15 Stunning suncatchers for kids to make 21

I have a long term love of suncatchers for windows.  I adore the way they catch the light and brighten up windows.  It doesn’t have to be ultra sunshiney, hey even brighten up dark dismal windows too.  The boys also love making them and gifting them to people too, so they are a win win make here!

Suncatcher Square

You can make sun catchers out of most anything and they are beautiful in their own right as well as being totally stunning in the window.  Here are 15 Stunning suncatchers and suncatcher wind chimes for kids to make.

Autumn suncatcher

15 Stunning suncatchers for kids to make

  1. Coffee Filter Earth Sun catcher
  2. Homemade nature sun catcher windchimes
  3. Leaves Suncatcher
  4. Butterfly Sun catcher
  5. Coffee filter snail sun catchers
  6. Glass suncatchers
  7. Faux stained glass suncatcher
  8. Watermelon sun catchers
  9. Glue star suncatchers
  10. Oil suncatchers
  11. Nature suncatchers in a paper plate
  12. Ladybug sun catchers
  13. Tissue paper rainbow sun catcher
  14. Melted bead suncatchers
  15. Glitter lid sun catcher

homemade suncatchers


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I was inspired to produce this weeks round up by this beautiful nature sensory suncatcher by Hands on as we grow.


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