup cakes
  59. Make some shape sticks
  60. Make a wig from newspaper
  61. Leave secret messages
  62. Make some apple prints
  63. Make a dreamcatcher
  64. Make window art with post it notes
  65. Read some comics
  66. Shrink some crisp packets
  67. Make your own comic
  68. Make coke floats
  69. Make personalised notebooks
  70. Make rocky road
  71. Customise some clothes
  72. Make stone bugs
  73. Make a pinecone owl
  74. Make some birthday cards
  75. Have an indoor treasure hunt
  76. Make some art like Kandinsky
  77. Make fridge bottom curry
  78. Have a spa day at home
  79. Make your own books
  80. Make memory stones
  81. Do some embroidery
  82. Make washi tape magnets
  83. Make patchwork plant pots
  84. Homemade coasters
  85. Have a go at decoupage
  86. Do some bubble wrap painting
  87. Make some gingerbread
  88. Make child safe sparklers
  89. Do some face painting
  90. Dye fabric with sharpies
  91. Make egg carton boats
  92. Oat and raisin cookies
  93. Try blow painting or marble painting
  94. Make a volcano from baking soda and vinegar
  95. Make caterpillar bookmarks
  96. Make scented playdough
  97. Fingerprint some mugs
  98. Make tea cup candles
  99. Make some shrinky dinks
  100. Wax relief painting

Child playing at home indoors with a teepee tent

100 kids screen free activities

If you have had enough of staying indoors, then why not get outside no matter what the weather!

15 rainy day outdoor activities




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