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101 Ideas for using Felt Scraps

101 Ideas for using Felt Scraps

If you are anything like me you do not throw anything way and I have a box full of felt scraps.  Felt is such a beautiful material and perfect for making things with as it doesn’t fray.  After using some of our felt scraps to make our Kandinsky inspired trees I decided to come up with some other ideas for using scraps of felt.

101 Ideas for using Felt Scraps

teens and adults including simple sewing. Felt is such a flexible craft material.

Tips for cutting felt  

Felt is really hard to cut even as an adult, so make sure you have really sharp scissors.  If you are trying to cut intricate designs then iron on some freezer paper to the rear.  it gives the felt stability making it easier to cut and you can remove it and reuse it.

You can also use an iron on permanent stabiliser such as bondaweb and this will make it suitable for cutting in a machine such as a cricut and also make it less floppy for certain of these projects.

101 project ideas for using felt scraps. A selection of ideas for felt boards and projects for younger kids, tweens, teens and adults including simple sewing. Felt is such a flexible craft material.

101 Ideas for using Felt Scraps

25 DIY Felt board ideas

25 DIY Felt Board Ideas for children. Felt boards are such a great activity for kids and you will find a super selection of make your own here.

When I was younger I adored playing with Fuzzy felt, alas it is no longer available, so why not take matters into your own hands with these amazing ideas for DIY felt boards.

  1. Birthday cake felt board
  2. Make your own felt board – A great base for all your felt ideas.
  3. Design your own flowers with felt shapes
  4. New sew felt playmat
  5. Ice cream colour and counting match game
  6. Autumn leaves and tree set
  7. Christmas Tree Felt set
  8. Little mouse storyboard
  9. Ten Apples on Top board 
  10. Felt letters
  11. The mixed up chameleon set
  12. Felt pumpkins or Jacko lanterns
  13. Giant felt board
  14. Stacking rainbow felt game board
  15. Heart felt board
  16. Weather felt board
  17. Giant folding felt shapes and board
  18. The Rivdan garden felt board
  19. Continents felt board
  20. Sugar Cookies felt board kit
  21. Angry Bird felt Faces
  22. Snowy Day felt board
  23. Feather matching board
  24. Butterfly life cycle
  25. Mix and match felt owls

76 Arts and Crafts Ideas with Felt Scraps

Younger Children

A fantastic selection of things to make, play and craft with younger kids.  Felt is such a tactile fabric and children love the feel of it.

26 Project ideas using felt scraps for younger children. Fantastic DIY crafts and activity ideas for toddlers, preschoolers and younger children.
  1. Fairy Wand Craft
  2. Kandinsky inspired felt trees
  3. Penguin ornaments
  4. Magnetic felt patterns for kids
  5. Cup snowmen
  6. Christmas Jumper Decorations 
  7. Felt button chain
  8. Felt flower hair clips
  9. Felt doll busy box
  10. Rainbow felt puzzels
  11. Pinecone Squirrel 
  12. Pinecone turkeys
  13. Pinecone Owls
  14. More Pinecone owls
  15. Pinecone hedgehogs
  16. Felt flowers (can be photo holders too)
  17. Kandinsky felt board
  18. Felt Apple Craft
  19. Felt band aids 
  20. No sew felt teabags
  21. Watercolour felt leaves
  22. Spoon flowers
  23. Simple felt flowers
  24. Apple trees
  25. Imaginative play with felt
  26. No sew felt bookmarks

Older Kids and Adults (8+)

It never ceases to amaze me just how many things can be made from scraps of felt and there are some great ideas here to inspire everyone.

25 Project ideas using felt scraps for tweens, teens and adults. A fantastic selection of arts, crafts and homemade gift ideas made out of felt.
  1. Felt owl ornaments
  2. Felt pinecones
  3. felt flower snake
  4. Felt mosaic tealight holders
  5. Geode Coasters
  6. Felt poppies
  7. Bobbypin butterflies
  8. Pinecone fox
  9. R2D2 Pencil Holder
  10. Felt cat ears
  11. DIY dream catchers with felt accessories 
  12. Felt Geode Rug
  13. Mini bunting
  14. Felt pencil toppers
  15. Felt Mistletoe 
  16. Mike Wazowski Felt Coasters
  17. Felt poinsettia 
  18. Decorated bag 
  19. No sew felt scarf
  20. Mitten ornament 
  21. Felt crown
  22. Twisted felt garland
  23. No sew felt pumpkin
  24. No sew felt pinwheels
  25. Felt succulents

Simple Felt Sewing projects

The fact that it doesn’t fray and you often don’t need to use pins, makes felt a perfect material for simple sewing projects.

25 Simple sewing projects using felt and felt scraps. Felt is the perfect material for learning to sew as it doesn't fray.
  1. Felt Robin Ornament 
  2. Felt Chick Purse
  3. Minion Finger Puppets
  4. Felt heart broach
  5. Mini felt garland
  6. Fall leaf coasters
  7. Fox coffee cup sleeve 
  8. Felt bunnies
  9. Sew a felt monster
  10. Simple sewn felt bracelets
  11. Felt Baymax finger puppet
  12. Felt flower headdress 
  13. Felt glasses case
  14. Heart bookmark
  15. DIY Felt Coasters
  16. Voodoo Doll Pincushion
  17. Felt jammie dodgers 
  18. DIY Felt nappies for dolls 
  19. Simple felt hearts
  20. Felt tissue holders
  21. Apple Coaters 
  22. Tooth fairy bags
  23. Gift card pouches
  24. Simple felt bookmarks
  25. Initialled felt book covers
101 project ideas for using felt scraps. A selection of ideas for felt boards and projects for younger kids, tweens, teens and adults including simple sewing. Felt is such a flexible craft material.

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