15 Frugal Sensory Tub ideas – Low Cost or No Cost 24

Sensory tubs really are a delight for all the senses.  You dont have to fill them with expensive materials or items and often you can repurpose things to make a fantastic thrifty Sensory tub.  So I want to inspire you with these fab frugal sensory tub ideas.

You really do not have to go out and buy expensive materials, you just need to take a different look at what you already have in your home and go from there.

Fabulously Frugal sensory Bins

15 Frugal Sensory Tub ideas


  1. Leaf Sensory Bin from Mom with a Lesson Plan – it doesn’t have to be a autumn or fall themes bvin you can use free materials from nature through the seasons.
  2. Ice Treasures – From Mum in the Mad House – By freeing small play items you already have and popping them in your sensory bin you are creating a whole new level of excitement.
  3. Homemade dyed pasta from Nurturestore – I love that you can have different shapes and colours and this only costs a few pounds to make and will last for a long time.
  4. Dyed beans and bottle cap sensory tub from Tiny Tots Adventures – the perfect use of homemade and recyclables combine for lots of fun here.
  5. Rainbow dyed lolly sticks from Sugar Aunts – these are a true delight for the eyes and will make perfect pick up sticks.
  6. Coloured ice sensory Bin from mama, Papa, Buba – this is so inexpensive, most of us have food colourings in our store cupboard, so this just take s a little forward planning and would be perfect for a warm summer day.
  7. Rice and bean bags from Tiny Tots Adventures – of you really are wary of the mess then these are sensory bags and keep everything contained.
  8. Packing Peanut sensory Bin from A Mommy’s Adventures –  yet another reason to save any packaging material.  Packaging peanuts are so tactile and fun for kids of all ages and even better are free!
  9. Rice Sensory Bin from fellow co host Barefeet on the4 dashboard – I love how this would take no prep at all and will keep kids entertained for ages, plus you can bag it all up to use again and again.
  10. Bubble bin sensory play from No Time for Flashcards – I bet you have everything you need in the kitchen for this fab frugal activity for tots
  11. Herbal rice sensory play from The Imagination Tree – I have two rosemary plants in the garden and rice is so inexpensive so this would be fab frugal fun for everyone
  12. Number Cereal Sensory Bin from Adventures of Adam – this would be perfect if you have a child that loves to taste everything or put everything in their mouth.  Infact you could encourage that sensory tasting with this.
  13. Ice and Nature Sensory Bin from Learning through play – you can not get more frugal than this.
  14. Packaging Peanut Play from Housing a forest – this just shows that you don’t have to keep your sensory bin to just dry or wet, you get a whole new experience from mixing the two and water is free!
  15. Shredded Paper Sensory Bin Little from Bin for Little Hands – another no cost bin from things that we all have at home

Frugal Sensory Bins

You dont have to have an expensive tub for the kids to use either.  You can repurpose your washing up bowl or use a new cat litter tray.  If you have a water table, why not dry it out and re use that.

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Let’s all share that being frugal can be fabulous.

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